Berlin last week, Amsterdam next week

A huge thank you to Jessica and Mark of the fabulous Do You Read Me? shop for inviting me to launch ‘The Modern Magazine’ in Berlin last week. They stock one of the best ranges of independent magazines I’ve seen (why doesn’t London have this?), so I picked up a bag full from the shop – that’s me above with Jessica (see panorama shot at end of post for a better idea of the amount of titles they hold) – before heading off to their other shop to do the talk.

A good crowd turned up to hear me in conversation with Kati Krause, based around the book but also veering into more general questions about magazine-making. It was a pleasure to see Kai from mono.kultur (next issue soon featuring Marina Abramovich), Kevin from Sleek and Manzine, Grashina from Flaneur (issue two on its way) and Johanna from Frieze d/e there too.

One point I was keen to make was that even since the book was completed there have been plenty of new independent launches, something Steve and I are celebrating at the next Printout with Alpine Review, FAT, Hole & Corner, Printed Pages and Works That Work. But there are plenty of others out there and I’ll be noting a bunch of them in one of our MagRush sessions here soon – 25 magazines reviewed in 24 hours! – watch out for news.

Thanks Kati for getting to know the book and asking all the right questions.

The following day I caught up with Axel from Der Wedding magazine, who are based in this extraordinary fifties concrete edifice in the Wedding area of the city (where else?). The big window top right is their base, looking out over the area their magazine covers.

I’ll be doing a similar event in Amsterdam next week, at another favourite magazine shop, The Atheneaum Nieuwscentrum. It takes place on Thursday 21 November at 5pm with Xandra Schutte from De Groene Amsterdammer asking the questions. Come and say hello!

Photographs, except the last three, by Philipp Langenheim


Comment on November 12, 2013 by Andy Smith says:

“…why doesn’t London have this?” Very good question – when I come down to London I find it tough to get the magazines I’m looking for. Sometime ago, Jeremy, you had a list on here of the better newsagents and shops to try. What are the best now?

Comment on November 12, 2013 by David says:

Really looking forward to my New Year Berlin trip to head back here. Great place

Comment on November 13, 2013 by Liliana says:

I work in PR and have a massive crush for design and magazines so, I love almost everything you share! Always looking for news and waiting for a trip that allow me to buy everything I fell for. Keep sharing!

Comment on November 17, 2013 by Sven says:

Never been there actually but can’t you buy magazines at The Church of London? I know it’s a publisher but I think I remember something…

Comment on November 17, 2013 by jeremy says:

Yeeeees… that was a brief expt way back. Didn’t work out.

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