Overmatter 19.11.13

The power of editorial design: ‘Magazine covers help people understand the world better.’

The power of editorial photography: see last weeks edition of French newspaper Libération, published with all images deleted.

Adbusters publishes a box-set of its last five ‘Epic Human’ issues.

‘The disconnect between how the glossy mags choose to fill their pages and how British women actually spend their money suggests that traditional publishers are out of touch with their readership.’

Magasin is a new Hamburg-based online magazine shop. Welcome to the fray!

i–D starts to benefit from new owner Vice Media, launching a satisfying new website that feels right on brand.

Talking of Vice, ‘

New York magazine spots young people making magazines instead of websites. Great selection of indies, but surely they mean as well as?

In Amsterdam? I’ll be at Atheneaum this Thursday evening talking to Xandra Schutte about The Modern Magazine.


Comment on November 19, 2013 by Bojkowski says:

Bit sad the new i-D site doesn’t include an archive of previous issues or even just the covers. Is this because i-D/Vice readers don’t care about anything printed pre-internet? Hoping not.

Comment on November 19, 2013 by jeremy says:

Oh–– they always had a great archive. That’s a big loss.

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