Overmatter 22.10.13

‘Three years after Apple unveiled the iPad… tablets still account for… just 3.3 percent of total circulation.’ AdAge disects the iPad problem.

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter talks canoes and magazines on the Charlie Rose site; ‘Magazines are the perfect invention… the perfect medium for telling stories.’ Well worth the 20+ mins video (thanks Chris).

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of John Carpenter’s movie ‘They Live’, a Swiss publisher has recreated the featured Obey magazine. More on CRBlog.

New York magazine said to to be considering going fortnightly.

I’ll be talking about my book ‘The Modern Magazine’ at two of my favourite European magazine stores –  Do You Read Me? (Berlin) on 7 November, and Atheneaum Newscentrium (Amsterdam) on 21 November. Details to follow.

Plus – next Printout coming up at the end of November, with a great line-up of speakers. News very soon.


Overmatter 15.10.13

Wave goodbye to the International Herald Tribune – so hello to the International New York Times.

A new issue of Hypebeast’s print magazine on the way, as is a print edition from Random House’s Hazlitt website.

Stack has an excellent, in-depth interview with the man behind The Magazine app, promising a print collection. The Guardian have more too.

Meanwhile Columbia Journalism Review takes a close up look at the Guardian’s finances and predicts a paywall future.

US Esquire editor discusses how his audience has changed over his 16 years.

I still dream of stumbling across an original copy of one of the Dada magazines. Until that happens, here’s the full content of edition one of Cabaret Voltaire

…and here’s the entire launch edition of Just Seventeen.

SPD has listed some of the recent online experiments with the presentation of  longform writing.



After a hectic week of the AGI Open conference it was a pleasure to sit down and tweet images of magazine typography for the Design Museum yesterday. Here are a few of my posts, along with a selection of others contributed over the afternoon. Thanks to Michael at the Museum for inviting me, and to everyone who took part.

Click on images for larger versions, and see the full set on twitter – search #FontSunday (above image from The Face, Neville Brody, 1983).

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Design Museum #fontsunday

London’s Design Museum have invited me to host today’s #fontsunday twitter feed. I’ll be posting images of a few favourite pieces of magazine typography, and I hope you’ll join in with your own images. Just search #fontsunday from 12noon on. I’ll share some here later too.


Overmatter 25.09.13

National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of publishing with a tumblr archive.

It’s the last few days of the PPA cover of the century vote. Hint – Time Out.

On BBC Radio last week – a great interview with the founders of Spare Rib. And tomorrow (Thursday 26) at 1130am, Radio 4, there’s a show about the covers of the Radio Times.

In New York? Pentagram partner Luke Hayman is talking at the Type Directors Club, New York on Thursday, October 3.

In Amsterdam? The new issue of Colors is being launched at the Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum magazine shop tomorrow night (Thursday 26)

Coming to AGI Open? I’m joining Simon Esterson, Angus Hyland and David Pearson for a discussion with Catherine Dixon about publishing tomorrow (Thursday 26) around 12noon. And I’m talking in the main hall Friday afternoon.


My Favo(u)rite magazine extract #2

In our second extract from the My Favo(u)rite Magazine publication we’re selling to raise funds for Bob Newman (details here), we share the contribution of British-born designer/editor Patrick Waterhouse, editor-in-chief of Colors.

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Multimedia weekend

The definitive top 10 rules for publishing magazines, according to our @guardianclasses weekend

Some resources from the weekend.

First up, Monocle 24’s The Stack featured Penny Martin from The Gentlewoman talking about the stunning new issue of her magazine as well as the ‘crisis of the front-of-book’ – one for magazine geeks everywhere. You can also enjoy me talking about my new book ‘The Modern Magazine’ and the  conference of the same name (including Penny alongside many others).

Second, on Sunday I joined Steve Watson’s Guardian Masterclass on independent publishing, where I met an enthusiastic  group of would-be magazine makers and gave them some advice I hope was realistic but not too scarey. I opened with the first of my ten-point guide as published in YCN’s You Can Now magazine, ‘Publishing a magazine will take up every ounce of spare time, give you sleepless nights, leave you disorientated and cause you to fall out with partners, friends, family and the bank…’ Read the full ten points here.

At the end of the two-day masterclass, Steve and the attendees compiled their own list of ‘Top mega-lessons for publishers’, pictured above.


Overmatter 06.09.13

A two-part interview with Fernando Guiterrez about working with Tibor Kalman on Colors, in particular the wonderful word-free issue 13 – part one and part two.

Net a Porter reveals the name of its soon-come new magazine: Porter.

Missed this earlier – British Vogue made a video for schools, revealing behind-the-scenes tricks of fashion photography.

New magazine: Pages Of, ‘a home for stories you won’t find anywhere else.’ has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The new issue of Vintage magazine looks wonderful. Magazine-y!

Australian mag Monster Children have a book celebrating their first ten years, cleverly titled ‘Ten Years of Monster Children Magazine’. Out 1 October.

Meatpaper announces its final, twentieth, issue about the future of meat.


Overmatter 04 09 13

The next Printout takes a place next week – Wednesday 11 September. Details here.

Andy Cowles shares his contribution to My Favo(u)rite Magazine; UK designer Ben Serbutt offers his favo(u)rite in response to receiving his copy.

Wired experiments with a Snowfall-style online version of current print feature Station to Station.

Wallpaper* have a smart new website: smoother, faster, better.

David Hieatt shares his ten magazine theories; ‘If you subscribe to a magazine, you have to find one article each time that you want to scrapbook. If you go 3 editions without finding an article worth Scrapbooking, you should un-subscribe.’

Daft magazine storage concept – the chairack.

UK Esquire launches a weekly app to fill the spaces between the monthly print edition.

The Internet Archive has a great online resource for old magazines.

New magazine Digest deserves a closer look. More soon.


Overmatter 09.08.13

Commercial Type discuss their work on a new Didot for Vanity Fair.

It’s Nice That have launched First Broadcast, a new TV channel that opens with a series of interviews with publishers.

Holborn Magazine interviews Peter Bilak, founder/editor of Works That Work: ‘There are a lot of cliches about how design magazine should look like, which we ignore, and instead focus on the storytelling and how to help understanding of the content.’

Maurizzio Cattelan, the man behind Permanent Food and Toilet Paper, has a vinyl-only collection of music out now.

Anorak are having a summer fete in London, August 31.

If you want to attend the AGI Open London design conference (September 26/27), get in quick as tickets are disappearing fast.