Overmatter: 14.11.14

This week’s Kim Kardashian Paper cover by Jean Paul Goode is dividing people, and in the process having texactly the effect the editors intended. Even the usually relaxed CoverJunkie is upset by it.

The SPD is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a pumped up awards programme…

…and next Wednesday they host a talk in NY by David Moretti. A must-see for his work in print and iPad.

A NY convenience store owner discusses declining newspaper sales (thanks Andrew).

For some reason this piece I wrote for Computer Arts has just bubbled up again on Twitter, so I share it again here, Typography and Editorial Design.

Help new mag Atlas stretch their Kickstarter target; and don’t forget Amelia’s Magazine is still fundraising too

Our upcoming Printout Magazines of the Year night is shaping up nicely. London, 25 November.

Finally, I hope to see you in Madrid today at SNDe’s NH11 conference.


Overmatter 29.11.13

For a while now Bristol has been a great source of independent magazines, so it make sense for them to band together and form Bristol Independent Publishers. BIP will promote the many local magazines – Another Escape, Boneshaker, Cereal, Offlife… the full list is on their site.

Congratulations to all the winners at the UK Digital Magazine Awards earlier this week. Headline winners include Katachi, Top Gear and BBC Good Food…

…and to the winners at the CMA Awards, ie customer publishing. Big winner Audi.

Bauer Media announce new app-only magazine launch for women, The Debrief.

Five thoughts on what makes successful digital magazines.

Victoria Beckham guest-edits Paris Vogue, gets an exclusive interview with husband David.

Independent cycling mag Rouleur have a smart new website.

Bread is a PDF magazine about, um, bread, that is raising funds for a print edition.

Read my Eye Reputations interview with Vanity Fair creative director Chris Dixon.

The magCulture pop-up shop will be at next week’s Monocle Christmas Market, selling signed copies of ‘The Modern Magazine’ as well copies of My Favo(u)rite magazine, Gym Class Magazine and a range of recent magazines. December 7-8, Dorset Street London W1U 4EG.


Magazines on magazines

Plenty of interviews and pieces about magazines and their makers out there at present, starting with a three-way piece in the latest issue of It’s Nice That’s magazine Printed Pages. Three ‘Mag Men’ – Matt Willey (Port), Mirko Borsche (Zeit Magazin) and Brian McMullen (McSweeney’s) select their favourites magazines. All interesting.

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Creative Review column – football magazines

The June issue of Creative Review is out, and as well as lots of Hipgnosis goodies you can read my column about alternative football magazines. ‘Huge areas of newsprint and screen alike need to be filled, and endless tittle tattle does the job nicely. But what if want a little more thoughtful reflection?’

Features the Green Soccer Journal, The Field and Howler among others.


Overmatter 28.05.13

Magazines are more popular than ever amongst US college students.

The Guardian does snowfall – a great piece of experimental web editorial featuring text, moving image, audio and infographics.

A look back at when Time Inc. was the Google of its era, and how the party ground to a halt.

‘A Golden Age of Print’ is a favourite phrase of mine, repeated here in an excellent piece by Peter Houston about contemporary indies, but properly attributed to Andrew Losowsky’s introduction to the book ‘Turning Pages’.

Guardian readers recommend their favourite songs about magazines.

Take a flick through the new issue of Eye, featuring my Reputations interview with Vanity Fair design director Chris Dixon.


Creative Review column, April 2013

In the April issue of Creative Review I look through some recent independent magazines, all of which have recently featured on magCulture. Here are links to the five I mention:

The Gourmand
The Germans
Works That Work

(the image above shows a page from beautiful seventies independent magazine The Compleat Imbiber, as reproduced in The Gourmand).


Creative Review February 2013

My latest Creative Review column looks at the new generation of magazine apps coming to the iPhone, apps sharing simple navigation and finite content. The column is only available online to subscribers, but projects mentioned include Marco Arment’s The Magazine and The Awl & V as in Victor (both by 29th Street Publishing). All recommended.

You can read interviews with 29th Street’s creative director Tim Moore (who also makes the Letter to Jane magazine app) on the SPD blog and Verge. Craig Mod’s thoughts on Sub-compact Publishing, referred to in my column, can be read here.


Overmatter 25.09.12

Steve from Stack is part of a panel including editors from independents Crack and The Beat, as well as Dylan Jones from a little mag called GQ. October 25, London.

David Hepworth recalls the pre-email noise of the magazine office.

In the October issue of Creative Review I take a look at the London2012 daily magazines produced by Haymarket.

Typographische Monatsblätter was a Swiss type journal that ran from the sixties through to the eighties. The issues are now online here (thanks Esa).
Correction: the magazine has a history stretching back to 1932; the website relates to a period to be covered by an upcoming book by Louise Paradis (thanks Paul).

Mag Covers 101 is another cover blog, running a seemingly random selection of covers old and new. Quantity rather than quality but worth a flick.

Anorak TV is go, via iTunes.



If you’re arriving at magCulture for the first time via today’s piece about Apartamento by Tim Jonze in The Guardian, you may be interested to see more of the magazine. Here’s a link to a post about their seventh issue, published a year ago.


It’s Nice That podcast

I was a guest on last week’s Studio Audience, It’s Nice That’s new weekly podcast. Hear Meirion Pritchard, art director of Wallpaper* and I discussing all sorts, including the future of print, with INT editor Rob Alderson.