Out now: The Ride Journal #8

The eighth issue of The Ride Journal is available for pre-order now, with more beautiful cover art from Shan Jiang (see full cover after the jump) and a new design using only Eric Gill’s Golden Cockerel typeface. ‘One font publications are the way forward!’ says art director Andrew Diprose.

It’s been a while since issue seven, but the wait has been worth it, the illustration and photography are stunning throughout. Click images for larger versions.

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The New Yorker, Dec 16, 2013

An unusually strident New Yorker cover marks todays sad news.

Update: it’s notable that this is one of the only cover tributes that references the young Mandela, the period he was still regarded as a terrorist rather than hero by the predecessors of many of those leaders paying homage today.

Illustration by Kadir Nelson


November 20, 2013


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magRush 10: VNA

This is the 24th edition of London street art mag VNA, but as far as I recall its the first mention here on the blog. Shame! A pocket-sized collection of found work and interviews with artists, what it lacks in design structure is more than compensated for by the imagery (design-wise it really needs a clean, simple approach to let the art be king). Nevermind, this front cover is a really strong image, a favourite of recent times. and as a collector of road sign images the defaced signs (below) were a natural pick.

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November 20, 2013


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magRush 08: Some Magazine

Some Magazine takes a broad theme each issue and uses it to examine design and creativity. Thus it avoids the normal design press focus on latest projects and studio profiles and presents a more open discussion of subjects. This issue, Identity, has content in German and English and as well as a beautifully crafted set of fake packaging designs for obscure products and a questionnaire with Rob Lowe aka Supermundane (he did the cover design) uses a series of archived teenage diaries to present a pre-social network version of young identity.

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magRush 03: Dodo

Dodo first came to attention as a one-off publication hidden at the end of a treasure hunt. I never quite got my head round that, but I guess it was a publicity drive for the actual magazine. Billed as ‘Your own private haunted house’ this is a kids magazine packed with an extraordinary mix of things, from comic strips to weird recipes (published for Halloween it features another brain cake, the last for today, I promise!) via longer written stories about failing themeparks and deadly mushrooms. Aimed at a post-Anorak age group, I’m not sure how well-focused it is but it’s a visual treat, one of those magazines with something new to find every visit. The issue is split in half with a flipped cover (side A and Side B, nicely old school) and a pull-out poster of a dodo.

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Autumn is for everyone

These two covers arrived together in this morning’s post, sporting a matching set of autumnal colours.

The New Yorker by Adrian Tomine and Anorak by Adam Higton.


Overmatter 01.11.13

The Gentlewoman’s Penny Martin will be discussing her favourite books at YCN, London, November 20.

In the South West this weekend? Publish and Be Damned hits Plymouth, UK, this Sunday, November 3.

Back to the future at the top of Time Inc.

Hearst Marketing and Publishing Director Michael Clinton declares ‘print is thriving.’

Interview with Philip Diprose, editor of The Ride Journal.

British GQ celebrates 25 years with a doorstop of an issue; editor Dylan Jones selects his favourite 25 covers.

Russell Brand edits an issue of the New Statesman.

An archive of George Giusti’s front covers for Holiday – beautiful.


Out now: Hot Rum Cow #4

Further adventures in the world of drinking! Magazines and alcohol are a heady mix, never more so than with Edinburgh’s Hot Rum Cow. Issue four is out next week, featuring this handwritten typographic cover by Adrian Morris. The red is flourescent – nice! – and the lead drink this issue is a seasonal look at sherry.

Get your round in.


Overmatter 08.10.13

Must-reads: Jon Lund on why iPad magazines fail and Joe Zeff explains how to ‘save’ them. Lund wins. Until magazine apps can be found, they’ll struggle.

A great New Yorker piece by Ken Auletta about The Guardian’s financial problems and quest for international status via NSA revelations.

In London? See the AOI Illustration Awards Show at Somerset House until October 27.

Monocle’s Tyler Brulé talks to Bloomberg TV about making print profitable.

Mr Magazine records the year’s 591 (US) magazine launches, notes rise of b**kazines (like the concept, hate that name).

Publisher confirms posthumous publication of Michael Hastings book about life as a magazine intern.

New magazine: ThisIsPaper builds on its web presence with a new print mag.


Magazine of the Week: Wrap #8

A bit of a favourite here, Wrap continues to go from strength to strength, demonstrating how a magazine must develop issue by issue.

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