Overmatter 12.07.13

Richard Turley interviewed about the latest Bloomberg Businessweek front cover.

Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate launches own magazine to help change its image.

Every issue of ITC’s U&lc typography mag is available for download here (via Eye).

One of this months arrivals via Stack is a pilot of new magazine Intern, a project aiming to support people working for free in the creative industries. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first real issue.


Overmatter 10.07.13

A big warm welcome to magCulture as hosted from a new server. Ideally there will be no noticeable difference!

One-time At Work With subject Jennifer Daniel has made this rather fine animation of Bloomberg Businessweek’s special issues.

The London Museum has an exhibition of Radio Times front covers. Editor Ben Preston: ‘To flick through the covers of Radio Times over the past 90 years is to watch a popular history of Britain unfold’. And some design history too. Opens 2 August.

Kickstarter alert: Nom de Strip, featured here a while back, are raising money for a new issue.

I’m part of the lineup at a Guardian masterclass on independent magazines. London, September 14/15.


Overmatter 05.07.13

Latest Little White Lies reviewed on MagPile by designer Luke Tonge.

Special Request team interviewed by HolbornMag.

Font geekery – behind the scenes in Apple’s iOS7.

Genius is in the details, according to David Hepworth.

Magazines and music! Popular Noise needs your Kickstarter support.

Standby for news of next Printout, July 23rd.


Overmatter 18.06.13

Steve interviews Dan and Paul from football mags The Field and Spiel on Stack.

Future group publisher Katherine Radarecht describes how they build a pre-launch audience via Facebook.

An archive of the controversial Black Panther Party newspaper (1968-73).

Who Made That? – an interactive version of the New York Times Magazine’s recent Innovations Issue.

Ever wonder what that Sky Mall catalogue in the seat pocket of your US flight is? Wonder no more.


Overmatter 13.06.13

What-is-a-magazine update: ahead of the soon-come and hugely exciting Container, Little Utopia reviews The Thing Quarterly.

The new Spare Rib will not be called Spare Rib.

Bo Sacks reports from retail conference: more magazines sold on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays than other days (scroll down).

With the arrival of iOS7 all apps will need to be reconsidered, says Marco Arment.

New-writing/illustration magazine Popshot have posted their illustrations on Pinterest.

Best Covers’ lists, where would we be without you?

Out now: the seventh issue of Put A Egg On It. Yum.


More fun than a server farm

A quick reminder what happens after you email the PDFs. Kids’ newspaper The Loop made this short film about the printing of their latest issue. Buy a copy here.


Port x The Golden Age

The idea that this is a Golden Age for magazines seems counter-intuitive to many. We’re so conditioned to websites, devices and apps being hailed as the only possible future. Yet there is great creative work being done (as I hope this site regularly demonstrates) right under our noses in the traditional medium of print.

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June 5, 2013


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Mr Magazine tells it as he sees it

‘Today’s print is not your father’s print. Today’s magazines are not your father’s magazines. But in both cases they are still print and they are still magazines. Like it or not, they are here to stay. So, to the gloom and doom zealots: go fish in another pond!’

Read Mr Magazine’s reflection on his recent round-the-world trip here.


Overmatter 28.05.13

Magazines are more popular than ever amongst US college students.

The Guardian does snowfall – a great piece of experimental web editorial featuring text, moving image, audio and infographics.

A look back at when Time Inc. was the Google of its era, and how the party ground to a halt.

‘A Golden Age of Print’ is a favourite phrase of mine, repeated here in an excellent piece by Peter Houston about contemporary indies, but properly attributed to Andrew Losowsky’s introduction to the book ‘Turning Pages’.

Guardian readers recommend their favourite songs about magazines.

Take a flick through the new issue of Eye, featuring my Reputations interview with Vanity Fair design director Chris Dixon.


Interview with Fantastic Man

Last week I did a live interview with Gert Jonkers and Jop von Bennekom, the editors of Fantastic Man, at the third What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam. You can watch our conversation above (25mins).

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