Magazine of the week: The Pitchfork Review

One very distinct genre of new magazine is the website/blog print spin-off. Various smaller blogs – including this one – have experimented with print, while others have made significant inroads into regular publishing (It’s Nice That, Freund von Freunden, Slanted etc). This new example is particularly interesting, as the apparent death of the music magazine has been, in part, blamed on the rise of online music coverage. And when people talk about online music writing they generally mean Pitchfork, a site that’s been reviewing music online for 17 years now.

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Overmatter: 21.01.14

Athenaeum blog interviews Danielle Pender, founder of Riposte, ‘We want the focus to be on what the women have to say, what they’ve achieved and who they are, rather than what they look like.’

032c no25 has a  surprise inside – a DIY piece by Cyprien Gaillard using images from National Geographic to celebrate that magazine’s 125th anniversary.

The Independent and sister title i are for sale.

Creative Bloq rounds up some fine zines.

A brief look behind the scenes at Tate Etc as it turns ten.

‘Most profitable magazine in the UK’ Radio Times focuses print profits on digital.

Time for one last ‘best of 2013’ list: Bob Newman selects his favo(u)rite covers with a typically broad selection.


Overmatter 16.01.14

Cereal has launched new subscription travel guide website Guided By Cereal –  every bit as beautiful as you’d expect from the Cereal team.

Offscreen have a smart new site and new issue on its way.

Bob Newman honoured with the US Society of Illustrator’s Richard Gangel Award.

Independent magazine biennale Facing Pages returns – 28/29 March, Arnhem, Netherlands. Speakers include Simon Esterson (Eye), Rachel Maria Taylor (Another Escape), Peter Bilak (Works That Work), Cathy Olmedillas (Anorak) and many more.

Meanwhile here’s a little of the inspiration that’s going into Cathy’s new Teepee teenage mag.

Vote for your favourite US News, Business and Politics magazine cover as part of this year’s ASME Awards.

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Out now: Fuet

Until now the word ‘fuet’ has referred only to a Catalan sausage, but now it’s also the name of this fine-looking new Barcelona-based food magazine. Love that cover.


Do Something

This Saturday The Guardian newspaper launches a new monthly supplement. Do Something promises hundreds of idea to break your routine and stimulate, encourage and inspire you. Whether the ideas are so great – it boasts snowboarding to street photography via starting your own supper club – it certainly looks great, with plenty of illustration including the cover by Owen Gildersleeve and other pieces by Owen Gatley, Yann Le Bec, Sam Brewster and Hattie Newman spread across strong layouts by art director Chris Clarke.

More images after the jump – click for larger versions.

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Overmatter 08.01.14

In London? tickets are still available for The Story. Always a great source of inspiration, this year’s day of talks features The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on the changing face of newspapers.

Coming up soon in Munich: QVED2014, a conference about editorial design I’m co-curating. Speakers include Mike Meiré (Brand Eins, 032c), Alex Breuer (The Guardian), David Moretti (Wired Italia), Pekka Toivonen (FAT), Patrick Waterhouse (Colors) and many more to come. Book now.

One of the themes identified for QVED is the new erotic magazine. Jacques co-founder Jonathan Leder has just produced his own, Fetishisms (NSFW) (corrected 11/01).

Made By Heart is a digital zine with some really nice overlay touches, built from scratch in frustration at PDF magazines.

The New York Times redesigns its website and provides a visual history of the site, a fascinating record of digital design.

Daniel spent Christmas collecting loads and loads and loads and loads of front covers.


Overmatter 03 01 14

A quick catch up on news before we kick off the new year on Monday.

Among the many Best Of lists at the end of 2013, this one stood out for its generosity: Bloomberg Businessweeks’s jealousy list.

What Best Of lists, you say? Check Styleite’s mags of the year; Folio’s look at the US mainstream; It’s Nice That’s best publications; Stack’s indie mag of the year vote (disrupted by one mag’s campaign); Creative Bloq’s leftfield selection; Coverjunkie’s poll-winner. And in case you missed it, Andrew’s list for us.

Interview with Hello Mr founder, Ryan Fitzgibbon, ‘My confidence in the publishing industry lies with the newer titles that have accomplished a lot with very little.

Condé Nast chairman Si Newhouse apparently quietly retired Christmas 2012.

Time Out axes gay section, symbol of the magazine’s alternative origins.

Mzin appears to be a rather fine German online magazine shop (thanks Michael).


Magazine of the week: Riposte #1

It’s been a busy old end of the year here at magCulture, so apologies for the lack of magazine reviews recently. I’m not planning an end-of-2013 review, but sometime contributor Andrew Losowsky has been delving into the year’s posts to compile an overview of highlights and I hope to get something a little more forward-looking up over the holidays. But if I were to note some highlights, this final Magazine of the Week of 2013 would be among them.

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Out now: Archer #1

Archer is a challenging new Australian magazine about sexual diversity. Funded by crowdsourcing, the launch issue leads with a piece by Christos Tsiolkas (author of The Slap) about the adult desire for youth and also looks at the transgender experience, film censorship and the changing face of the Aussie bloke.

As well as the usual details about the magazine, their website has a useful section about making the magazine.

Buy your copy here.

Overmatter 10.12.13

We believe in print, we love print, and what we’re doing is creating a way to ensure the print magazine is published for years,’ – Adam Moss, editor of New York explains the decision to drop to fortnightly publication.

Enjoy every cover of i-D ever, a unique record of youth culture.

The Daily Mirror launches intriguing new diagram-based news site Ampp3d.

032c has a smart new site.

Who will you vote for in the Coverjunkie cover of the year poll?

At last! Blogosphere, the magazine for bloggers.