Overmatter 10.01.14

Bloomberg Businessweek deconstruct the making their fantasy Bitcoin cover.

Mr Magazine’s 2014 manifesto: Print is the future of digital.

UK Wired offer you the chance to mock up a selfie app front cover.

Great to see Bob Newman posting online again. Here’s his collection of recent Billboard covers by Andrew Horton.

Peter Huston declares iPhone mags a failure; for me their scale demands the simplicity that makes the best ones successful.

The technology behind the New York Times website relaunch (thanks Andrew). And more here.

Online magazine Roar is raising money for the next stage of its campaigning site.

German studio Hort have redesigned Plot magazine (thanks Michael).

The latest Gym Class Magazine is now available for just £1.50 in our shop.


Out now: Fuet

Until now the word ‘fuet’ has referred only to a Catalan sausage, but now it’s also the name of this fine-looking new Barcelona-based food magazine. Love that cover.



Overmatter 08.01.14

In London? tickets are still available for The Story. Always a great source of inspiration, this year’s day of talks features The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on the changing face of newspapers.

Coming up soon in Munich: QVED2014, a conference about editorial design I’m co-curating. Speakers include Mike Meiré (Brand Eins, 032c), Alex Breuer (The Guardian), David Moretti (Wired Italia), Pekka Toivonen (FAT), Patrick Waterhouse (Colors) and many more to come. Book now.

One of the themes identified for QVED is the new erotic magazine. Jacques co-founder Jonathan Leder has just produced his own, Fetishisms (NSFW) (corrected 11/01).

Made By Heart is a digital zine with some really nice overlay touches, built from scratch in frustration at PDF magazines.

The New York Times redesigns its website and provides a visual history of the site, a fascinating record of digital design.

Daniel spent Christmas collecting loads and loads and loads and loads of front covers.


Out now: The Ride Journal #8

The eighth issue of The Ride Journal is available for pre-order now, with more beautiful cover art from Shan Jiang (see full cover after the jump) and a new design using only Eric Gill’s Golden Cockerel typeface. ‘One font publications are the way forward!’ says art director Andrew Diprose.

It’s been a while since issue seven, but the wait has been worth it, the illustration and photography are stunning throughout. Click images for larger versions.

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Overmatter 13.12.13

The Magazine Cover Archive is BACK. Woot!

Uber Zeitung has BIG pages.

Monocle RAIDED!

Visionaire hits MOSCOW!

‘Leave your sad trombones at home.’ New York magazine moves boldly FORWARD.

Upcoming editorial design event alert – QVED2014, Munich, end of February. HUGE line-up in the works.

A great-looking LIST, watch out for no46.

And a very, VERY miserable Christmas from That’s Life.


Overmatter 10.12.13

We believe in print, we love print, and what we’re doing is creating a way to ensure the print magazine is published for years,’ – Adam Moss, editor of New York explains the decision to drop to fortnightly publication.

Enjoy every cover of i-D ever, a unique record of youth culture.

The Daily Mirror launches intriguing new diagram-based news site Ampp3d.

032c has a smart new site.

Who will you vote for in the Coverjunkie cover of the year poll?

At last! Blogosphere, the magazine for bloggers.


December 9, 2013

Front covers
Out now

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Out now: Port #12

The new issue of Port hits the shops Thursday, sporting this strong shot of actor Chiwetel Ejiofor by Gareth McConnell.

Inside the issue: Olympic gold medal-winning ice skater Evan Lysacek, Ron Burgundy, the war on cancer, a look at the future of retail and a diagrammatic analysis of football corruption.



The New Yorker, Dec 16, 2013

An unusually strident New Yorker cover marks todays sad news.

Update: it’s notable that this is one of the only cover tributes that references the young Mandela, the period he was still regarded as a terrorist rather than hero by the predecessors of many of those leaders paying homage today.

Illustration by Kadir Nelson


November 19, 2013

Front covers

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Coming soon: Put a Egg On It #8

Love this new tasty zine cover – check the dog’s eye (click image for larger version).



Autumn is for everyone

These two covers arrived together in this morning’s post, sporting a matching set of autumnal colours.

The New Yorker by Adrian Tomine and Anorak by Adam Higton.