Overmatter: 26.03. 15

The Editoral Design Organisation returns, look out for plans.

Stack has a quick round-up of this week’s Printout featuring People of Print, Belleville Pages, The Long Good Read and Pitchfork Review.

It’s Nice That have made all the content from first four issues of their Printed Pages magazine available free online.

The Sueddeutsche Magazine website has a smart new design, completed in-house under Astrid Müller (thanks Kati).

Last weekend the Sunday Telegraph published an overview of indie mags.

Here comes the new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, aka Adobe Publish.

They call it the interface, we call it design’ says Erik Spiekermann about this article.

The Times is to start publishing multiple ‘editions’ of its website.

Help Spanish snowboard magazine The Eight Project fund their next issue, designed by Rifle Studio.


Magazine of the Week: MC1R #2

MC1R is a magazine for red-heads, and its huge scope of content and imagery makes it hard to believe that no one has ever thought of the concept before. The Hamburg-based publication celebrates red hair and fair skin with all the devotion of a pre-Raphaelite painting, and this is the first issue to be published in English so it can reach redheads worldwide.

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Out now: Fantastic Man #21

FM21 Cover HR
Change is good; meet the new Fantastic Man cover; a new masthead, starring Jonathan Anderson and celebrating ten years of the magazine (click image for larger version)



magTravels: U Symposium, Singapore

I’ve been involved in plenty of conferences about magazines and wherever I travel, whoever I meet, never fail to learn something new. But traveling to Asia was something very special; I had no idea what to expect of the first U Symposium in Singapore last week, and my few pre-conceived expectations were instantly replaced by very specific ideas and experiences. Here are some of them. (and I’m preparing notes based on my opening talk, above, for Printed Pages, will link to that when available).

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Cover Story: 38Hours

38HOURS Covers-1 38HOURS Covers-3
We love these covers for travel magazine 38Hours, which follow a simple but effective template. Each of the A5 issues focuses on a different European city, and the editors work closely with local bloggers and journalists to ensure a personal and knowledgeable perspective. The front covers similarly convey a sense of insider-knowledge and capture the cities very accurately through typography and colour alone.

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Out now: If You Leave #1

In the past, If You Leave has taken the format of mini-booklets published by Arthur-Frank Editions. These small art books contained contemporary photography, still images set simply against a blank white page with name and author written underneath. The new If You Leave biannual photography magazine has embraced a different format and design whilst still disguising itself as a book: opening up the cotton bound hardback cover reveals a saddle stitched magazine. Surprises like this make volume one of IYL an intriguingly ambivalent publication; glossy art catalogue and magazine and blog all wrapped into one. This format coupled with a redesigned logo and name abbreviation marks a new dawn for the photography collective, and it therefore seems fitting that IYL have loosely themed their first issue ‘AM’.

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Printout 24.03.15

We still have a few tickets for Printout, the Print special, Tuesday this week, feat: People of Print, Belleville Park Pages, The Long Good Read and Pitchfork Review. Supported by Park Communications.

Full details here.


At work with: Michael Renaud, Pitchfork

An intriguing recent publishing trend has been the number of print magazines being launched by digital companies. One of the best is The Pitchfork Review, published quarterly by the Chicago-based music website Pitchfork.com. We start this week in the company of the man responsible for the look of both print and digital sides of the business, creative director Michael Renaud. As well as his role at Pitchfork, Michael is known for ‘The Show n Tell Show,’ his online interviews with designers.

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March 20, 2015

Front covers

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Dummy vs Der Speigel

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 23.56.55
This cover for Germany’s Dummy magazine is pretty forceful: the theme for the issue is ‘Help’ and on the front cover an ousted editor of Der Spiegel offers help to his old mag, ‘Buy Der Spiegel, they need it more’ (thanks Mike).


Out now: Accent #8

is the 21st Century equivalent of seventies cult zines, an online magazine showcasing extraordinary lives and obscure, lively subcultures from around the world. It’s a publication that has a particularly strong eye for iconic images, so that it’s become one of the leading sources for underground documentary photography. We love Accent because it’s one of the few online spaces that completely succeeds in drawing you into each digital issue: it’s easy to read all of the long-form stories in one go, something that’s rare even in the best printed publications. Issue eight was released this week, marking it the second year that the quarterly magazine has appeared. We spoke to editors Lucy Nurnberg and Lydia Garnett, curious about the process of putting together an online magazine that’s actually achieved the kind of status usually associated with print.

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