Out now: Makeshift #11

IMG_9084 copy
Makeshift magazine recognise the need for structure – both in terms of design and in terms of the importance of a daily routine. Their new issue is dedicated to this notion: entitled ‘Ritual’ the pages focus on creatives and the rituals and routines that inspire them, guide them or which they seek to challenge and disrupt.

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Overmatter: 15.01.15

After eight years at the NYTimes, Amy O’Leary is leaving ‘it became clear to me that the future of journalism was not, in fact, audio slideshows.’ Great read…

…and Mario Garcia compares the Sunday NYTimes in print and on iPad. Guess which wins?

Pulp magazines from around the world (thanks Bob).

Hearst let a drone loose in their NY HQ; meanwhile Scott Dadich prepares staff to move into the new super-office he’s designed for Wired in SF, ‘I love your custom-made/vintage/neon sign/one-of-a-kind lighting appliance. But it’s not right for the design of this new space.

It’s Nice That on the redesign of Kinfolk.

Check the new Lucky Peach site.

Apparently recent VAT changes mean app store auto-renewals are failing.

Foyles in London are quietly organising some great events; next week there’s Laydeez do Comics.

QVED2015 have launched a Tumblr featuring work by speakers scheduled for the 26-28 February event. Earlybird tickets on sale until 20 Jan.

And don’t forget the next Printout takes place Tuesday 27 January.



Charlie Hebdo memorial issue

The cover of the memorial issue of Charlie Hebdo, published tomorrow, shows the publishers refusing to blink in the aftermath of last weeks terrorist attack. A perfect riposte, both marking and mocking the public outcry at events.


New Yorker cover

Artist Ana Juan has created over 20 covers for The New Yorker. I doubt many will be recalled as strongly as this one.


Charlie Hebdo

It’s rare that magazines make the news for such a horrific reason as today’s gun attack on the offices of Paris’s Charlie Hebdo magazine. Not sure I have anything to add to the many comments already out there, but this front cover from a few years back shows the editors had many different targets for their satire.


2014 by Robert Newman, Newmanology

One of the most popular posts of the year on magCulture was the set of Pick Me Up radio contributions from our friends around the magazine world. To mark the end of  2014 we’ve invited some of those same friends, and others, to share their thoughts on the year in magazines.

We start today with Robert Newman, the New York-based creative director of Newmanology. He notes the continued revival in front cover design led by The New York Times Magazine team, the growing influence of independent magazines on the mainstream and the renewed interest in editorial illustration. He also looks forward to the continued reinvention of Entertainment Weekly next year.

Portrait by David Cowles

At Work With: Shem Law, Radio Times

As Christmas arrives, households across the UK are planning their TV viewing using the seasonal double issue of Radio Times. First published in 1923 as the BBC’s exclusive guide to its radio and later TV services, the Radio Times remains one of the UK’s biggest-sellers and the double issue routinely sells more than any other single issue of a magazine in the UK.

We look ahead at Christmas week with deputy editor Shem Law. Responsible for the design of the magazine since 2001, Shem has previously worked on Q, The Observer, and The Daily Mail in London, and Allure and Seventeen in New York.

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You Can Now front covers

The fourth issue of YCN’s You Can Now magazine is out, with another smart cover illustration by Nathalie Lees. The magazine is one of several independents covering design and creativity (think also Works That Work, Printed Pages) from new angles and this issue doesn’t disappoint. Sarah Snaith visits brand guru Michael Wolff at home, photographer Nick Ballon shares a new project based on Bolivian architecture and there’s a set of smaller columns spinning off to unexpected areas. Art director Alex Hunting is developing Matt Willey’s original design nicely, with strong typography and good commissioning.

But I keep coming back to those covers, they have a classic confidence to them, as if the mag has been around forever, and they’ve built into a really smart set. The first one was by Ed Nacionale, the others all by Lees.

See the set after the jump.

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Out today: Stylist Christmas issue

Free weekly magazine Stylist continues its working relationship with illustrator Rob Ryan with today’s Christmas special, the annual illustration issue. This year Ryan has illustrated the entire magazine; work in progress above, more images after the jump. Great to see a popular mainstream mag work so creatively.

Creative director Matt Phare, Photo and specials director Tom Gormer.

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Out now: Das Magazin winter 2015

Das Mag nr 12 (omslag)
Dutch literary magazine Das Magazine always has smart covers; this latest one made my laugh (Click image for larger version). Design by Vruchtvlees.