‘My Favourite Magazine’ – for Bob Newman

Yesterday was the deadline for submitting your favourite magazine to our project to help Bob Newman and his family. A huge thank you to everyone who has already contributed their selection, as well as to everyone that has blogged and tweeted to encourage support. We have many great entries that’ll make a fascinating publication.

A few people asked for some more time, so we’re opening that up to everyone. The new, enhanced Deadline 0.2 is next Monday, June 3. You have the weekend! Spend it wisely – tweet this news, then dive into your magazine box pile/shelf/archive/library/storage facility/warehouse and start the search.

Full details of the project, how to enter and FAQs after the jump.

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Out now: Another Escape

At recent Printout evenings it’s been interesting to note the number of magazines appearing from Bristol recently: Cereal and Offlife are two examples. Another Escape is another, an occasional zine that has just morphed into biannual magazine. The result is a smart, focused new magazine about following your inspiration to do what you want to do. Something we can all relate to.

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Creative Review column – football magazines

The June issue of Creative Review is out, and as well as lots of Hipgnosis goodies you can read my column about alternative football magazines. ‘Huge areas of newsprint and screen alike need to be filled, and endless tittle tattle does the job nicely. But what if want a little more thoughtful reflection?’

Features the Green Soccer Journal, The Field and Howler among others.


Wired redesign

The new-look US Wired, redesigned under editor-in-chief Scott Dadich by new design director Claudia de Almeida, is out this month. De Almeida has adapted Dadich’s earlier design approach (based on the square of the pixel) and applied it in a more spacious, relaxed manner. Her more mainstream experience at T: The New York Times Style Magazine and More is evident in the harder-working labelling of pages. Also of note is the condensed serif face and the smaller logo on the cover. The result is a subtle reinvention of the original US edition which stands it in good stead against the intense creative competition from the UK and Italia editions. Click on images for larger versions.

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Don’t forget, it’s Printout tonight

Printout – All You Can Eat takes place this evening from 630pm at the Book Club. Featuring a buffet of food and drink publishers: Cereal, Doghouse, Hot Rum Cow, Mood, Put A Egg On It and Special Request. Tickets here.


Overmatter 28.05.13

Magazines are more popular than ever amongst US college students.

The Guardian does snowfall – a great piece of experimental web editorial featuring text, moving image, audio and infographics.

A look back at when Time Inc. was the Google of its era, and how the party ground to a halt.

‘A Golden Age of Print’ is a favourite phrase of mine, repeated here in an excellent piece by Peter Houston about contemporary indies, but properly attributed to Andrew Losowsky’s introduction to the book ‘Turning Pages’.

Guardian readers recommend their favourite songs about magazines.

Take a flick through the new issue of Eye, featuring my Reputations interview with Vanity Fair design director Chris Dixon.


At Work With: Cathy Olmedillas, Anorak

As it’s the half term school holiday, we look at the week ahead with Cathy Olmedillas, founder and editor of Anorak, the ‘Happy Mag for Kids’. Launched in 2006, Anorak has grown to include French and US editions as well as book and app spin-offs.

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Interview with Fantastic Man

Last week I did a live interview with Gert Jonkers and Jop von Bennekom, the editors of Fantastic Man, at the third What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam. You can watch our conversation above (25mins).

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Overmatter 23.05.13

Stool Pigeon founder Phil Hebblethwaite has wise counsel for anyone thinking of launching a magazine, ‘Treasure your independence…

Plastik interviews Andrew about his recent book-about-books ‘Fully Booked’.

Vice have an exhibition of work by their favourite illustrators in London until June 2.

Boat magazine’s latest issue visits Kyoto. Read an interview with editor Erin Spens.

Music site Pitchfork opts for quality over quantity, trials further editorial experiments like this for Daft Punk.


Magazine of the Week: Perdiz #2

Two things make a good magazine – presentation and content. Many magazine will be good at one or the other, the best combine the two elements. Perdiz is one such magazine. Its second issue has just landed, promising further proof that ‘Happiness is Contagious’.

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