Overmatter 28.10.11

Jean at The Magaziner is having problems downloading the New Yorker app.

Food and magazines – images from Singapore’s U Café project by Underscore magazine.

SPD are holding an app Q&A session with reps from Adobe and Woodwing. This whole area is about to heat up again (in the States at least) with the imminent arrival of the Kindle Fire tablet. November 10, New York.

British Vogue art director Jaime Perlman is speaking about designing for iPad and print at a D&AD event, November 17. Details here.

Surfer magazine opens a branded bar in Hawaii.


Letter to Jane #4

There are always lots of projects chasing Kickstarter support, but this Kickstarter appeal from Tim at Letter to Jane deserves your attention more than others. He’s already published three iPad apps, the most recent two of which have been featured on magCulture as intelligent suggestions about what a magazine app might be.

As well as enjoying Tim’s solo projects I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him on the recent Port app. I know first hand he knows what he’s doing.

I’ve promised money – will you?


Overmatter 18.10.11

Private Eye has an art director! Eye interviews Tony Rushton, who reveals Matthew Carter drew the magazine’s logo…

…and CRBlog reviews the Private Eye anniversary show at the V&A.

Not content with launching its own radio station, Monocle reveals a customised Revo radio complete with dedicated Monocle button.

An archive of Graphis covers.


Printout back

Tickets are now available for the next Printout! evening, presented by Stack and Colophon. We have a fine group of magazine-makers lined up – see above – and the magazine library has been restocked. Oh Comely provide the music, you’ll receive a free copy of fine Australian magazine Patterns of Creative Aggression, and be able to share your magCulturalism over a beer or two.

Tickets £5. Bargain!


Overmatter 07.10.11

A new magazine event, alas for Spain only. Tinta de la Casa launches in Barcelona next week and later this month in Madrid. Visitors are presented with a magazine menu to select their reading to go with their meal. Love it.

Big Kids is a new kids magazine from Australia.

Steve from Stack reveals all to LeCool London.

Learn fashion at Condé Nast College.

From assistant art editor to launch editor… Mollie Makes editor Jane Toft interviewed.

Printout! returns; news of next event soon…


Eigen Huis & Interieur redesigned

Redesign redux: flick through some mags, fly to NY, stay at the Ace, meet with Luke Hayman and team at Pentagram, come home and complete the issue.

A bit short on design detail, but a sweet video from Dutch interiors magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur. I look forward to seeing the magazine.