Overmatter 11.09.13

Hearst UK CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine comes out in favour of quality over quantity, ‘I’d rather have an ABC decrease because we are publishing at capacity of selling good magazines, with a solid type of readership, rather than bulk or pricing push.’

French magazine Lui, France’s answer to Playboy, returns (thanks Mike).

Slate rails against ‘Snowfall’ and its descendants (What is Snowfall?).

The Evening Edition presents an online bite-size news overview written locally by actual journalists.

London and Manchester’s Magma magazine and book store owner falls out with Offscreen publisher over unpaid bills. A depressing spectacle that highlights the narrow margins in independent publishing.


Overmatter 02.07.13

Great idea: disused newsstands in New York and LA have been taken over to sell zines this summer. Until July 20 (thanks Ralph).

The best interviews from ‘Magazine for Architectural Entertainment’ Pin-Up are collected in a new book (thanks Andrew).

‘Readers take control in the new age of print.’ warns The Guardian.

Rob Longworth, one of the creative directors at Human After All, interviewed by Industry Faces about their ‘Curious Iconic Craft’ book.

Newspaper of the month at the Newspaper Club is Tomorrow’s Chip Paper, another new food publication.

The Observer looks back at 90s Riot Grrrl zines.


Overmatter 11.04.13

Vanity Fair looks back at Holiday magazine.

More on the Wired anniversary – the start-up of the magazine, as told by its founders Jane Metcalfe and Louis Rossetto.

Which seems a good reason to re-link to the inside story of the original mid-nineties UK edition of Wired.

The New Yorker comes face-to-face with Vice.

In New York next week? Hear Spy magazine co-founder Kurt Anderson talk about the magazine, Tuesday 16.

Papier Bazaar is a pop-up magazine store at the Nottingham branch of Waterstones next week (19-21 April). Plenty of magCulture favourites available.


You the distributor

As the traditional newsstand environment deteriorates – have you been to a high street branch of WHSmith recently? – publishers are looking for new ways to communicate with readers and sellers. Here’s a cute idea from one new magazine, attempting to build on the community and shared passion that can develop around a magazine.

The magazine, Work That Works, is very interesting and will be reviewed here soon.


January 23, 2013

Magazine stores

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Foyles sells magazines

I popped into Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road this morning. As well as being a really well-stocked bookstore they also sell magazines – check out the window above (click image to enlarge it).

They’re also in the process of renovating the old St. Martins art college building next door for a move next year. Great to see a store investing in retail space. And worth a visit for the mags.


Overmatter 21.01.13

Anikibo is a new peer-to-peer online magazine store. Think Etsy for mags.

Weekly advertising news mag Campaign cuts cost by dropping large format.

American Society of Magazine Editors squabbling over awards category changes.

Digital world turns against skeuomorphism. Hurrah!


Overmatter 18.01.13

SPD celebrate the imminent arrival of a US edition of Anorak.

Fashion mag does fashion story based on natural disaster. Zzzzz.

An archive of French Vogue covers, via the kings of the archive front cover, Newmanology.

Following initial scorn, Rolling Stone succumbs to the iPad app.

How to solve the problem of magazine subscriptions – compete at service with Amazon and John Lewis, not other publishers.


December 13, 2012

Magazine stores

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Stack Christmas offer to magCulture readers

Looks like a stack of magazines there, and that’s exactly what you’ll have if you take out a subscription to Stack. Receive a different independent magazine every month, along with notes from founder (and my Printout! co-conspirator) Steve Watson.

Buy a sub now and use the code ‘MagCulture’ (subtle, eh?) to get a seasonal 10% reduction. The perfect gift! Note also their newly reduced US prices.

Subscribe here.


Overmatter 29.10.12

NYTimes takes a look at Manhattans’s ‘last king of print’, Mohammed Ahmed of store Casa Magazines.

UK Wired points to the future of print – events, retail, consultancy.

SPD has a fantastic series of Herb Lubalin retrospectives online.

Literary magazine Five Dials releases a vinyl record edition featuring ‘a 10-inch dub remix of a Hollis Hampton-Jones novel.’ (thanks Andrew).

CRBlog reveals the new illustrated issue of UK Wired.


Who says print is dead?

In today’s Guardian G2 section, Mark Hooper asks, ‘Is the internet really killing print publishing – or could it prove to be its unlikely saviour, with niche magazines thriving in the digital era?’ A familiar narrative for magCulture readers, but great to see it expressed so forthrightly in a daily newspaper.