Overmatter 30.11.11

The way we were – Retronaut has a small selection of lauch issue front covers.

The Economist stumbles into digital success, with 100,000 digital subscribers. Interview with CEO here.

Research indicates that when it comes to magazine apps, ‘Interactive elements are valuable, but they’re a secondary benefit’. Enough effects!

Berg launch their five-years-in-the-making ‘newspaper for the twitter age’ Little Printer. Clever concept, clever tech, poor product design. What’s so sinister about the idea that it needs dressing up as a badly-executed cartoon character?


SPD favourite magazines

Time’s Emily Crawford chooses Adbusters, because ‘the magazine essentially jump-started the Occupy Wall Street movement, which to me is proof of how powerful and relevant magazines still are’. See her full thoughts on the SPD site.

Read how Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn dreamed up OWS on the New Yorker site.


November 28, 2011

Magazine shops

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magCulture shop

We’ve been selling magazines here on magCulture for the past year or so, after a number of emails asking where to buy some of the magazines featured on the blog. We sold a good few magazines but it was a rather basic service. So today we’re excited to open up our new shop site.

We’ve expanded it to include a small selection of our favourite magazines and offer an improved service for multiple orders. We currently have seven titles in stock: Elsie, Gym Class, Karen, mono.kultur, PopShot, Put A Egg On It and Wrap, with an eighth to be added soon. As each sells out we’ll replace it with another magazine, so there’ll be a limited supply of every magazine and an ever-changing rolling selection. It is a deliberately small range based on quality rather than quantity.

Londoners can also pick up copies of the same magazines from our pop-up shop at the Church of London offices from 1 December (71a Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS).


Overmatter 25.11.11

Some Christmas book ideas for magCulturalists.

The Chapman Brothers design the front cover of the Horror edition of Granta.

David Hepworth pinpoints the problem of PRs and their need for control, ‘A journalist provided with no raw material is far more likely to make up the deficit in meanness’.

‘Publishing has become an essential tool for keeping customers close…’. Harvard Business Review proposes brands need editor-in-chiefs.

Talking of which, here are the 28 winners from this week’s International Content Marketing Awards. Congratulations all, but especially to my friends at Het Salon and the Church of London. And here’s an overview from organiser Julia from APA.

The shortlists for the second Digital Magazine Awards.

Stack want to know what you think – fill in their survey.


November 25, 2011


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Out now: Plog

Naming magazines is a tricky process but this new art and design title has come up with a winner. Plog sees itself as a paper log, a printed blog.  ‘As much as we love blogs, sometimes we wish we could see the work in our own hands rather then just through the screen’ explains editor Son Emirali.

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I found this hand lettering by Friends of Type for city mag Seattle Met really satisfying; it’s hard to make handstrokes look spontaneous and deliberate. Design André Mora.


November 23, 2011


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Fire format

NY publishers are busy reformatting their magazines to suit this years must-have Christmas gadget, the Kindle Fire. This cover from Wired shows the 6:9 ratio – significantly different to the more A4-ish 3:4 iPad ratio.

SPD has an interview with Scott Dadich about the new device.


Here comes Cagoule

Here’s a random teaser page from the new grown-up mag from the Anorak team.

Cagoule (geddit?) is out next week.


New Yorker cover

Another charming but pointed cover from the New Yorker. Illustration by Christoph Niemann.


November 20, 2011

Front covers

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Colors, shit

Once essential but recently rather marginal, Colors magazine has come up with a great theme for its next issue. Carefully avoiding calling itself ‘The Shit Issue’, the 82nd edition of the mag, subtitled ‘Shit: A Survival Guide’ might just be a return to form.