The big iPhone

Apple have announced the iPad will go on sale in the US on April 3, with full-spec versions following at the end of April. Prices $429–$829. All versions will be available in the UK at the end of April, prices tbc.

Review of EDO/BSME event to follow

EDO/BSME iPad event tickets selling fast

Next week EDO and BSME share an event about what the iPad means for our industry. 

Tickets are selling fast – get yours here.

The big iPhone

The next EDO event is shared with BSME. A panel will discuss ‘What’s on Your iPad’, a look at how design and editorial are approaching digital magazines. Those involved include UK Wired editor David Rowan, Times Design Director Jon Hill and William Owen (author of ‘Modern Magazine Design’). The evening will be chaired by Juliet Warkentin, Content Director of WGSN.

US Wired leads a series of Condé Nast titles onto the iPad, planning a summer launch.

Meanwhile, Interview releases a concept video based on their iPhone app.

Publishers need information about their readers in a way music companies didn’t – The Financial Times highlights problems between publishers and Apple, centred less on money and more on data sharing.

Good apps need good design’. John-Henry Barac, designer of the Guardian iPhone app – one of my favourite and most-used apps – talks about his app and shares his initial thoughts on the iPad (link fixed).

Charlie Brooker offers his takes on the iPad (‘it’s an oblong box that lights up’) and eBooks (‘no one can see what you’re reading’).


Malcolm Garrett feels good about the iPad: ‘For me the real interest lies in the evolution of the interface rather than any debate about the precise form factor’. More here.

US shopping title Lucky is latest to experiment with using printed barcodes to activate digital content, this time using Microsoft Tag technology to link to videos on smartphones.

Italian magazine Rent looks interesting – infographics ahoy!

Not magazines really, but Duke Press are making some cool short-run publications, particularly this one from Jess Wilson.

There was a great excerpt from Patti Smith’s upcoming autobiograpy in the Observer last weekend. It has it all: Mapplethorpe, New York, the Velvets, Warhol, but overlooked one key detail. Here, designer/writer Steven Heller reminisces about how he worked with Smith on a music mag back in the seventies. His short piece sums up the story arc of young rebel through to happy mom.