A little D&AD history

It being their 50th anniversary this year, D&AD have been pushing out lots of historical winning work from those years, and we’ve just received a bunch of jpegs of magazine and newspaper winners that are a little random but interesting nonetheless. Starting, above, with a late nineties iteration of The Guardian Weekend tabloid features section.

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January 26, 2012


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CR column: mono.kultur interview

My latest column for Creative Review is an interview with Kai von Rabenau, the graphic designer-turned-photographer-turned-publisher behind one of my favourite current magazines, mono.kultur. Kai explains how the magazine came into being and reveals his ideal subjects for future editions.


January 23, 2012


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Magazine review for Monocle24

This perfectly styled coffee set me up for my magazine review on a recent episode of Monocle24’s Review show. I discussed Head Full of Snakes, Menu, mono.kultur and Bloomberg Businessweek.

You can hear the show here (January 14); I’m on from about 40 mins in.


Out now: Boat Magazine

Magazines have often been linked to or funded by events like exhibitions and conferences. But the last few years has seen a rise in magazines as events. Influenced as much by the universality and portability of production equipment as by the naturally open character of the internet, the potential for crowdsourcing content and creating pages in a public environment has been tested by everyone from Grazia to smaller projects like the growing number of 48-hour magazine projects. And this week, of course, the Church of London have been busy with their Good Times magazine-in-seven-days project. Boat Magazine takes the event idea a stage further, setting up their magazine studio in a different city every issue and seeking to reflect a local vision of that city.

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Out now: Victory

Victory is a new sports magazine from New York specialising in the glory of competition rather than the numerical analysis that so many sports mags indulge in.

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January 11, 2012


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SPD deadline reminder

This Friday, Jan 13, is the deadline for entries to this years SPD Awards.


The Good Times

For now, this smiley face is the only physical representation of The Church of London’s new self-initiated project Good Times. Hanging outside their Shoreditch office, the face is part of a crowdsourced appeal for contributions to the one-off magazine that aims to cheer everyone up next Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year.

Created in seven days (they’re already on day three) the magazine – in the form of a Newspaper Club tabloid – will be distributed free around London next Monday. If you’re not in London (and even if you are!), order a magazine from the magCulture shop next week (Monday 16– Friday 20 January) and a free copy of Good Times will be added to the package.

To join in, follow the twitter tag #TheGoodTimes and check the project website (itself a work in progress), where you can see live updates to the content as it threads its way through the production process. Look out for appeals for help with further input. Or you can call by their office (71A Leonard Street London EC2A 4QS)  and vote with a coloured sticker on that smiley face. Yellow (‘Pumped. Bring on 2012’) seems to be winning so far…

UPDATE: Join in right now: What design makes you smile? Print, online, an object, a process. Tweet #TheGoodTimes / email goodtimes at thechurchoflondon.com


Out now: mono.kultur #30

The latest edition of mono.kultur is a must-have for magazine fans. Regular readers won’t be surprised to hear that, but this issue has special interest for magaholics everywhere.

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Happy new year

Enough 2011! I hope you all had a good holiday break and a happy start to 2012.

MagCulture enters the year in busy mode. Several new work projects are coming up and there are exciting developments for the blog and associated channels.

Following the end of Colophon, Andrew Losowsky and I have been discussing what happens next and the immediate news is that Andrew will be contributing a regular strand to the blog. Look out for his first 5 Magtastic Things, here shortly.

Our online magazine shop has started well, with orders from every continent meaning some of our favourite magazines being spread far and wide. More exciting publications coming soon. Meanwhile the pop-up shop at the Church of London continues (stocking the same selective range as the website), with plans to build it in to their soon-to-be-redesigned reception area. And Printout! continues in partnership with Stack – next edition taking place this Thursday, January 5. That’s two days time – book now!

Last but not least we’re planning the first magCulture events, starting this March in London with a collaboration with Eye magazine and following up with various events in other countries. News soon.