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This blog is a resource for anyone interested in editorial design. It concentrates on the current, with forays into history and a firm eye on the future. We see today as a golden age of creative innovation in magazines, despite (or because of) the many challenges the industry faces. We celebrate the innovation, creativity and thought that go into magazines, and are excited by the possibilities of combining print and digital. While admiring the iPad we believe print has a strong future.

The blog is is written by Jeremy Leslie, creative director at magCulture, but relies on suggestions and submissions from many others around the industry and across the world. Andrew Losowsky contributes regularly from New York. The first post was uploaded in February 2006, since when several thousand more posts have been added (though in January 2013 the site was hacked and the database damaged, losing over half the content).

Jeremy has 25 years experience of magazine design, and has written three books about the subject, ‘Issues’ and ‘magCulture’ and most recently, ‘The Modern Magazine’ (all published by Laurence King). He has art directed weeklies and monthlies for the newsstand and spent the noughties as creative director at John Brown Publishing, where he won multiple awards working with clients including Virgin Atlantic and M-real Papers. As well as his ongoing work as an editorial designer and consultant, he writes a regular column for Creative Review, regularly speaks at conferences, and (with Andrew Losowsky and Mike Koedinger) set up the Colophon independent magazine symposium. He is a founder of EDO, an awarded member of D&AD and was recently elected to AGI. Read an interview with Jeremy here.

Along with Steve Watson, the man behind Stack, Jeremy presents the bimonthly Printout events in Shoreditch.

The magCulture blog was recently placed at no12 in a list of the top 50 design blogs.

We love to see new magazines – email us [  info at magCulture dot com  ]. We’d love to mention everything sent to us but can’t promise to due to the volume. If you’re interested in a guarenteed full response we offer a paid consultancy. Again, email us.

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