January 18, 2013


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Coming soon: Letter to Jane #4

Tim at Letter to Jane has just released this video teaser of the photo gallery he has developed for the Kickstarter-funded fourth edition of his bespoke iPad magazine. Working with his new colleagues at 29st Publishing, the issue is looking great.

There’s a typically open explanation of progress to date on the project here.


January 17, 2013

Out now

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Out now: Hot Rum Cow #2

As noted in last week’s magRush mention of Gin & It, there’s been a few magazines about drink launched recently. But first off the block last summer was Hot Rum Cow, the second issue of which is published this week.

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Overmatter 15.01.13

The Aspen exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery continues, and the gallery is holding a pair of events about the magazine. On February 7 they take a close look at the British issue, and on February 28 they’ll be decoding artist Brian O’Doherty’s issue 5/6.

Print magazine art director Ben King describes working with design hero Bob Gill on the magazines’s new front cover.

Press Gazette asks whether or not Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead is a journalist.

Gym Class Magazine have redesigned their blog. Very smart. Includes this link to a nostalgic piece about Smash Hits. Poignant today as HMV fails.

EXTRA! Read the sad tale of the tweeting Tatler office dachshund Alan TBH Plumptre killed by the revolving door at Vogue House (I’m not joking).


And the winners are…

Actually two winners and one shortlisted, but these three magazines have all received accolades of some sort today, and all with good reason. Together they represent what’s possible when magazines don’t just follow the crowd.

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magRush2013: Mag Dossier

The subject of the final post of this magRush is not strictly a magazine. Instead, it’s the catalogue to the recent Mag Dossier event held in Cyprus.

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magRush2013: Made Quarterly #1

After quite a few small-sized magazines during this magRush, here’s a larger A4+ format publication. Made Quarterly is published by Hunt Studio in Australia, the people who also bring us Process Journal.

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January 11, 2013


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magRush: T-Post #82

If you’d been collecting all the issues of Swedish magazine T-Post you’d now be the proud owner of 82 t-shirts.

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Overmatter 11.01.13

The first issue of US Wired returns as an iPad app, while The Gourmet app, launched to keep the ex-print brand alive, is killed off by Condé Nast.

From last weeks Observer, the ‘digital flip flop’.

Dirk Barnett is interviewed about his role as creative director of The New Republic.

The Paris Review takes a look back at Berlin’s sensationalist Berliner Abendblätte.

US magazine makers are invited to the Media Consortium’s annual conference, February 4-6 in Baltimore (link updated).

While in London the annual Publishing Expo is set for the end of February.

UK Cosmopolitan editor Louise Court interviewed, discusses the ‘F’ word.


magRush2013: The Gourmand #1

If you enjoyed the bright yellow pilot issue of The Gourmand last autumn, you’re going to love the first ‘real’ issue, just out now.

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magRush2013: Mimik #1

Mimik is a new magazine that promises a different format every issue. The launch ‘White’ issue is an open-bound booklet within a large format fold-out poster.

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