EDO Indie Night

I’ve already posted about this but here are the full details of the upcoming EDO Indie Night – a must for London-based magCulture readers.

The evening features the team behind the recently relaunched Grafik, including art director and all-round magaholic Michael Bojkowski; Ed-art team Tim Hayward and Rob ‘Supermundane’ Lowe from food journal Fire & Knives; and UK Wired art director Andrew Diprose will be talking about his other project, cycle mag The Ride Journal. It promises much insight into how to make a success of self-publishing.

If that wasn’t enough, EDO have arranged that back issues of Ride Journal will be available at 30% discount; Fire & Knives subscriptions will be available at 36% less than usual; and everyone present will get a free copy of the new Grafik as well as a subs offer. Phew!

March 17 at Moving Picture Company, Wardour St. Tickets cost £5 for members, £15 non-members. Details: layla@gillbranston.com

After the jump, a larger version of the flyer…

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January 27, 2011

Front covers

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EDO DIY exhibition

Earlier this week EDO held their third annual DIY exhibition, where members are invited to select their favourite pieces of editorial design from the past year for an adhoc one-night exhibition. It made an eclectic show – here’s a record of the work that turned up on the evening. Note: nothing digital, not even an iPad app. And having dominated in the previous two years there was not a single page from Wired. Biggest presence: Bloomberg Business Weekly.

What would you add?

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Little White Lies have set another creative challenge, and this time ‘you don’t need some whiz bang Mac loaded with shiny software. All you need is your regular household tat, some sticky back plastic and loads of imagination’. The challenge? build a rocket.

Luke Hayman’s latest redesign for Builder.

More details of the upcoming EDO event; the exhibition, free drinks, a magazine quiz and the chance to win an iPad.

Meanwhile, at Colophon we’re dusting down our project plans and hope to soon have news of events later this year.


The Newspaper Club has expanded what it can offer: now featuring smaller runs of colour and More varied page numbers.

A complete Flickr collection of Little White Lies covers.

Bauer Media lose MD of women’s weeklies and women’s lifestyle David Davies, just as news leaks of their mens Grazia, apaprently called Gazzetta.

…and a reminder that Grazia launch art director Suzanne Sykes talks about her career at a BSME event next Monday, Oct 18.


Andrew is talking at Sofia Design Week, next month, accompanied by his exhibition ‘Objects as Magazines’.

The next EDO events takes place next Wednesday, 19 May. The Creative Review team discuss their recent redesign and the links between digital and print channels. Members £5, Non-members £15. Full details from edo@gillbranston.com.

That’s a busy night in London. On the same evening, the Frontline Club ask whether the iPad will save the news business.

The latest publication from Unit Editions is a newspaper about sixties arts magazines Form.

Vanity Fair announce their iPad App with slightly underwelming news that ‘Magazines are actually pretty brilliant concepts the way they are’.

The big iPhone

Apple have announced the iPad will go on sale in the US on April 3, with full-spec versions following at the end of April. Prices $429–$829. All versions will be available in the UK at the end of April, prices tbc.

Review of EDO/BSME event to follow


EDO/BSME iPad event SOLD OUT. There will not be any tickets available on the night.

Interview with Tim Clark from online photography magazine 1000 Words.

Monocle moves into profit, uses shop sales to fund expansion.

Photographer Colin Mulvany discusses the state of photojournalism today, ‘I predict these multimedia centric devices will need a steady stream of visual content’.

Ben talks us through his ad campaign for the relaunch of The Observer, including the TV spot recently featured here.

The next UK mail-out from Stack will include beautiful food title Fire&Knives. The magazine is hard to track down at present, this is a great way to get hold of a copy.

Talking of Stack, their blog has taken the print I designed for them as a starting point for a series of brief interviews with magazine makers about their favourite magazines.

EDO/BSME iPad event tickets selling fast

Next week EDO and BSME share an event about what the iPad means for our industry. 

Tickets are selling fast – get yours here.

The big iPhone

The next EDO event is shared with BSME. A panel will discuss ‘What’s on Your iPad’, a look at how design and editorial are approaching digital magazines. Those involved include UK Wired editor David Rowan, Times Design Director Jon Hill and William Owen (author of ‘Modern Magazine Design’). The evening will be chaired by Juliet Warkentin, Content Director of WGSN.

US Wired leads a series of Condé Nast titles onto the iPad, planning a summer launch.

Meanwhile, Interview releases a concept video based on their iPhone app.

Publishers need information about their readers in a way music companies didn’t – The Financial Times highlights problems between publishers and Apple, centred less on money and more on data sharing.

Good apps need good design’. John-Henry Barac, designer of the Guardian iPhone app – one of my favourite and most-used apps – talks about his app and shares his initial thoughts on the iPad (link fixed).

Charlie Brooker offers his takes on the iPad (‘it’s an oblong box that lights up’) and eBooks (‘no one can see what you’re reading’).

One week to go to EDO DIY 2010

Don’t forget that the next EDO event is set for Tuesday 9th February. Bring your favourite piece of editorial design along to LCF (Oxford Circus) and we’ll blu-tac it to the wall to create a one-off snapshot of our industry’s best bits from last year.

What’s your favourite? Bring it along and join friends and colleagues for a few drinks on us. Full details here.