PPA Awards 2013

Winners at last nights annual PPA Awards included:

• Designer of the year (business): Ewan Buck, Economia
(Highly commended:
Victoria Talbot, Think Quarterly)
• Designer of the year (consumer): Tanita Montgomery, Company
• Innovator of the year: Marc Hartog, British Journal of Photography
• Editor of the year (consumer): Jane Toft, Mollie Makes
• Customer magaizne of the year: Olympics and Paralympics Daily Programmes
• Consumer magaizne of the year: Radio Times
• Front cover of the year (public vote) Time Out, above.

See the complete list of winners here.

Congratulations, all.


Curious Iconic Craft

A couple of weeks ago my friends at Human After All launched a Kickstarter campaign for a book about their work for Little White Lies and Huck magazines.

‘Curious Iconic Craft’ will document the art direction and design Paul Willoughby and Rob Longworth, respectively, have done over 85 issues of the magazines across the past eight years or so, as they step away from the projects to take on new challenges. As well as recording the creative work itself, the 100pp book promises real insight into the magazine-making process.

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Overmatter 13.06.13

What-is-a-magazine update: ahead of the soon-come and hugely exciting Container, Little Utopia reviews The Thing Quarterly.

The new Spare Rib will not be called Spare Rib.

Bo Sacks reports from retail conference: more magazines sold on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays than other days (scroll down).

With the arrival of iOS7 all apps will need to be reconsidered, says Marco Arment.

New-writing/illustration magazine Popshot have posted their illustrations on Pinterest.

Best Covers’ lists, where would we be without you?

Out now: the seventh issue of Put A Egg On It. Yum.


i-D x V&A

i-D founder/editor Terry Jones has designed the latest cover of the V&A Magazine to mark the museum’s soon-come 80s exhibition ‘Club to Catwalk’. Editor Thomas Phongsathorn asked him to create a cover that captures his personal and professional memories of the decade; Jones dug into the i-D photo archive to create it (click image for larger version).

The issue also has a piece by Blitz fashion editor Iain R Webb about the club fashion of the era.

UPDATE: read Terry Jones on the making of the cover.


Time x Ai Weiwei

A smart cover for Time this week, paper art by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.


Overmatter 21.05.13

The New York Times has strict photo-manipulation policies, dropped only for fashion.

Mark Vessey makes art from magazine spines (thanks Warren).

A look back at the hugely influential The Whole Earth Catalog.

In London next week? Hear the Eye magazine team discuss their collaboration as part of It’s Nice That’s ‘Nicer Tuesday’, 28 May.

You have until the end of this week to vote for the PPA Cover of the Year. Andy Cowles has a great, informed, run-through of the odds.

Vince Frost recalls Big magazine, ‘It was raw, bold and simple. And very masculine. That’s probably why it still looks strong.’


At Work With: Chris Dixon, Vanity Fair

Chris Dixon was part of the team behind the influential 2005 redesign of New York magazine. In late 2011 he joined Vanity Fair and has spent the last 18 months quietly reinventing the look of that magazine. He looks forward to his week ahead and shares a rare favourite magazine.

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The Great Magsby

In a scene in the new ‘Great Gatsby’ movie, Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) is shooting photos of Daisy on Gatsby’s dock, writes Andrew Losowsky. “Don’t you think she should be on the cover of Vogue?” asks DiCaprio’s Gatsby. (NB, I’m paraphrasing slightly, I don’t recall the exact wording.)

Two thoughts:

1) I have no idea if this is deliberate product placement or not, but given that Carey Mulligan as Daisy IS on the cover of American Vogue this month (above), is this the first case of a movie predicting a magazine cover?

2) American Vogue’s 1922 covers of course weren’t photographs (that first happened ten years later). Instead, they featured highly stylized fashion illustrations like this one. Though it’s just possible that Gatsby was indeed referring to her look being sufficiently generic to satisfy these conditions, it seems doubtful, and so I would like to sound the mag-geek anachronism klaxon.

Spotted any other horrendous mag-related inaccuracies at the cinema lately?


May 13, 2013

Front covers

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20 years of Wired front covers

20 years a new magazine called Wired appeared. Here are all its front covers, compressed into 30 seconds. Happy Birthday!

Note – not iOS friendly


Zeit Magazin x Champions League

Thanks to Coverjunkie for drawing my attention to this pair of Zeit Magazin covers representing the two German football teams contesting the Champions League final on May 25. On the left, Borussia Dortmund’s yellow, and right, Bayern Munich’s red.

Or is it a prediction of mass bookings and sendings off?
(Design: Bureau Mirko Borsche).