Overmatter 27.01.15

The Gourmand have confirmed an exciting series of events based on their latest issue at the Ace Hotel, London. Expect hot dogs, food from liberace’s cookbook and talks and installations.

Grafik meets Peter Bi’lak, the man behind Works That Work. And they need your support.

Print lives on not through ubiquity, but in selective, effective usage.

Is the ‘self-destructing book’ the future of publishing?

In New York? ‘This program trains students not only in the traditions of criticism and fine writing — but also offers a variety of… experiences that teach them how to design, edit, and distribute journals…

Table Talk is fundraising for issue two via Indiegogo. See Steve’s video review of no1 for Stack.

Monoskop has a a great archive of a modernist magazines. Enjoy!

With editorial operations suspended, the future of what remains of the Modern Farmer brand is uncertain.

NYTimes executive editor Dean Baquet interviewed by Spiegel:  ‘We were arrogant, to be honest. We looked down on those new competitors, and I think we’ve come to realize that was wrong.’

Great to the BBC heading into the unknown with their new Taster platform.


Overmatter 23.01.15

We’re just making something we think is good and getting better,’ says one of the people behind London anarchist mag Strike.

How Paper magazine reinforced its website so its Kim Kardashian #breaktheinternet front cover wouldn’t break the internet (thanks Steve).

Maxim editor on the new sex mags, ‘The Internet can feel like such a numbing parade of bodies, and print offers you the chance to do something more thoughtful…

Why smartphone text design resembles 18th century book pages.

The Paris Review looks back at Flair magazine.

Good to see Magpile’s Magheroes podcast return; read about it on Stack.

This year’s PPA Awards deadline is February 13.

A slightly disturbing but strong set of three covers for the new Elle Collections.

The Charlie Hebdo memorial edition has provoked many responses. Most comic was probably ‘But it’s in French!

I’m hosting a new magazine conference in Singapore this March. A big welcome to the U Symposium.


Printout: Relaunches, January 27

Printout returns next Tuesday with four speakers discussing how/when to relaunch your magazine. Hear from the people behind Boat, Gym Class, Makeshift and The Recorder about the changes they’ve made to keep their publications developing.

Usual venue, The Book Club, London. Tickets £5.95. See you there!


Overmatter: 12.01.15

What if Charlie Hebdo had been published from the UK? ‘A roving Guardian reporter devotes himself to exposing the private foul views held by Charlie Hebdo journalists…’ (thanks Warren).

Eye archive: a piece about tattoo mag Sang Bleu, ‘‘We use tattooing and other underground cultures to talk about other things.’

One last look back at 2014, from Mr Magazine, ‘I still manage to spend close to $28,000 a year buying magazines.’

Why aren’t newspapers cutting the numbers of days they print each week?

Our fave kids mag Anorak has launched a fine iPad app.

BBC Radio4’s ‘Women’s Hour’ hosted a brief discussion about women’s magazines last week, feat. Elle, You, Libertine.

CSM exhibition of editorial design work marks the arrival of Cath Caldwell’s book, ‘Editorial Design.’

Take a look through Apartamento founder Omar Sosa’s bookshelves, courtesy of It’s Nice That.

The next Printout evening takes place on Tuesday 27 January; we’ll be hearing about relaunches. Guests: Boat magazine, Makeshift and Gym Class Magazine. Tickets here.

And Steve takes Stack Live on tour to Amsterdam on 29 January, where he’ll be interviewing Peter Bi’lak of Works That Work.

This week I’m guest blogging for the SPD blog, posting daily on the subject ‘Where do magazines come from today?


Overmatter: 06.01.15

NY editorial designer Josh Lieberman on Holiday magazine, for The Paris Review.…

…and we completely overlooked the same magazines’ relaunch last year. Welcome back!

And welcome too to Brighton’s new magazine shop, Magazine Brighton.

Quantity still beats quality online; a look at the shallow web empire of ‘Viral Guy’ Emerson Spartz

Inside Vice magazine – from punk magazine to media giant.

A look ahead at 2015 and the need for attention-grabbing ideas, ‘Woe betide the little piggy who has none ’.

The social media reach of US magazine brands (thanks David).

I’m helping judge this years MagPile Magazine Awards. Join in!


2014 by Kati Krause, A Mag for All Seasons

Happy new year! Here’s our fourth look back at last year, from Berlin-based writer and editor Kati Krause. She recalls the ‘chemical inbalance’ of launching her own title A Magazine for All Seasons, the pragmatic downs of the first Indiecon conference, her positive experiences of digital publishing this year, and her excitement about digital projects in 2015.

Read a written transcript of Kati’s review.

Portrait by Nicola-Holtkamp

Hear all our audio reviews of 2014.


2014 by Steve Watson, Stack Magazines

For the second of our looks back at 2014, Stack Magazines founder and champion of the independents Steve Watson considers the new indies tackling the big issues facing the world, the need for continued digital-print collaboration and Hamburgs’ Indiecon weekend. He also looks forward to developing his Stack Live programme for 2015.


Overmatter 29.12.14

A nod of respect.’ Elliot Jay Stocks of Lagom reminds indie publishers of the need to pay contributors.

The New York Times is setting up a new European hub in London, meeting The Guardian head-on.

Childen’s arts and science mag Okido is running a design a Spot-the-Difference competition.

Original Gravity is a new magazine about beer, in print soon.

Barcelona’s Folch Studio team are visiting London next week to talk about their erotic mag Osideo. 8 January, YCN.

Ten ways to improve your tablet magazines; a sensible round-up from David Hicks.

Delayed Gratification analysed recent UK editions of Vogue and GQ and added up the total worth of all items mentioned in their pages.

A final Kickstarter link of the year: help new art mag Fameless Quarterly launch.


2014 by Robert Newman, Newmanology

One of the most popular posts of the year on magCulture was the set of Pick Me Up radio contributions from our friends around the magazine world. To mark the end of  2014 we’ve invited some of those same friends, and others, to share their thoughts on the year in magazines.

We start today with Robert Newman, the New York-based creative director of Newmanology. He notes the continued revival in front cover design led by The New York Times Magazine team, the growing influence of independent magazines on the mainstream and the renewed interest in editorial illustration. He also looks forward to the continued reinvention of Entertainment Weekly next year.

Portrait by David Cowles

Overmatter: 16.12.14

There’s an impressive list of judges for this years D&AD Magazine/Newspaper category. Deadline for entries 18 February.

Sad to see The Newspaper Club’s PaperLater service close; you have a few days to get a last order in.

Read David Hicks’ five predictions for digital magazines in 2015, ‘Some digital magazine apps will close…

Dan Rowden notes the trend for paying supporters rather traditional advertisers in indie mags, an idea that first (I think?) featured in Peter Bilak’s  Dotdotdot.

Are you a Londoner cycling to your magazine job? Steven at Gym Class invites you to help with this survey.

As Condé Nast settle into their new NY HQ, rats are fighting back. apparently Vogue ed Anna Wintour ‘doesn’t even want to enter the building’.

What the hell was Biopsy?’ asks editor Chris Morgan as he closes his small magazine.

I’m enjoying Stack’s cover of the month series. The first of many, many cover lists at this time of year.