Overmatter 30.01.13

Andy Cowles looks at the highs and lows of using a hashtag on your front cover.

Mario Garcia gets Flipboarding.

The PPA is 100 years old this year and will be celebrating by with a Front Cover of the Century vote. That’s a single cover from a hundred years of covers. Gulp.

Which types of magazine are publishing apps and for which platforms? According to Thea Selby, iPad business titles lead the way.

Julia have posted a portfolio of their work for Elephant magazine. Worth it for this New York spread alone.


Creative Review February 2013

My latest Creative Review column looks at the new generation of magazine apps coming to the iPhone, apps sharing simple navigation and finite content. The column is only available online to subscribers, but projects mentioned include Marco Arment’s The Magazine and The Awl & V as in Victor (both by 29th Street Publishing). All recommended.

You can read interviews with 29th Street’s creative director Tim Moore (who also makes the Letter to Jane magazine app) on the SPD blog and Verge. Craig Mod’s thoughts on Sub-compact Publishing, referred to in my column, can be read here.


Overmatter 28.01.13

Mr Magazine examines the idea that magazines will follow the way of music, decides they do have one thing in common – the letter ‘M’.

Seems design agency Pentagram and music trade mag Billboard agree, as the former redesigns the latter.

And here is Mr M again, sharing the failure of magazines that gave up on print.

Meanwhile, Poynter reports that ‘print’s financial future may last longer than expected.

‘Content’ might be the latest marketing wheeze but there is good content and bad content, argues Paul Keers.

A history of the early days of Print magazine.

Condé Nast UK are to launch a young version of Vogue, ignoring the US name Teen Vogue in favour of the more demure Miss Vogue.

Forget the tax return – the D&AD 2013 Awards deadline looms: this Wednesday, January 30th. And coming soon, the Design Week Awards.


QVED Tell me about Editorial Design

QVED Tell me about Editorial Design’ is a new event taking place in Munich next month, alongside an annual conference run by local typography organisation TMG.

I’ll be speaking, as will my ex-Colophon partner Mike Koedinger. German design is represented by Mirko Borsche (Zeit Magazin), Mario Lombardo (Spex) and organisers Horst Moser and Boris Kochan. Add in Paul Barnes (Commerical Type),  Omar Sosa (Apartamento) and Richard Turley (Bloomberg Businessweek) among others and you’ve got a strong mix of contemporary editorial designers. See you there!


January 25, 2013


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Oh Comely home delivery

Get out there and meet your readers – and what better way than to hand-deliver the new issue? Oh Comely recorded the result as the editors hand over the recent issue 12 to some surprised readers.


Printout – new beginnings

The latest Printout took place earlier this week. The evenings have now developed their own structure and routine. Steve and I have learned not to worry about advance ticket sales, we almost always fill the Book Club basement, however late people leave it to book; there’s usually a good mix of familiar faces and newcomers attracted by a particular magazine; and there’s the inevitable last-minute tech problems to do with the projector (this week my laptop died and the remote control didn’t work with the replacement so I spent the evening pressing keys). The speakers deliver their talks, there’s a quick Q&A Session, followed by some beers and talk.

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Overmatter 24.01.12

This years final SPD Awards deadline is tomorrow, Friday 25th. Their site also has more info on new mag Kindling.

Next Thursday sees the Manchester Zine Fair at the Manchester Art Gallery. The Modernist will be there.

MD of The Economist argues publishers should think like agencies.

Vroooom! The second issue Headful of Snakes launches this weekend. We hope to have copies in our shop soon.

As print and digital cosie up closer and closer, what’s next for interactive design?


January 23, 2013

Magazine stores

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Foyles sells magazines

I popped into Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road this morning. As well as being a really well-stocked bookstore they also sell magazines – check out the window above (click image to enlarge it).

They’re also in the process of renovating the old St. Martins art college building next door for a move next year. Great to see a store investing in retail space. And worth a visit for the mags.


Overmatter 21.01.13

Anikibo is a new peer-to-peer online magazine store. Think Etsy for mags.

Weekly advertising news mag Campaign cuts cost by dropping large format.

American Society of Magazine Editors squabbling over awards category changes.

Digital world turns against skeuomorphism. Hurrah!


Overmatter 18.01.13

SPD celebrate the imminent arrival of a US edition of Anorak.

Fashion mag does fashion story based on natural disaster. Zzzzz.

An archive of French Vogue covers, via the kings of the archive front cover, Newmanology.

Following initial scorn, Rolling Stone succumbs to the iPad app.

How to solve the problem of magazine subscriptions – compete at service with Amazon and John Lewis, not other publishers.