At Work With: Matt Curtis, Sunday Times Magazine

The Sunday Times Magazine was launched in 1962 as a vehicle for colour advertising, then unavailable in newspapers. It quickly earned a reputation for smart photography and art direction, recording London’s swinging sixties. In recent years it had lost its way but last year a redesign sought to reintroduce the values of its heyday. We start the week with art director Matt Curtis, who moved from the Times’ award-winning science mag Eureka to oversee the redesign.

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Out now: Amuseum #1

With heavily illustrated magazines, it can be difficult balancing text, design and image without the pages looking messy or overcrowded. Illustration can battle discordantly with layout, and sometimes magazines go the other way completely – keeping things clean and simple, letting a sole image dominate the page. Amuseum is an example of a magazine that seamlessly integrates layout with illustration, which makes sense seeing as it comes from editorial illustrator Dan Stafford.

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Overmatter: 23.04.15

A look back at Anna Wintour’s days as fashion editor at New York magazine.

Creative Review takes a look at Dan Crowe and Matt Willey’s new adventure mag Avaunt…

…and It’s Nice That examines French launch L’Incroyable, about adolescence.

New football app Eleven promises eleven stories per issue.

Oh Comely are launching a lovely sounding subscription box.

Don’t write off the magazine just yet,’ says HuffPo…

…and Refinery29 spots a local trend… ‘the capital has been flooded with a host of hot new reads.’

What can indies learn from the mainstream and vice versa? Read Jeremy’s piece form the last issue of Gym Class.

Slanted typo mag celebrates no29 with a day conference in Paris, 7 May.

The ASME redefines it editorial guidelines to include ads on front covers.


Magazine of the Week: Krass Journal #1

Any magazine that begins with a lengthy quote from Kurt Vonnegut has already got our attention here at magCulture. And this is how Krass Journal begins, a new art magazine from Australia that has quotes from the likes of Oscar Wilde, John Cage and Angela Carter at the start of articles instead of conventional, informative intros.

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SPD and D&AD awards shortlists

Nobody’s ever going to agree on a perfect set of six magazine covers to represent a year of work, but this shortlist for the SPD Awards is pretty impressive in visual terms. There’s a graphic clarity (and notable lack of supporting text) that perhaps reflects the way covers get spread virally online today. Is the front cover morphing from poster to icon?

Check the SPD site for full shortlists; they’re appearing category by category.

Meanwhile in London the following shortlist of Magazine/Newspaper winners has been announced following yesterday’s D&AD Awards judging. All these publications have won at least the basic (new) wood or graphite pencil; yellow pencil winners will be revealed at the awards dinner later this year. Full list after the jump – congratulations all.

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Out now: Romka #9

is a photography magazine with a lovely, simple concept: contributors send in their favourite photographs along with a piece of text that accompanies it, and the two are printed alongside each other on a page. The publication has been around for a while now – it’s nine issues old – and while it’s taken a variety of formats in the past, this latest design is its best. It’s a shame that there are only going to be ten issues though: Romka is an example of a magazine that has taken time to find its feet aesthetically, but which has now definitely found its format. Editor Joscha Bruckert tells us that there will be only ten issues because ‘I enjoy the pressure of working within boundaries, unlimited possibilities are a huge turn off’.

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magCulture Live – 12 mags x 12 days

We’re at the Pick Me Up graphics festival in London from tomorrow, with Jeremy interviewing a different independent magazine editor each day at 4pm as part of the Platform series. You’ll also have the chance to look through print samples from our partners Park Communications. Full programme after the jump – see you there!

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Out now: Rubbish FAMzine #3

Since returning from Singapore I’ve taken every opportunity to mention local project Rubbish FAMzine. My first contact with it was when its creators spoke about it at U Symposium; father Pann Lim, mother Claire and their two young children Renn and Aira make the magazine as a team under the name Holycrap. The first two issues of the more traditional-format magazine are sold out, and the third issue arrives in a large recycled tin box (above); my sister lives in Singapore and brought a copy back for me recently (a perfect reflection of the mag, thank you Amanda!). So here’s a belated proper look at the project.

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D&AD 2015 Awards judging

The Magazine and Newspaper category of this year’s D&AD Awards is being judged today in London. An impressive group of editorial designers will meet at the Truman Brewery to look over the entries and decide which, if any, deserve an award. We caught up with the judges ahead of today’s session and asked them, ‘What was the magazine that first got you excited you about editorial design?’

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At work with: James Cartwright, Printed Pages

Photo on 17-04-2015 at 16.23
You may have noticed the images of sprawling sunbathers on colourful towels that have been circulating on Instagram and Twitter recently: the bright, tongue-and-cheek cover images for the new issue of Printed Pages. James Cartwright has been editor of the It’s Nice That magazine since Winter 2013, writing daily articles for the website whilst simultaneously organising and curating the content for the art and design publication. Recently, Printed Pages announced that they’re going larger and bi-annual, and so we caught up with James the week of issue nine’s launch.

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