At Work With Florian Bachleda, Fast Company

We start the new week with Florian Bachleda, Creative Director of Fast Company Media. Florian is one of the leading figures in US editorial design, having worked for titles including Vibe, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly and Latina. He has been president of the Society of Publication Designers (SPD) and was on its board for five years. We look ahead at his week as he and his team complete design evolutions for the June issue of the magazine.

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At Work With: Colin Caradec and Morgane Rébulard, The Shelf Journal

Colin Caradec and Morgane Rébulard run The Shelf Company, a Paris-based graphic and typographic design studio and publishing house. They publish The Shelf Journal, a beautifully produced magazine dedicated to publishing design, books and what they call ‘the cult of the shelf’. With the third issue of the The Shelf Journal now available, we look ahead at their week and get an insight into French magazine culture.

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At Work With: Kati Krause, Winter

Kati Krause - credit Nicola Holtkamp
Kati Krause is a Berlin-based writer, editor and curator, a fellow magaholic who is co-founder of the Tinta de la Casa magazine events. Today she leaves her role as Creative Communications Manager at Etsy Germany to concentrate on freelance work including projects with Freunde von Freunden and the new magazine she co-founded, Winter.
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At Work With: Rob Orchard, Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification provides a quarterly antidote to ‘PR-driven stories, knee-jerk reactions and churnalism,’ each issue revisiting the news events of the last three months and using that time delay to provide a more reflective view on the stories than minute-by-minute news feeds. As issue 13 arrives, co-founder and editorial director Rob Orchard looks at his week ahead.

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At Work With: William van Giessen, Facing Pages

Next week the third edition of Facing Pages takes place in Arnhem, Netherlands. Organised by Joost van der Steen and William van Giessen of local design studio OK Parking, the two-day biennale celebrating independent publishing gathers together magazine makers from around the world. As well as a strong programme of speakers, an exhibition will display submitted magazines for visitors to read and touch. With preparations being completed for this year’s event (March 28/29), we look ahead at the week with William. 

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March 10, 2014

At Work With

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At Work With: Penny Martin, The Gentlewoman

Penny Martin is editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman, the biannual magazine that like its brother Fantastic Man is a flagbearer for contemporary independent publishing. It offers a clear alternative to mainstream women’s magazines, its choice of cover stars – including Adele, Angela Lansbury, Beyonce and most recently Vivienne Westwood, all shot in black and white – symbolising that difference. Before launching the magazine in 2010 Penny was chair of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion and before that
editor-in-chief of SHOWstudio. Here she looks ahead at her week with issue nine of her magazine still fresh on the newsstand.

Portrait of Penny by Thomas Lohr

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At Work With: Simon Esterson, Eye magazine

Simon Esterson has had a huge influence on editorial design, not only through his
ground-breaking work on projects such as Blueprint, Domus and The Guardian but also via the many young designers who have started their careers in his studio and gone on to establish their own reputations. Since 2008 he has co-owned and designed Eye magazine, and here we look ahead at his week as issue 87 completes production.

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At Work With: Steve Watson, Stack Magazines

Five years ago Steve Watson (my partner in Printout) launched the Stack Magazines subscription service to help independent publishers find new readers for their magazines. Here he looks ahead at his week as he achieves his ambition to run the service as a full-time enterprise.

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At Work With: Tom Taylor, the Newspaper Club

We start this week with Tom Taylor, co-founder of and technical brains behind The Newspaper Club.
Already known for their small-run newsprint service, they have just announced a print-on-demand service, the Newsagent. Tom looks ahead at his week as they launch their own one-off publication, Things Our Friends Have Saved on the Internet, to promote and test the Newsagent.

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At Work With: Kenny Ho, Article magazine

We start the new week at work with Kenny Ho, a London-based fashion stylist with a broad range of experience stretching from work with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett to international editorial and advertising work via stage work with David Bowie. In 2012, he and art director Rosy Tsai launched Article, a mens magazine celebrating Britain and Britishness and which is notable for its use of specialist print and finishing techniques. He shares his week ahead as the team completes issue three of the magazine and begin to plan number four.

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