Overmatter 31.05.11

Paper company launches The Blank Sheet Project, an interview series with creative leaders, starting today with Mr Brody.

BBC magazines look like partnering with venture capitalists rather than another publisher.

Time Out belatedly spreads its wings, using VC cash to take control of US arm. Hoping to expand digitally, including ticket purchase.

No surprise given editor David Rowan’s regular participation in events, UK Wired moves into conferences, ‘even though we started life as a magazine, that is no longer how we define ourselves’.

At last. A collection of magazine covers featuring animals.


Print the North

In Manchester next week? You can join Steve from Stack as he hosts the next Printout! event. June 9 at the Deaf Institute. Buy tickets here.


Out now: Huck

The May/June issue of Huck introduces a new retro-style cover design, with the image contained in a rounded-corner panel and logo on white background. Like.


Overmatter 24.05.11

Q Magazine is 300 issues old, The Guardian have their 25 best photographs.

The New Yorker sells whole issue to one advertiser.

A little off-subject but I love these six-word stories.

A striking design from Non-Format for The Sanahunt Times, a Ukranian fashion brand publication (thanks Christophe).

Wallpaper*’s June issue features a rather smart bespoke font

…and don’t forget they’re doing their handmade cover thing again. Join in here.

Ex- editor of French Vogue Carinne Roitfeld ‘builds her cult’.


Delayed Gratification #2

The second issue of Delayed Gratification is here, as those of you who are Stack subscribers will already be aware.  Published by The Slow Journalism Company, the magazine boasts of being ‘Last to breaking news’, chronologically re-examining stories from the last three months. It’s a great concept, and issue one attracted plenty of interest from other media for the way it explicitly took advantage of print’s ability to reflect rather than just report.

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Out now: Grafik #190

The new issue of Grafik goes on sale this week, with another bright cover this time from Network Osako.

Inside, find a brief history of Esquire’s mascot Esky; a great piece about designers without design training including Mark Porter and Steven Heller; a look at the work of Patrick Thomas (who currently has a show of his stencil art in London); plus a look at back at Carlos magazine.


May 18, 2011


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Port: Inside The New Yorker

This promo for the next issue of Port features New Yorker editor David Remnick shot in his office by Brigitte Lacombe.

Out now: Lineread #3, Decadism

The latest issue of LineRead, the print spin-off from Michael’s LineFeed blog, is available from Magcloud now.

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Overmatter 17.05.11

The New Yorker is the latest of many magazines distributing their content via Flipboard

…though if in China you may find Flipboard access compromised.

In New York on June 7? See O Magazine creative directors Robert Priest and Grace Lee talk about their work.

Zine publisher/distributor Nieves are opening a London store this week:  Nieves at X Marks the Bökship, 210 Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road.

Loose Leaf (exclusive discount)

Here’s a new magazine designed for display in your home. Loose Leaf is a set of ten loose card sheets that arrive punched with holes so you can hang them using the pushpins supplied with the issue. What I hadn’t realised until I saw the real thing was that the sheets are A2 sized – the pages are more like posters, so deserve to be hung. The format and name come from the pre-punched loose leaf dividers used in ring binders.

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