Printout: Relaunch, 27.01.15 audio

Steven Gregor, Alexia Liakounakou , Emma Tucker and Steve Watson

The first Printout of 2015 took place this week, with four speakers discussing the relaunches of their magazines in front of a full house at London’s Book Club. Steve has a brief write up on the Stack site.

As an experiment we recorded the sound feed. It’s not perfect, we don’t see the speakers’ slides and without a mic aimed at the audience there’s a slightly ghostly feel despite over a hundred people being in the room. But the speakers still have plenty to share and I think it works well enough; it’s certainly easier to make and use than video.

Let us know what you think – should we do it regularly?

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Interview with Rosa and Rich, Cereal

A lonely mountain peak juts out of a snowy wilderness. The hard line of its ancient ridge provides the only point of perspective in an otherwise white plain. This view of the Kluane National Park in Yukon sits on the cover of Cereal magazine’s latest issue, and for me encapsulates the visual language and central tenets of the editorial. At a time when the field of minimal photography and design is arguably saturated, Cereal presents a unique aesthetic. Simple, understated; yet deeply engaging, a Cereal image, whether it is seen on the magazine’s staggeringly popular Instagram feed or as part of a thirty page photo essay is instantly recognisable.

Interview & photography by Robbie Lawrence, jointly published with Freunden von Freunden.

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Magazine of the week: Hot and Cool #8

Hot and Cool has been a favourite of mine for the past few years, ever since it started out as more of a zine in 2011. Since then it has developed into a perfect-bound publication, but issue eight is a return to its less chunky roots. The new edition is staple-bound and consists of three shoots, a collection of stills from a short film, a photo series, and an interview, and its concise nature is actually really wonderful as it allows you to dwell on the images and soak up the atmosphere of each spread. The simplicity of the pictures and the sparse layout of each page reflect co-editors Alice Goddard and Theo Sian’s philosophy: their interest in fashion as something that doesn’t necessarily have to be self-conscious, and their dedication to casual styling and understated humour.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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Out now: Victory Journal #8

IMG_9107 copy
Due to Printout commitments – more of which later – I missed last night’s Chelsea-Liverpool semi-final match. But what better way to mark the win than the new edition of Victory Journal with its cover shot of a grounded Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli?

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January 27, 2015

Print x Digital

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The New Yorker as TV

The New Yorker has condensed an issue’s worth of content into half an hour’s viewing time as one of a series of pilots  commissioned by Amazon. The idea is that users will vote on which of the pilots (which range from comedies to dramas to children’s shows to The New Yorker Presents) will eventually be made into a series. So it’s up to us to decide whether the iconic magazine should get its own TV show, which is a complicated and strange responsibility to have. Included in the Alex Gibney-directed show is a documentary based on Rachel Aviv’s award-winning essay about herbicides, a conversation between artist Marina Abramovic and Ariel Levy, a poem performed by Andrew Garfield, cartoons, and a strange and whimsical skit starring Alan Cumming as God. It’s good stuff, and hopefully we’ll decide that we want more.

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Overmatter 27.01.15

The Gourmand have confirmed an exciting series of events based on their latest issue at the Ace Hotel, London. Expect hot dogs, food from liberace’s cookbook and talks and installations.

Grafik meets Peter Bi’lak, the man behind Works That Work. And they need your support.

Print lives on not through ubiquity, but in selective, effective usage.

Is the ‘self-destructing book’ the future of publishing?

In New York? ‘This program trains students not only in the traditions of criticism and fine writing — but also offers a variety of… experiences that teach them how to design, edit, and distribute journals…

Table Talk is fundraising for issue two via Indiegogo. See Steve’s video review of no1 for Stack.

Monoskop has a a great archive of a modernist magazines. Enjoy!

With editorial operations suspended, the future of what remains of the Modern Farmer brand is uncertain.

NYTimes executive editor Dean Baquet interviewed by Spiegel:  ‘We were arrogant, to be honest. We looked down on those new competitors, and I think we’ve come to realize that was wrong.’

Great to the BBC heading into the unknown with their new Taster platform.


The New Yorker moves

HewYorker_office move
The New Yorker marks its move downtown to join the rest of Condé Nast at their new 1 World Trade Centre HQ with this cover depicting mascot Eustace Tilley escorting a truck of deskbound staff through a message-laden Times Square.

Cover by Bruce McCall. Read a goodbye note to the old address.

Out now: Makeshift #11

IMG_9084 copy
Makeshift magazine recognise the need for structure – both in terms of design and in terms of the importance of a daily routine. Their new issue is dedicated to this notion: entitled ‘Ritual’ the pages focus on creatives and the rituals and routines that inspire them, guide them or which they seek to challenge and disrupt.

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At work with: Christoph Amend, ZEITmagazin

The weekly newspaper magazine has returned to prominence in recent years as publishers focus on weekend sales to support their daily operations. In Germany, ZEIT Magazin leads the pack creatively with its double-page front covers developed by editor-in-chief Christoph Amend and creative director Mirko Borsch. Christoph is also publisher of ZEIT’s art titles Weltkunst and Kunst und Auktionen, and has written several books. We join him as he plans next week’s magazine while awaiting delivery of this week’s edition.

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Overmatter 23.01.15

We’re just making something we think is good and getting better,’ says one of the people behind London anarchist mag Strike.

How Paper magazine reinforced its website so its Kim Kardashian #breaktheinternet front cover wouldn’t break the internet (thanks Steve).

Maxim editor on the new sex mags, ‘The Internet can feel like such a numbing parade of bodies, and print offers you the chance to do something more thoughtful…

Why smartphone text design resembles 18th century book pages.

The Paris Review looks back at Flair magazine.

Good to see Magpile’s Magheroes podcast return; read about it on Stack.

This year’s PPA Awards deadline is February 13.

A slightly disturbing but strong set of three covers for the new Elle Collections.

The Charlie Hebdo memorial edition has provoked many responses. Most comic was probably ‘But it’s in French!

I’m hosting a new magazine conference in Singapore this March. A big welcome to the U Symposium.