The Printer’s Tale

Little Printer

I went to a fascinating evening of talks called ‘The Printer’s Tale’ at Decoded the other night. The plentiful wine and mince pies were enough on their own to spread cheer, but the talks were equally enjoyable, looking at how print is combining with digital. Or is it digital with print? Arriving early I met a woman who had been running a magazine workshop with schoolkids. She bemoaned their lack of magazine experience, a gentle reminder of the ‘end of print’ elephant in the room.

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Overmatter 21.09.11

Karen Lacroix of Uncanny Editions is talking about her publication at X Marks The Bokship, 630pm on September 30.

The Guardian doesn’t enjoy Q’s attempt at an interactive magazine cover.

Issue five of Twin is now out.

Sam from Cooler deconstructs the process of making a magazine front cover.

Rumours persist of a book about The Face… anyone know anything?


Overmatter 02.09.11

The Green Soccer Journal follow up the piece in their latest issue about Colombian Mullets with more photos online.

Salvador Dali’s Vogue front covers.

Barcelona’s Folch Studio have just designed the third issue of Tiger magazine.

I might be late to this but it]s big for me – New Yorker subscribers outside the US now have free access to the rather fine iPad version of the magazine.


SPD apps judging

The SPD held their judging this weekend. Alongside the trestle tables of printed magazines, a new judging process was neccesary to deal with digital apps, above. Designer and judge Joe Zeff has a great rundown of what he learned ‘over the course of an exhausting yet exhilarating day’ poring over apps and websites (photo from Joe’s blog).


Zine publisher Nieves recently launched an iPad app, and it’s already matching paper sales of their publications. I like the plastic wrapper effect on the individual zine images; less convinced by the page turns.

Anyone remember a company called Quark? They’ve just launched a plug-in for creating iPad apps (thanks Patrick).

A first, slight, glimpse at Murdoch’s delayed Daily news app. Unconvinced by the logo.

Meanwhile the New York Times app approaches 1.5m downloads.

Other app news: fashion mag Post Matter is out, a bespoke job with plenty of video. Read an interview with the people behind it here.

UPDATE: one other app to mention –BBC Good Food.

Next iPad without home button?

This video shows the beta of the iOS 4.3 with multi-finger hand gestures being used to open/close apps, move from app to app and return to home page. Will the next generation iPad do away with the home button? Want!


This chart shows the drop in magazine app sales in carefully edited form; US Wired set up everything that followed for a fall.

John Henry intelligently unpicks some of the problems underlying that drop in sales.

Monday Note chuck in their thoughts on same.

Mashable tries to stay positive but shares conclusions with those above.

Unabashed, Empire piles in with another bells-and-whistle-fest of an app featuring the highest navigation-arrow-per-page ratio yet.

Imagine if your iPad didn’t only work with touch but could react to mid-air gestures!

The big iPhone

‘Adobe to blame for size of their apps’. True; but as well as being a function of the file format used, their app tool starts off with larger InDesign files than competitors like WoodWing. Makes for higher resolution onscreen reproduction but also the  huge app downloads.

I saw Mario Garcia speak at the WoodWing London event recently. A very good presentation in support of the iPad. Read a few of his thoughts about the device here (scroll down).

Meanwhile in NY Joe Zeff shares a note about how to get involved.

The big iPhone

Last week, designer/writer Adrian Shaughnessy, Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne and I recorded a discussion about the iPad for Adrian’s ‘Graphic Design on the Radio’ show. It goes out 3pm tomorrow (Thursday 29 April) on Resonance FM (104.4fm).

The big iPhone

A digital magazine without links is a CD-Rom’ – right. ‘the most vibrant magazines… will live on the Web (not some jewel-encased app)’ – wrong.

‘Nonlinear, digital platforms will prompt a new range of thinking about stories and how to tell them’.

GQ winning race to launch Condé Nast’s (and worlds?) first iPad magaizne app. But is it a full-blown magazine experience or an enlarged version of its iPhone app?

Maria Garcia places the iPad alongside other editorial advances, and notes there’s always someone ready to dismiss the new.