Magazine of the Week: Boat #7

Boat has long been a favourite project here at magCulture, for its ambition in setting out a brave new nomadic idea of magazine publishing. But this new issue, created in Lima, Peru, takes a huge step forward with a redesign that shifts the magazine into mainstream territory.

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Overmatter: 15.04.14

The Guardian editor Alan Rushbridger celebrates the culture of his organisation as it wins Pulitzer prize; ‘newspapers made a fatal mistake… and jettisoned the stuff that seemed difficult and expensive.

PPA reconfigures its annual conference under the banner ‘Re_Invented 2014//’. Note the underscore and slashes. Perhaps most remarkably, the line-up reveals Jamie Callum is publishing his own magazine, The Eighty Eight, and it looks, gulp, quite intriguing.

Inside PopBitch and its iPad app plans; ‘Be nice, and if you can’t be nice, be funny.

Ideas on Paper is a fine-looking new magazine store in Nottingham; Stack interviews owner Alex Smith.

Kickstarter alert: The Holborn Magazine is another digital spin-off, promising the ‘best in design, apparel and craft.’ Support them!

Out soon: the new-look Boat magazine, issue seven Lima, Peru.


Out now: Kids magazines

Three independent kids magazines have arrived in the post at the magCulture studio recently – must be the Easter school holidays or something!

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Overmatter 10.01.14

Bloomberg Businessweek deconstruct the making their fantasy Bitcoin cover.

Mr Magazine’s 2014 manifesto: Print is the future of digital.

UK Wired offer you the chance to mock up a selfie app front cover.

Great to see Bob Newman posting online again. Here’s his collection of recent Billboard covers by Andrew Horton.

Peter Huston declares iPhone mags a failure; for me their scale demands the simplicity that makes the best ones successful.

The technology behind the New York Times website relaunch (thanks Andrew). And more here.

Online magazine Roar is raising money for the next stage of its campaigning site.

German studio Hort have redesigned Plot magazine (thanks Michael).

The latest Gym Class Magazine is now available for just £1.50 in our shop.


Overmatter 13.11.13

The redesigned Independent astutely analysed by Andy Cowles, ‘…they just haven’t gone far enough.

US Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles talks digital, ‘It’s all changing, all the time, and it’s incredibly exciting.’

Photographer Nick Knight discusses the rise of the iPhone and Instagram.

Preston is My Paris have a sleek new website featuring all their publications.

Magazines come is many guises. Graphic design journal Neue Grafik (originally 1958–1965) is republished in full by Lars Muller…

…while Fortean Times celebrate their 40th year with this front cover archive for The Guardian.

No joke – The Onion gives up their print edition.


Overmatter 28.10.13

Issue nine of Process Journal has been rethought and redesigned, the theme ‘Less is More’ reflects the new approach.

Boktor magazine is after submissions for their new issue, ‘No Regerts’, about regretted tattoos.

US publishers on the trials of trying to combine print and digital operations,

Mike Meiré redesigns GQ Italia (thanks Richard).

Kickstarter campaign for new erotic magaizne closes later this week. Help Talc meet their target.

The New York Times presents another online editorial experiment, A Game of Shark and Minnow.

Digital agency raves about the future of print via Acne Paper.

The Kiosk is touring a selection of independent magazine around Europe.


At Work With: Mark Neil, NME

Mark Neil first came to notice with a series of bold front covers for the Big Issue, first for the Scottish edition and later the UK one. Earlier this year he took up the role of art director at Britain’s oldest music weekly, NME, and last month unveiled a complete redesign of the magazine. Here we look ahead at his week as Lou Reed’s death disrupts the final stages of production.

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Overmatter 01.10.13

Bob Newman wants to see a picture of you and your copy of My Favo(u)rite Magazine. Join in here; buy your copy here.

It’s either mad or genius to start a print publication in 2013,’ says editor in WSJ piece.

Creative Review takes a look at Matt Willey’s redesign of RIBA Journal.

New magazine: Manual, from Rhode Island School of Design, ‘about art and its making.’

The Editorial Design Organisation is rising from a short-term hibernation. News soon…


Redesigning in opposite directions

New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell has been reworking parts of the magazine, as announced in the recently posted video. That video led with changes to the Goings On About Town listings section, but last week’s edition had a few other changes.

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The New Yorker gets a refresh

The annoying autoplay function means I’ve had to take down this video – link to it here.

Yikes! It’s the magazine they said couldn’t be redesigned, but the rumours were true. Here’s New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell talking readers through the first parts of his 13-strong (!?!) team’s revamp of the title, to be revealed in this week’s edition.

From the video, it looks like they’ve gone about the project with the utmost respect for the history of the magazine. First up is a redesign of the listings section, with a redrawn version of their famous Irvin typeface (as featured throughout the vid) and additional illustration and photography.

So far, so good, but apparently these changes are just the beginning. Watch this space.