Overmatter 07.09.12

How The Economist events, off- and online, contribute to their huge profits.

Wallpaper* art director Meirion Pritchard and illustrator Noma Bar discuss the magazine’s recent handmade cover project. September 17 at the V&A, London.

Time Out confirms September 25 as the day it goes free.

Woman’s Own redesigns to celebrate its 80th birthday.

The iconic USA Today remoured to be planning a redesign of newspaper and website in time for its 30th anniversary later this month.

Joe Zeff maps the various screen sizes and formats publishers are expected to deal with.

Next Printout! alert – Tuesday September 25, The Book Cub, London. Details to follow.


Overmatter 05.09.12

Another new food magazine: a big welcome to tabloid Taste.

The wonderful Clare de Rouen bookshop continues to stock independent magazines, worth a visit if in London.

mono.kultur are raising money via Kiskstarter for a new book project. Help them!

London’s Whitechapel Gallery has an exhibition of Aspen magazine, the original magazine-as-object. Must see, I’ll have a report from the show next week.

More space online for content, but why cut your best lines from the print edition? asks David Hepworth.

Keeping ahead of the curve with magCulture friend Bob Newman, aka Newmanology.

Hear the first edition of Monocle24’s new show The Stack, featuring me alongside Tyler Brulé and Marion Hume and with interviews including Jessica from ace Berlin mag store Do You Read Me? and Jerry Wright, CEO of the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Talking of Do You Read Me?, they hosted the latest Tinta da la Casa evening earlier this week. See pictures here.


Little White Lies, mono.kultur, Wrap

It’s been a busy summer here at magCulture, so apologies for the relative quiet. But it’s September now and time to work through some of the many magazines that have continued to arrive –a big thank you to everyone who’s sent things in. We’ll be working our way through loads of goodies in the coming weeks, kicking off with a quick look at the latest issues of some favourites that continue to make things special.

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