Overmatter 13.11.13

The redesigned Independent astutely analysed by Andy Cowles, ‘…they just haven’t gone far enough.

US Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles talks digital, ‘It’s all changing, all the time, and it’s incredibly exciting.’

Photographer Nick Knight discusses the rise of the iPhone and Instagram.

Preston is My Paris have a sleek new website featuring all their publications.

Magazines come is many guises. Graphic design journal Neue Grafik (originally 1958–1965) is republished in full by Lars Muller…

…while Fortean Times celebrate their 40th year with this front cover archive for The Guardian.

No joke – The Onion gives up their print edition.


Overmatter 18.10.13

D&AD confirm a fine jury for the Magazine and Newspapers category of their awards.

Love the design (by Jessica Rose) of this exhibition catalogue newspaper.

Another new magazine: hello, Dequal, a bi-monthly about ‘the unequal world of design’. Issue one looks at women in design.

‘500 journalists sought by content marketing company NewsCred.’ Brands like to use content, but is this the best way to create it?

Some thoughts and records of our Modern Magazine conference earlier this week: Stack Magazines, It’s Nice That, twitter. And Boat have posted a transcript of creative director Davey Spens’ talk.


Overmatter 15.10.13

Wave goodbye to the International Herald Tribune – so hello to the International New York Times.

A new issue of Hypebeast’s print magazine on the way, as is a print edition from Random House’s Hazlitt website.

Stack has an excellent, in-depth interview with the man behind The Magazine app, promising a print collection. The Guardian have more too.

Meanwhile Columbia Journalism Review takes a close up look at the Guardian’s finances and predicts a paywall future.

US Esquire editor discusses how his audience has changed over his 16 years.

I still dream of stumbling across an original copy of one of the Dada magazines. Until that happens, here’s the full content of edition one of Cabaret Voltaire

…and here’s the entire launch edition of Just Seventeen.

SPD has listed some of the recent online experiments with the presentation of  longform writing.


Overmatter 08.10.13

Must-reads: Jon Lund on why iPad magazines fail and Joe Zeff explains how to ‘save’ them. Lund wins. Until magazine apps can be found, they’ll struggle.

A great New Yorker piece by Ken Auletta about The Guardian’s financial problems and quest for international status via NSA revelations.

In London? See the AOI Illustration Awards Show at Somerset House until October 27.

Monocle’s Tyler Brulé talks to Bloomberg TV about making print profitable.

Mr Magazine records the year’s 591 (US) magazine launches, notes rise of b**kazines (like the concept, hate that name).

Publisher confirms posthumous publication of Michael Hastings book about life as a magazine intern.

New magazine: ThisIsPaper builds on its web presence with a new print mag.


Redesigning in opposite directions

New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell has been reworking parts of the magazine, as announced in the recently posted video. That video led with changes to the Goings On About Town listings section, but last week’s edition had a few other changes.

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The Guardian launches The Fashion

Here’s a promo for The Fashion, the new magazine coming this Saturday from The Guardian and Observer newspapers. It feature a new font, Guardian Fashion, based on an ultra tight condensed version of the house font Guardian Weekend.

Creative directors Alex Breuer & Caz Roberts, typography Chris Clarke, animation Alex Purcell.


Summer is here. Official!

It seems to have been hot for weeks here in London, but the imminent arrival of this year’s Monocle Mediterraneo newspaper means we can declare summer officially on.

Launched three years ago, the glossy newspaper-format publication fills the summer months while Monocle itself has a discreet rest.


Overmatter 02.07.13

Great idea: disused newsstands in New York and LA have been taken over to sell zines this summer. Until July 20 (thanks Ralph).

The best interviews from ‘Magazine for Architectural Entertainment’ Pin-Up are collected in a new book (thanks Andrew).

‘Readers take control in the new age of print.’ warns The Guardian.

Rob Longworth, one of the creative directors at Human After All, interviewed by Industry Faces about their ‘Curious Iconic Craft’ book.

Newspaper of the month at the Newspaper Club is Tomorrow’s Chip Paper, another new food publication.

The Observer looks back at 90s Riot Grrrl zines.


Overmatter 10.05.13

Interesting look at the decision-making behind headline design at the New York Times.

Steven Heller at Print interviews Lucas López and Mauro López about their Acido Surtido magazine.

Condé Nast closes the print edition of Easy Living – will continue as web-only project.

Yet according to the PPA print still accounts for 78% of publisher’s income

Grazia’s Jane Bruton bigs up print, ‘the magazine sets the tone across all our platforms.’

Magazine-in-a-frisbee Freestyle is using Kickstarter to raise funds for a fourth issue.


Overmatter 30.04.13

Microsoft puts free wifi into latest issue of Forbes. Nice gimmick, but are Forbes readers in need of free wifi? Perhaps try Big Issue next time?

Congratulations to Richard Turley and his Bloomberg Businessweek team for being named Design Studio of the Year by Creative Review. Includes access to my piece for CR about the BBW Steve Jobs memorial edition.

I already mentioned the Hall of Femmes talks in Stockholm later this month; they’ve added further names including Jennifer Daniel, part of that Businessweek team.

Journalist to relaunch the original feminist magazine Spare Rib.

Monotype present a lunchtime talk about ITC’s typography magazine Upper & Lower Case. May 6, New York.

Brilliant run-through the future of newspapers as imagined by TV, the movies and the industry itself: ‘Newsboy Wears a Neon Sign Lighted by Pocket Battery’.