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Following Israel’s tribute, Romania now loves the Guardian too. Check this story on News Designer.

How similar is similar #1 – Update 2


Thanks to Angela for this latest twist in the Red v Real story: the cover of the launch issue of the post-court case redesigned Real featured a portrait of Eva Longoria. No surprise perhaps. Except the image comes from the same shoot as the portrait used on the front cover of the June issue of… Red of course! Coincidence or subtle dig? You decide.


How similar is similar #3


Not nearly as major an issue as previous ‘How similar is similar’ posts, but worth noting anyhow for its audacity. On the left is the June issue of British Vogue, and on the right the August issue of Good Housekeeping. I can’t tell if Vogue‘s cover had the yellow and pink colouring added at pre-press, but I’m pretty certain the Good Housekeeping cover did.

Nothing wrong with picking up an idea that works – magazine editors and designers are always looking at other publications. But neither is there anything wrong in pointing it out when spotted.

(Thanks to Angela Lamb)

How similar is similar, #2


Two more magazines sharing the same name. The magazine on the left is the long-standing UK architecture & design title, launched way back in 1983. And on the right is the brand new launch from US media magnate Martha Stewart.

The original Blueprint is a specialist trade magazine, the new Blueprint a consumer lifestyle title. And yes the covers don’t look much alike. But it’s that same-name thing again – how can two magazines, however different, share the same name? I’ve known plenty of projected launches have working titles rejected because the name is already in use by another magazine. How does Martha Stewart get away with this?

(Thanks to Marcus Piper)