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A great front page for Saturday’s Guardian.


July 27, 2012


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London, 2012

With all eyes on the city, New Statesman picture editor Rebecca McClelland has commissioned a set of photos of London from photographers Richard Mosse, Noémie Goudal, Daido Moriyama, Aaron Schuman, Jan Stradtmann, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mishka Henner and Alex Webb for the magazine’s London special double issue. The images are a response to the Tate ‘Another London’ exhibition of vintage photography featuring work by Karen Knorr, Bruce Davidson, Jacques Henri Lartigue and Elliott Erwitt, whose images are reproduced alongside the contemporary respones.

Click the images for larger versions.

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Out now: Eye 83

The latest edition of Eye is out, with a striking close up of one of Massimo Vignelli’s Knoll posters on the front cover.

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Big thanks to the three speakers – Andrea from Huck, Jonathan from Blizzard and Philip from Ride – for taking part in last night’s Printout! and sharing their thoughts about independent sports publishing. As ever the discussion revolved around their passion for their respective subjects. The gap between what they are doing for boardsports, cycling and football and what the mainstream provides is huge.

All three speakers had great examples of the type of behind-the-scenes stories of personal achievement that require indepth examination rather than the quick personality-driven sketches favoured by newspapers and glossies alike. And they reminded us that their specialist subjects are as much a route to learning about people as about the subjects themselves, as is so often the case with the best magazines.

We also learned three pieces of advice for anyone planning their own magazine:
1/ Work with people you like and trust.
2/ Give up your social life.
3/ Use twitter to spread the word.

Thanks also to everyone who came along and joined in the magazine swap; I came away with a complete set of the nine issues of the Penguin Music Magazine, a paperback-like publication  from the Penguin publishing house that was produced three times a year 1946-49. I hadn’t heard of it before; it’s really a paperback book but the content is a series of essays and briefer pieces about classical music. The covers are the star – as above (thank you Maya).

The next Printout will take place in September.


Out now: Figure

Figure is a new bilingual (French and English) magazine from Paris that has a simple premise: its Manifesto promises ‘10 people to admire each issue’.

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Overmatter 18 07 12

Port announces its first licensed edition, to be be published in Russia from the next issue, no7.

‘I think people would be surprised how much passionate disagreement goes on’. IdeasTap has a brief interview with Liz from Oh Comely.

A gallery of British Elle’s front covers.

The Newspaper Club hits profit, continues to expand.

British Vogue editor Alexander Shulman talks about the magazine this Friday at the V&A, London.

Copeland Book Market takes place in London SE15, Thursday–Sunday this week.

Next Monday Timba Smit from Wooden Toy Quarterly speaks about the magazine at the 71a Gallery, London.


Printout! – next week

A quick reminder about next week’s Printout! evening – a week today, Tuesday 24th. It’s sports night – editors from Huck, Ride Journal and Blizzard all feature, with Plog on the decks.


1/ Buy your ticket here.
2/ Decide which magazine to bring to join in with our mag swap.
3/ Be at the Book Club 7pm latest.

See you there.


July 16, 2012

Front covers

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BBW Mormon cover

This week’s Bloomberg Businessweek cover story about the business world of the Mormon religion (left) has attracted a reaction (right) from, I assume, a Mormon blogger.

Click on each image to see a larger readable version.


Overmatter 16 07 12

Newscorp to decide on future of Rupert Murdoch’s much-trumpeted but poor The Daily news app.

Back in 1989 Emigré wrote about the challenge to designers presented by the arrival of a new technology, in that case the then new DTP software. Strikingly similar issues face us today as we add interactivity to our workflow.

Magazines – the new bling?

Five strategies to avoid getting lost in the filter bubble, including editor-as-curator.

British woman has a collection of magazines for sale including 80s Vogues. Email her for details: alicemariegrace11 [at]


T-shirt magazine offers trial

Just as I was beginning to think Swedish t-shirt magazine T-Post had disappeared, up it pops on The Magaziner with this video. They’re offering a free one-month trial.

Recommended (thanks Jean).