At Work With: Mark Neil, NME

Mark Neil first came to notice with a series of bold front covers for the Big Issue, first for the Scottish edition and later the UK one. Earlier this year he took up the role of art director at Britain’s oldest music weekly, NME, and last month unveiled a complete redesign of the magazine. Here we look ahead at his week as Lou Reed’s death disrupts the final stages of production.

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Overmatter 01.10.13

Bob Newman wants to see a picture of you and your copy of My Favo(u)rite Magazine. Join in here; buy your copy here.

It’s either mad or genius to start a print publication in 2013,’ says editor in WSJ piece.

Creative Review takes a look at Matt Willey’s redesign of RIBA Journal.

New magazine: Manual, from Rhode Island School of Design, ‘about art and its making.’

The Editorial Design Organisation is rising from a short-term hibernation. News soon…


Redesigning in opposite directions

New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell has been reworking parts of the magazine, as announced in the recently posted video. That video led with changes to the Goings On About Town listings section, but last week’s edition had a few other changes.

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The New Yorker gets a refresh

The annoying autoplay function means I’ve had to take down this video – link to it here.

Yikes! It’s the magazine they said couldn’t be redesigned, but the rumours were true. Here’s New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell talking readers through the first parts of his 13-strong (!?!) team’s revamp of the title, to be revealed in this week’s edition.

From the video, it looks like they’ve gone about the project with the utmost respect for the history of the magazine. First up is a redesign of the listings section, with a redrawn version of their famous Irvin typeface (as featured throughout the vid) and additional illustration and photography.

So far, so good, but apparently these changes are just the beginning. Watch this space.


Vanity Fair at 100

Vanity Fair celebrates its 100th anniversary this month with a special issue starring Kate Upton and featuring a new logo.

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Wallpaper* redesigned

reveals a new look this week with their September issue. Led by creative director Sarah Douglas and art director Lee Belcher, the typography has been completely overhauled. The previously Swiss/brutalist headline face Graphik has been replaced by a more decorative set developed by long-time collaborators Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz of Commercial Type, softening the overall look of the pages.

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At Work With: Rob Lowe, Little White Lies

Since its 2005 launch Little White Lies has been a flagbearer for independent publishing. Universally respected (and awarded) for its use of illustration, its equally strong editorial vision has sometimes been overlooked, yet both aspects mark the magazine out as special. Following the departure of its design team, the latest issue is guest art directed by Rob Lowe, who under the name Supermundane is a respected artist, illustrator and editorial designer. Other magazines bearing his name read like a history of independent publishing, and include Sleaze, Good for Nothing, Anorak and Fire & Knives. Here he looks ahead at his week and reflects on designing Little White Lies.

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Magazine of the Week: Mid Century

The difference design can make! When I reviewed Mid Century last year the gist of the post was great content, shame about the design (sadly that review is one of the victims of the hack earlier this year). Now issue five is here sporting a brand new look from Esterson Associates, and the layout and art direction have been properly resolved. Read the rest of this entry

At Work With: Adam Towle, Green Soccer Journal

This week The fifth issue of The Green Soccer Journal is published, featuring a smart new design. Here, Adam Towle, who along with James Roper founded the journal, looks ahead at the week and discusses the design changes.

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Overmatter 26.06.13

The Green Soccer Journal has a new issue with a new look coming soon.

The Misery Connoisseur is… well, it’s a wonderfully named magazine. Find out more.

The Modernist is looking for a new designer.

Cereal not only have a beautiful third issue out now (and in our shop) but also have a smart new website.

Hear Marta from Perdiz, the happy magazine for adults, on last weeks The Stack.

Babies are dumb! Not only do they try to touch-activate printed magazines, they even try to eat printed food (thanks Andrew).

The campaign continues to ban lad’s mags from local shops, finds unlikely ally in reformed ex-editor of Loaded.

Michael at Linefeed notes 18 years of onlinery.

The editors of Put a Egg On It say ‘If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake’ → July 6–9, Tokyo.

Bill Gates will be guest-editing the December issue of Wired.