At Work With: William van Giessen, Facing Pages

Next week the third edition of Facing Pages takes place in Arnhem, Netherlands. Organised by Joost van der Steen and William van Giessen of local design studio OK Parking, the two-day biennale celebrating independent publishing gathers together magazine makers from around the world. As well as a strong programme of speakers, an exhibition will display submitted magazines for visitors to read and touch. With preparations being completed for this year’s event (March 28/29), we look ahead at the week with William. 

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Overmatter 14.03.14

Interview with Libertine editor Debbie Evans as issue four lands, ‘Early feedback has been that readers want more digital content, and more from the network and community, particularly around events.’

Another magazine using Kickstarter; Print Isn’t Dead is an awful title with the right idea.

Katie at Confessions of a Design Geek interviews Steve about Stack; meanwhile Steve interviews Penny Martin in a companion piece to this week’s At Work With.

US Marie Claire launches Branché, a pop up magazine for young, hip New York women, complete with acute accent.

‘What you think you know about about (how we read) the web is wrong.’

The Vogue Festival takes place at London’s South Bank Centre, March 28/29.

Pog Mo Goal is another new football magazine, this time from Ireland.

Washington magazine store closes.

Laurence King, publishers of The Modern Magazine, have started a Pinterest board of magazine covers.

CR Blog looks inside the latest Little Whites Lies; back to its’s visual best.


Overmatter: 11.03.14

Interview with Cristian Lupsa of excellent Romanian mag Decat Revista;What matters to us is they are feel real stories, more than feel good stories.’ (thanks Andrew).

Is the London Review of Books the best mag in the world? No, but a good piece worth a read.

This week at London College of Communication – Publishing Innovation, a day of talks featuring Alec Dudson from Intern among others.

Haymarket CD Paul Harpin has launched Buy Fonts, Save Lifes – simple idea, well worth supporting.

You have six days left to support for Winter magazine on Indiegogo. Do it!

Steve Watson’s doing another Guardian masterclass, with me and others contributing.

I was on Monocle24’s The Stack last weekend. Hear it here.

Don’t forgot Facing Pages is coming up – two days of magazines and talks, 28/29 March in Arnhem, Netherlands. If you can’t get there, how about Printout, 24 March?

Newsweek returns.


Overmatter 04.03.14

The Financial Times grows via digital subscriptions.

Brands who advertise in magazines have the advantage.’ Who’d have thought?

Monocle is seven. Time for a movie!

There is nothing in the digital domain that can compare to the real thing.’ Cue new print mag from travel website

Intriguing online, collective content creation for That New Design Smell (via QVED).

Also discovered at QVED: illustration magazine Spring.

Richard Turley to talk Bloomberg Businessweek, Berlin, March 19 and Amsterdam, March 20.

Kickstarter news: support oral history magazine In The Air, to be designed by the people behind the fine-looking Shelf Journal.


QVED day one

After a very civilized, slow morning QVED kicked off yesterday lunchtime with opening comments from co-founder Boris Kochan. Held at the beautiful fifties-built Alte Kongresshalle, the theatre full following the sell-out of all 650 tickets, the day had a real buzz about it as people from large and small magazines shared experiences.

First speaker was David Moretti, who presented a beautiful set of slides and described his typographic and infographic work for Wired Italia in a very engaging way. The examples of calligraphy and print effects were stunning, a really powerful and individual addition to the Wired series. German designer Dominik Schatz followed with a more downbeat talk without slides, an overview of his freelance career to date. The translation service did an impressive job but couldn’t make up for the lack of images – there were many references to projects I didn’t know but would have liked to have seen.

Canadian Michelle Champagne speeded things up again with some astute analysis of contemporary communications, and the editorial process behind her That New Design Smell magazine. Check out the project’s website for a forceful example of how to encourage reader (user) input.

Panel discussions sometimes work, sometimes don’t, and I awaited the illustration panel slightly anxiously. Luckily the panel moderator Raban Ruddigkeit knows his stuff and the five speakers presented a good range of work and spoke intelligently about it. The discussion afterwards was complicated listening via translation – the six people speakers blurred together when presented by a single voice.

The day ended with a rare talk from Mike Meiré. Focusing on the relationship between art and magazines, and his recent work with Garage magazine, this was a real treat that started with the Mona Lisa, moved via Duchamp’s LHOOQ parody to Warhol’s factory and then Mike’s work with Garage. I’ve been a bit ambivalent about Garage til now, but this was a good example of how hearing from a project’s maker can bring it to life. I’ll be picking up the back issues from the QVED shop.

Meiré ended the day echoing David Moretti’s start: we shouldn’t be afraid of complexity and difficulty. Sometimes magazines shouldn’t be easy.

After the jump, a picture report from the opening day.

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QVED begins


Interview with Mirko Borsche

Mirko Borsche is one of Germany’s most exciting editorial designers. This week he’s speaking in Luxembourg as a guest of Design Friends then heads home to Munich and take part in QVED2014. Sven Ehmann, creative director at Gestalten books, recently prepared this interview for the Design Friends event.

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Overmatter 25.02.14

A must-see exhibition at 032c’s space in Berlin – a collection of Lilliput magazine.

Behind the scenes of The Financial Times’ decision to go native with their apps.

Graydon Carter drops a Vanity Fair Gwyneth Paltrow story – PR pressure?

Condé Nast readying for office move from Times Square to WTC.

What’s working in magazine app advertising? Less is more, it seems.

In yesterday’s At Work With Steve Watson post he mentioned Outpost. Support their fundraising for their second year.

And/or support new German title Winter, from Manzine hero Kevin Braddock and magCulture collaborator Kati Krause.

The Independent on independent magazines – ‘Looks good on paper.’

The AOI 2014 Illustration Awards are go – closing date 16 March.


Overmatter: 18.02.14

List alert! Oitzarisme notes a very tasteful ‘Fifty magazines to buy before you die’

…and Coverjunkie selects the covers he hopes to see at the upcoming D&AD judging.

The British edition of Reader’s Digest is bought for less than a single issue of the mag by 71 year-old TV entrepeneur.

Bob Newman’s latest column for Folio takes a critical look at US launch Dr Oz Good Life, The logo is baffling to me, and is definitely the biggest problem on the cover.

Aussie design magazine Open Manifesto looks interesting in this piece by Kyoorius.

Issue one of Intern is now available for the iPad.

As British ABC starts to include digital sales in circulation figures, print still dominates digital. The exception? Tech mags.

New launch Alphabet promises a new take on family life. Support them on Kickstarter. Meanwhile Quarterly have bettered their Kickstarter target but are still taking pledges.

And don’t forget next week sees QVED2014 take place in Munich, featuring Alex Breuer (The Guardian), David Moretti (Italian Wired), Mike Meiré (032c et al) and many more. I’ll be speaking too. See you there?


Overmatter 05.02.14

Occasional commenter-of-this-parish Lee Caulfield has a fine-looking second printed volume of blog highlights available now.

Every page of every issue of International Times, now available online (thanks Adrian).

Time Inc re-organises, lays off staff as it readies to go public.

A little tangential, but a fascinating piece from Rick Poynor, a) because of the artist subject and b) the questions he asks about the definitive version of an artwork.

The beauty vs friction design argument applied to web design; ‘what if I don’t want my reading experience to be this beautiful?’ asks Oliver Burkeman.

Later this year, Dave McKean is curating a major show of comics from the British Museum archive (May).

Follow the upcoming QVED2014 event on twitter: @qved