At work with: Dan Crowe, Port

Port launched in 2011, offering its readers a forward-looking alternative to traditional – and very 20th century – men’s magazines by focusing in-depth on design, food, literary thought-pieces and interviews with men of style and distinction who have something interesting to say, not necessarily something to merely plug. It’s been a while since their last issue, so we start the week off with a welcome update from editor and co-founder Dan Crowe, who explains what Port have planned for this year as well as introducing some other projects in the pipeline.

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At Work With: Marc Ward, National Art Library

Marc in the office
The National Art Library is the Victoria and Albert Museum’s public reference library, and also serves as the V&A’s curatorial department for the art, craft and design of the book. During a recent visit I was excited to discover the collection includes an ever-growing number of magazines. We start this week At Work With Marc Ward, the man responsible for that collection of comics, journals and magazines.

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February 16, 2015

At Work With

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At work with: Benjamin Moe, Table Talk

Benjamin Moe Portrait
The first issue of Table Talk appeared last summer, a Kickstarter-funded experiment by New York student Benjamin Moe. The ambition behind it was compelling, just the type of thing an upstart new literary mag should be attempting. Stories are based around a theme linking otherwise unconnected material, and contributors come from beyond the literary world. Moe imagines them sharing conversation over dinner – hence the name. We look ahead at his week as issue II goes to print.

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At Work With: Martin Skelton, Magazine Brighton

Martin Skelton has spent most of his career working in education, first as a teacher and then as a founding partner in what grew to become an international education consultancy business. While traveling he was impressed by the magazines and magazine shops he discovered, and late last year he left the consultancy to open a magazine shop in Brighton. We join him as his shop ends its second month in business.

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At work with: Cristina Merino, The Plant

Cristina Merino is editor-and-chief of The Plant, a journal dedicated to a fresh look at the horticultural. Founded in 2011 with art-directors Isabel Merino and Carol Montpart, the biannual journal features the work of photographers, illustrators and designers who share their love of plants. We start the week at Christina’s desk as she contemplates issue eight of the magazine and eagerly anticipates the arrival of spring.

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At work with: Christoph Amend, ZEITmagazin

The weekly newspaper magazine has returned to prominence in recent years as publishers focus on weekend sales to support their daily operations. In Germany, ZEIT Magazin leads the pack creatively with its double-page front covers developed by editor-in-chief Christoph Amend and creative director Mirko Borsch. Christoph is also publisher of ZEIT’s art titles Weltkunst and Kunst und Auktionen, and has written several books. We join him as he plans next week’s magazine while awaiting delivery of this week’s edition.

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At Work With: Karim Meggaro, Unmapped

07 Karim Meggaro
Work has taken Karim Meggaro around the world – he has contributed to publishing projects in Argentina, Mexico, Russia and India and conceived his digital travel magazine Unmapped in a pub in Copenhagen. He now runs it from Madrid, where we join him following the recent publication of the first print edition of Unmapped.

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At Work With: Nick Watts, Future Perfect

nick watts
Australian magazine Future Perfect was launched last year to satisfy the founders’ belief there was an uaidence for serious, longform writing in print. The second issue has just been published, featuring  stories ranging from an overview of ISIS to a history of Beats headphones via excerpts from articles that first appeared in, among others, the New York Times, The New Yorker, The Monthly and Slate. It’s an eclectic magazine, one of a number of new launches focusing on serious subjects. We look at the week ahead with Nick Watts, founding editor and creative director.

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At Work With: Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine

Gail Bichler
The bad news? Yes, you’re back in the office, starting a new year of work. The good news? You can share the pain with us. Over the holidays we posted a series of audio reviews of 2014 magazines by various friends of magCulture and as the most frequently mentioned magazine was the New York Times Magazine, we start 2015 looking ahead at the week with its design director Gail Bichler.

Gail moved to New York from Chicago in 2004, freelancing for various studios and magazine before joining the New York Times Magazine as art director. She was appointed design director in late 2014 just as the New York Times company committed to invest in a major relaunch of the weekly magazine, and she has just added British designer Matt Willey to her design team. Read the rest of this entry

At Work With: Shem Law, Radio Times

As Christmas arrives, households across the UK are planning their TV viewing using the seasonal double issue of Radio Times. First published in 1923 as the BBC’s exclusive guide to its radio and later TV services, the Radio Times remains one of the UK’s biggest-sellers and the double issue routinely sells more than any other single issue of a magazine in the UK.

We look ahead at Christmas week with deputy editor Shem Law. Responsible for the design of the magazine since 2001, Shem has previously worked on Q, The Observer, and The Daily Mail in London, and Allure and Seventeen in New York.

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