May 9, 2012


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MagPile invitations ahoy!

See that ad to the right? MagPile is a great new way of sharing your favourite magazines, finding out what your friends are enjoying, and generally bigging up magazines. Why wouldn’t you, you magaholic, want to be involved in that? At present the site is invitation-only, but Dan at MagPile has kindly offered us 50 invites to share.

How do you get one of those 50?

Just tweet saying what your favourite magazine is (using its hashtag), mentioning Magpile’s twitter account (@magpilecom). The first 50 tweets win an invitation. Easy!

Good luck.


Out now: Fantastic Man, Egg, Oh Comely, Boat, Little White Lies

I’ve fallen behind a little on updating you with new arrivals at magCulture HQ, so here are a few old favourites returning with new issues, starting with Fantastic Man. Now firmly esconced as the definitive ‘grown-up’ independent magazine, it’s easy to forget how important and inspirational Jop van Bonnekom and Gert Jonkers’ magazine is. Don’t take it for granted!

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Happy Birthday Printout

It’s the first anniversary of Printout this evening. It’s history night, featuring Patrick Burgoyne on London Life, Liz Bennett on Young Writer, Steven Gregor on Butt and Simon Esterson on Spy.

Plus CAKE!

Full report asap.