Out now: Print Is Dead. Long Live Print

There is so much interest in independent magazines and the people behind them here in London today that barely a week goes by without another panel discussion or presentation. This is part of a broader trend – the ease of connecting online has encouraged a desire to connect in person with like-minded people across most creative disciplines – and long may it last.

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magCulture x Pick Me Up

We’re super-excited to announce a series of magCulture events as part of this year’s Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at London’s Somerset House. At 4pm on each of the 12 days of the festival, Jeremy Leslie will be welcoming a different magazine-maker to present their publication and then chat about it live, with a Q&A session at the end. We’ve brought together people behind some of the best independent magazines, including Riposte, Delayed Gratification, The Gourmand and Anorak.

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The Ride Journal = Art + Bikes

Shan Jiang
There’s time for one lush story before the long holiday weekend. Next week The Ride Journal hosts an exhibition of the beautiful illustration that graces its pages; as well as Shan Jiang’s amazing covers (one above), expect work from a group of artists that reads like a who’s who of contemporary illustration.

‘Art + Bikes’ takes place at Dreambagsjaguarshoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA. There’s a private view next Thursday, 9 April at 7pm, to which all magCulture readers are invited. See you there!

After the jump… some of the work that’ll be on show.

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Overmatter: 01.04.15

Makeshifts’s Steve Daniels offers a fine overview of the reality of starting your own magazine.

An exhibition about Studio International’s sixties heyday as a voice for change looks interesting; London, til 3 May.

Check out this year’s D&AD editorial design jury, a strong line-up to which Wired’s Billy Sorrentino has been added. Play nicely, people! Select some great magazines!

Artist Ana Strumpf has fun with magazine covers.

Steve Watson and Cathy from Anorak share their magazine advice c/o Good Fruit, Monday 16 April.

To be tested: Adobe’s collaboration with Khoi Vinh, Layup, a new design app for app creation.


Opening talk from U Symposium

Printed Pages Journal
have just published an edited version of Jeremy’s opening speech from the recent U Symposium in Singapore; visitors to Munich’s QVED2015 will recognise much of it too from the closing talk there. Read it here.


Overmatter: 30.03.15

Vice launches its UK election coverage… ‘It’s going to be the most anarchic election in living memory. It would be a shame to have to cover it in the same grey, old boring way’.

The Economist is to launch a film studio, ‘a priority for the company, from the board and CEO downwards’…

…as well as one of the first Apple Watch apps.

Hole & Corner’s crowdfunding campaign continues; with ten days to go they need your support!

Alec at Intern reflects on print and digital following an appearance at a Barcelona digital conference.

Loaded closes – who knew it was still around? – bringing an end to a particular moment in publishing.

Listen to the It’s Nice That team talking magazines in the second half of their weekly podcast… and Steve Watson and Danielle Pender on last weekend’s The Stack no135. Essential balm your magaholic ears!


Overmatter: 26.03. 15

The Editoral Design Organisation returns, look out for plans.

Stack has a quick round-up of this week’s Printout featuring People of Print, Belleville Pages, The Long Good Read and Pitchfork Review.

It’s Nice That have made all the content from first four issues of their Printed Pages magazine available free online.

The Sueddeutsche Magazine website has a smart new design, completed in-house under Astrid Müller (thanks Kati).

Last weekend the Sunday Telegraph published an overview of indie mags.

Here comes the new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, aka Adobe Publish.

They call it the interface, we call it design’ says Erik Spiekermann about this article.

The Times is to start publishing multiple ‘editions’ of its website.

Help Spanish snowboard magazine The Eight Project fund their next issue, designed by Rifle Studio.


magTravels: U Symposium, Singapore

I’ve been involved in plenty of conferences about magazines and wherever I travel, whoever I meet, never fail to learn something new. But traveling to Asia was something very special; I had no idea what to expect of the first U Symposium in Singapore last week, and my few pre-conceived expectations were instantly replaced by very specific ideas and experiences. Here are some of them. (and I’m preparing notes based on my opening talk, above, for Printed Pages, will link to that when available).

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Overmatter: 18.03.15

Hear Gail Bichler, design director of NYTimes Magazine, discuss the recent redesign in the latest MagHeroes podcast from Magpile…

…while NYTimes graphics editor Jennifer Daniel reveals she’d like to redesign Buzzfeed.

Kai Brach of Offscreen’s latest insight into making his mag is an overview of flatplanning: ‘Seeing all the spreads next to each other enables editors to identify where… stories or visuals are colliding.

More audio: hear PPA chief exec, and all-round editorial guru, Barry McIlheney discuss his career including his time on Smash Hits and FHM.

If you’re in NY on 6 April, you can’t afford to miss the entire set of New York magazine design directors discussing the magazine; that’s everyone from Milton Glaser, via Walter Bernard and Bob Newman through to Luke Hayman and Chris Dixon.

A certain kind of print is dead, or dying, but who cares?’ Delayed Gratification have a nice interview with Ruth Jamieson, author of ‘Print is Dead. Long Live Print.’


Overmatter: 10.03.15

Steven from Gym Class interviews the team behind The Guardian’s The Fashion magazine.

In London? This year’s PPA Festival takes place on May 21.

Vice takes a look inside the pages of Flaneur.

In NY? Design Director Elizabeth Hummer is talking about her work for Harper’s Bazaar this Wednesday, 11 March, for SPD…

…and the SPD blog also has a new guest editor for the week. Illustrator Ward Sutton is interviewing various cartoonists, highlighting their editorial work.

Private Eye finally launch a podcast via the Eyeplayer, of course.

Read a little piece I wrote for Guestbook, about travel mags.