Kaleidoscope redesign

K22 Cover
Bureau Mirko Borsche has redesigned art magazine Kaleidoscope, introducing typically in-yer-face typography.

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Overmatter: 20.11.14

A rare look at a contemporary Iranian magazine, Hengam (thanks Andrew).

Offlife comic is launching an ambitious project, Yellow, commissioning 52 artists to record the news over the next year; names such as Jean Julien, Paul Davis, Simon Spilsbury and Takayo Akiyama will each take a week’s news.

It’s Nice That meets Becky Smith, founder of Twin.

NY Times to invest millions in their weekly magazine under new editor Jake Silverstein and CD Gail Bichler.

Issue ten of The Ride Journal is available on pre-order now.

Dave Trott makes an eloquent argument for the importance of presentation of content, ‘the best books are the ones you actually read.

David Moretti’s move from Wired Italia to US Wired is confirmed.

‘The Print Handbook’ looks like a very useful source book for anyone taking projects to print (thanks Adrian).


November 20, 2014

Front covers
Out now

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Out now: Riposte #3

cover 1
Issue three of Riposte is at the printers. Starting with the now-familiar text-only cover, this time in cyan, the issue continues its exploration of modern womanhood, with another fine selection of subjects including stylist Anna Trevelyan,  singer Samantha Urbani, painter Nathalie Du Pasquier and director of Frieze art fairs Victoria Siddall.

The issue is now available for preorder with free shipping.

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ModMag14: Kai Brach, Offscreen

Here’s the sixth and final film interview from our Modern Magazine 2014 conference. Kai Brach is the founder/editor of Offscreen, the magazine about the people who create and build the web. It’s also notable for the openness Kai applies to the project; he publishes details of the magazines finances online and regularly reflects on his experience of the publishing business. Here he discusses the origins of his magazine, the scale of the project and the roll of print as a diversion from the screen.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this series of videos: Kati Krause who asked the questions, Lightgeist who filmed and edited the footage and Park Communications who supported the work. And thanks to the interviewees for their support too.


View the complete series of six videos.


Wired x Christopher Nolan

Wired Nolan
The December issue of US Wired has been guest-edited by ‘Interstellar’ director Christopher Nolan. The entire issue is given a complete editorial and design overhaul, with the creative team, led by editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, director of editorial projects Robb Capps and creative director Billy Sorrentino working for three months with Nolan and his producer/wife Emma Nolan. The collaboration follows previous guest editors JJ Abrams and Bill Gates.

The tablet edition is out today, the print version next week.



Out now: Pineapple #1

Pineapple is a new magazine published quarterly by Airbnb and distributed to 18,000 of its hosts. Named after the New England symbol of hospitality (sailors returning from the Caribbean would use the fruit to announce their return and the availability of spices and fruits), the company is the latest of many web-based businesses using print to add a physical element to their brand.

See more of the first issue here.

UPDATE: Pineapple will also be on sale at selected shops next month.


November 17, 2014

At Work With

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At Work With: Seb Emina, The Happy Reader

Seb Emina
We start the new week in Paris with British writer/editor Seb Emina, who was recently named one of ‘the 100 most influential and innovative people working across arts, culture and the creative industries in the UK,’ by the Hospital Club.
This week he’s visiting London for the launch of his new project, The Happy Reader, a beautiful new magazine about reading published as a collaboration between Penguin books and Fantastic Man. Each issue focuses on a classic piece of literature.

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Jean Paul Goode on repeat

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.35.44
Here’s the original 1976 image (left) that Jean Paul Goode recreated with Kim Kardashian for Paper magazine (right). More here. (thanks Warren).


Overmatter: 14.11.14

This week’s Kim Kardashian Paper cover by Jean Paul Goode is dividing people, and in the process having texactly the effect the editors intended. Even the usually relaxed CoverJunkie is upset by it.

The SPD is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a pumped up awards programme…

…and next Wednesday they host a talk in NY by David Moretti. A must-see for his work in print and iPad.

A NY convenience store owner discusses declining newspaper sales (thanks Andrew).

For some reason this piece I wrote for Computer Arts has just bubbled up again on Twitter, so I share it again here, Typography and Editorial Design.

Help new mag Atlas stretch their Kickstarter target; and don’t forget Amelia’s Magazine is still fundraising too

Our upcoming Printout Magazines of the Year night is shaping up nicely. London, 25 November.

Finally, I hope to see you in Madrid today at SNDe’s NH11 conference.


November 13, 2014

Front covers

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Out now: Bloomberg Businessweek

Been a while since I featured a BBW cover here, but this weeks is simple, effective and a little scary in its scale and retouch perfection.

UPDATE: after the jump, see the working process behind the cover crop.


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