‘We love magazines’ is our rallying cry; it reflects our belief that editorial design is an ever-developing discipline that continually adapts to new technologies. Our design studio works on projects that reflect this too: from blurring the line between books and magazines to adapting long form essays to the screen, we enjoy testing our design principles with new challenges.

Our small London team works with clients across the world. We offer editorial-orientated design across print and digital, ranging from hands-on development to broader strategic thinking and creative direction. We are excited by the possibilities of combining print and digital – check the Studio section of this site for more details.

The magCulture Journal is a resource for everyone interested in editorial design. It concentrates on the contemporary, with forays into history and a firm eye on the future. Daily posts review the best magazines and give general industry updates. It is edited by Madeleine Morley and includes regular contributions from her and editor-in-chief Jeremy Leslie.


The magCulture shop opened in Clerkenwell, London in December 2015. The 400 square feet space celebrates the best magazines, with an ever-changing stock of over 350 titles. We felt London deserved a pure-play magazine shop, and it’s been designed to encourage people to take their time browsing and enjoying the selection before buying. Read more on the Creative Review, New York Times and Eye sites.

The same selection is available for worldwide shipping through our online shop.

We supply magazines to various companies on a regular basis. If your studio, office or shop would like a regular delivery of magazines contact us: shop@magCulture.com.

We also collaborate on pop-up magazine shops; recently we’ve worked with AIGA in Las Vegas, PPA Scotland in Edinburgh, Riposte in London and Case Mae hotel in Lagos, Portugal.

Creative director Jeremy Leslie has 25 years experience of editorial design. He has art directed weeklies and monthlies and spent the noughties developing magazines for clients as diverse as BSkyB, Virgin Atlantic and Waitrose at John Brown Publishing. He has written four books about editorial design, most recently ‘Independence’, and regularly contributes to the creative press on the subject. He launched magCulture as a blog in 2006, adding the design studio in 2010. He is an awarded member of D&AD and a member of AGI. His favourite magazines are The New Yorker, MacGuffin and mono.kultur.

Editor Madeleine Morley was born in London, studied English Literature at Cambridge University, and is currently working on a research project in Berlin. She has previously worked as editorial assistant for It’s Nice That and for Airbnb’s first print magazine, Pineapple. Her favourite magazines are The Believer and The Gentlewoman.

Conferences and workshops
As well as organising the annual ModMag conference, we run magCulture Meets, a monthly series of informal talks at our London shop. Jeremy Leslie is regularly invited to speak at universities and conferences. Here’s a list of recent dates, with our own events noted with an asterix* — keep an eye on the Events section of this site for details of our own events.

Coming up
— magCulture Meets: Rubbish Famzine (20 April)*
— SPD x magCulture: The State of Independence, New York (15 May)*
— citizenM x magCulture: Literary Magazines (17 May)*

— Middlesex University ‘I Am a Magazine’ (9 January)
— UAL Chelsea ‘We Love Magazines (17 January)
— magCulture Meets: One of My Kind (2 February)*
— Impact: The Design of Design Magazines, St Bride (16 February)
— magCulture Meets: Beauty Papers (23 March)*
— magCulture Meets: Real Review (06 April)*
— citizenM x magCulture: Travel Magazines (12 April)*

— magCulture Meets: MacGuffin*
Frieze Academy: How to Publish an Independent Magazine
— Printout: New Women’s Magazines*
— The Art of Publishing, Rapha, London
— magCulture Meets: The Idler*
MGZN, Milan, 19 February
U-Symposium, Singapore, 12-13 March*
— magCulture meets: Mushpit*
— Printout: 90s to Now*
Frieze Academy: How to Publish an Independent Magazine (12 April)
— magCulture meets: Eye (14 April)*
— magCulture meets: Benji Knewman (28 April)*
— magCulture meets: Francesco Franchi, IL Magazine (12 May)*
— University of Delaware, London visit
— PPA Festival, London (21 May)

— Printout: Editors’ Special (24 May)*
— magCulture Meets Fiera (25 May)*
Frieze Academy: How to Publish an Independent Magazine (31 May)
Frieze Academy: How to Publish an Independent Magazine (4 July)
— Printout: Cover stories (26 July)*
— magCulture Meets: Mondial (30 July)*
— magCulture Meets: The White Review (11 August)*
— magCulture Meets: Angharad Lewis, ‘So You Want to Publish a Magazine? (14 September)*
— Printout: Finding the Future (27 September)*
— magCulture Meets: The Gourmand (7 October)*
— City University journalism school (18 October)
— The Modern Magazine 2016 (27 October)*
— magCulture Meets: Put A Egg On It (10 November)*
— Oxford Brookes University journalism school (21 November)
— BBC Radio4, Four Thought, ‘Magazine Renaissance’ (30 November, listen here)
— magCulture Meets: Intern (1 December)*
— magCulture Workshop: Mushpit Christmas cards (10 December)*
— magCulture Meets Unit Editions (14 December)*

— Printout: Best indies of 2014, London*
— Westminster University, London
— Printout: Relaunch, London*
— Co-curator and speaker, QVED2015, Munich
— Co-curator and speaker, U Symposium, Singapore
— Printout: Print special, London*
Victoria & Albert Museum Late, London
— magCulture live at Pick Me Up, London*
— Raw Print, Nottingham
— Printout: Illustration*
— Printout: Books about Magazines*
— Typographic Circle 80s night, London
— Indiecon2015, Hamburg
— The Modern Magazine 20i5, London*
— YCN Two’s Company, London
— Central St Martins, London
— AIGA What Makes a Great Magazine Today?, New York*


— Printout: Change the World, London*
— Senefelder conference, Arnhem
— Co-curator and speaker, QVED2014, Munich*
— University of Delaware, London visit
— Guardian Masterclass, London
— University of West England, Bristol
— Printout: Fashion, London*

— Vitsoe Reading Room, London Design Festival*
— The Modern Magazine 2014, London*
— SNDe, Madrid
— Protein Publishing Panel, London
— Printout: Longevity, London* 

London College of Communication
University of Delaware, London visit
Get Creative, Bristol
What Design Can Do, Amsterdam
Guardian Master Class, London
Magazines Ireland, Dublin
— Co-curator and speaker, QVED2015, Munich*
River Publishing, London
Printout: Sound and Vision, London*
Blue Rubicon, London
— The Modern Magazine 2013, London*
Modern Magazine presentation, Berlin
Modern Magazine presentation, Amsterdam
— Co-curator and speaker, AGI Open, London*

Facing Pages, Arnhem
— PPA Magfest, Edinburgh
Printout – History, London*
Cover Day, Utrecht
Printout Audience Awards, London*
EDO interview with Port, London
Bobs Books, London
Making Magazines, London

Act Two, Mississippi
Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis
Bath Spa University, Bath
EDO interview with Fantastic Man, London

APA Summit, London
BPMO, Barcelona

— Co-curator and speaker, Colophon, Luxembourg*
— Het Salon, Ghent
ComodaMente, Vittorio Veneto
Atheneuam, Amsterdam
— New Media, Cape Town

8 Festival, Vienna
Creative Connexions, Hong Kong
State of the Art, London

— Co-curator and speaker, Colophon2007, Luxembourg*
Customer Media Congress, Amsterdam

CMYK, Barcelona