Wired x Heatherwick Studio

A quick break from holiday to share the new cover of Wired UK, published this week. It’s been developed in collaboration with designer Thomas Heatherwick and his studio (Heatherwick also features on the front cover, shot by Olaf Blecker). Art director Andrew Diprose explains, ‘Heatherwick wanted something textural and hand-made’ and the result is a a soft touch varnish with a high-gloss splatter pattern across it, reflecting the issue’s focus on materials and making. I haven’t had a chance to touch it yet, but I want to. Heatherwick has also curated a feature on ‘makers’, and the stencil typography is by Studio Oswald.

Click image for larger, clearer version.

After the jump, the iPad edition front page.

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Overmatter 14.08.13

Andy Cowles examines a recent US Glamour cover, revealing some of the thinking that leads to mainstream magazines being so look-a-like.

Cosmopolitan offers readers the chance to design its front cover.

Malta has its own pop-up indie magazine store open 30 August– 01 September, details here (scroll down).

A behind-the-scenes slideshow at Vanity Fair reveals a remarkable quantity of fresh-cut flowers.

The move to iPad magazines continues at snail mail pace.

Ex-Bearded publisher appeals for support for his Untitled Magazine Project – to launch a magazine without financial backing.


August 8, 2013

Front covers

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Ebony x Trayvon

Ebony magazine has produced this strong set of front covers in support of Trayvon Martin’ family’s campaign for justice for their dead son. Three feature African American celebrities and their sons; the fourth has Martin’s family (above right). See the other two after the jump. Creative director Ian Robinson.

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July 23, 2013

Front covers

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Private Eye does its thing

Private Eye rises to the moment, as ever. Taken from twitter, apologies to whoever took the shot in the first place.


Overmatter 19.07.12

Rolling Stone has courted controversy with their front cover ‘starring’ the Boston Bomber suspect. It’s fascinating to see a magazine cover cause such angst, and follows Bloomberg Businessweek being called for racism and Port for sexism. Best piece to date on RS from a publishing angle comes from Andy Cowles, though a large serving of overreaction needs to be acknowledged too. Anyone actually read the profile inside yet?

Paul Gorman, who wrote the Barney Bubbles book, is working on a book about The Face with full co-operation from founder Nick Logan.

Ironic timing given the current UK weather, but the shoe-drying kit for cyclists is a cute idea from Newspaper Club and cycling brand Vulpine. Next, a link-up with a fish and chips shop.

Wallpaper* announce their annual Handmade issue.

Celebrating artists studios and spaces, Ancestry Quarterly is an intriguing new magazine raising funds via Kickstarter. Help them!


Overmatter 12.07.13

Richard Turley interviewed about the latest Bloomberg Businessweek front cover.

Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate launches own magazine to help change its image.

Every issue of ITC’s U&lc typography mag is available for download here (via Eye).

One of this months arrivals via Stack is a pilot of new magazine Intern, a project aiming to support people working for free in the creative industries. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first real issue.


Overmatter 10.07.13

A big warm welcome to magCulture as hosted from a new server. Ideally there will be no noticeable difference!

One-time At Work With subject Jennifer Daniel has made this rather fine animation of Bloomberg Businessweek’s special issues.

The London Museum has an exhibition of Radio Times front covers. Editor Ben Preston: ‘To flick through the covers of Radio Times over the past 90 years is to watch a popular history of Britain unfold’. And some design history too. Opens 2 August.

Kickstarter alert: Nom de Strip, featured here a while back, are raising money for a new issue.

I’m part of the lineup at a Guardian masterclass on independent magazines. London, September 14/15.


Overmatter 28.06.13

Mr Magazine’s latest new US launch stats: 96 new mags in last quarter.

As next week’s New Yorker cover partners Bert and Ernie, the magazine looks back at other same-sex front covers.

Chelsea College of Art students create analogue desktop publishing system.

An archive app of the front covers of gaming title Edge.

Oh Comely are planning some events. Help them decide what/where.


Bloomberg Businessweek cover

Been a while since I posted a Bloomberg Businessweek cover so here’s their latest cover-as-poster. One headline linked to the page of the story. Simple, strong, direct.


At Work With: Liz Ann Bennett, Oh Comely

This Monday we start the week alongside Liz Ann Bennett, editor of bimonthly independent women’s title Oh Comely. The magazine has successfully avoided the clichés of women’s publishing, forging an alternative editorial outlook based on creativity and curiosity. The 16th edition is published this week.

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