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Thanks everyone who made it through the rain to join a packed Book Club last night and hear from Ana Lessing and Kevin Braddock (A Magazine for all Seasons), Edward Vince (Talc) and Kai van Rabenau (mono.kultur). The theme ‘Designing Difference’ was set against concerns expressed in my recent review of Boat magazine that a familiar set of visual styles were narrowing the promise of the independent magazine industry (a clumsier version of similar thoughts can be heard on last week’s rather negative edition of Monocle24’s The Stack).

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At Work With: Alexander Scholz, HOLO

We have a slightly late start to the week as we join Berlin-based Alexander Scholz, creative director of new magazine HOLO, as he heads of to New York for their US launch. The  200-page magazine spans the space between art, design and technology in a manner aimed at non-specialists, and makes great use of design, photography, illustration and production techniques.

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Out now: Article #3

Colourfully bound. Article. #tw
The third issue of Article arrived in the post yesterday. Always a treat of high quality content, design and production, this issue stands out for the way the beautiful open binding (above) takes full advantage of the process with some artfully chosen colours, and for the use of a greatest hits collection of Vaughan Oliver’s  4AD record sleeves as section dividers. Timeless.


Magazine of the Week: Look Lateral

Here’s a magazine that deserves late attention here despite first being published in 2013. Look Lateral is an Anglo-Italian bilingual art mag that is beautifully produced, has a strong design direction and a unique editorial structure.

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May 11, 2014


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Hot Beer Cow

Y45nvT6LyxDD5dldAj-X0h2fSLqROGXGfLtAZxA7valRZU1Kr5SMc62BisAu4Ebw9GVUxGIDYOvJxTonLQ5H9o0UpjmkWfVXL0K4QUvJoemycL8=s0-d-e1-ftJust in time to celebrate the arrival of their fifth issue, Hot Rum Cow have launched the most natural of brand extensions, their very own bottled IPA. Which means a cocktail that gave its name to a magazine has now become a beer. Expect it to be available to order online very soon.



Overmatter: 29.04.14

(Late notice, but Cathy from Anorak is speaking in London. Tonight).
Postponed until May 13.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, hear me, Steve Watson and a host of top magaholics talk about our habit on Pick Me Up radio, 11am–12noon, followed by further magazinery all day. Full schedule. Listen here.

Dodo magazine promises a time capsule of additional content in 2024.

The Digital Magazine Awards are apparently ‘the most coveted magazine awards in the world.’

The NYTimes catches up with Kinfolk, ‘the Martha Stewart Living of the Portland set.

Note: the Blurb indie day in NY I was due to talk at has been cancelled.


Overmatter: 08.04.14

The new issue of Adbusters has a hole in it; Atheneaum have the pix.

List alert! And what a list… 101 music front covers, from 1937–2014, courtesy of Bob Newman. Follow-up already under way.

Mary Berner, CEO and president of MPA, explains why ‘magazines aren’t screwed,’ (though story URL implies otherwise).

The Association of Illustrators presents The Illustrators Guide to Business, a two-day course alongside this years Pick Me Up at Somerset House (attendees get 20% off tickets to PMU).

Nuts squeezed out – it wasn’t just the boobs, apparently.

Digital… print… the substrate is irrelevant. It’s all about reading,’ – Bo Sacks at Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.


Magazine of the Week: Eye #87, food special

Eye magazine will be familiar to most magCulture readers, but this new issue is a great reminder of the team’s commitment to magazines. Not only is it a great example of high-quality print itself, with different papers and beautiful reproduction, it also features this overview of the ever-growing selection of indie food magazines including magCulture faves Put A Egg On It, The Gourmand and the late Fire & Knives.

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QVED day one

After a very civilized, slow morning QVED kicked off yesterday lunchtime with opening comments from co-founder Boris Kochan. Held at the beautiful fifties-built Alte Kongresshalle, the theatre full following the sell-out of all 650 tickets, the day had a real buzz about it as people from large and small magazines shared experiences.

First speaker was David Moretti, who presented a beautiful set of slides and described his typographic and infographic work for Wired Italia in a very engaging way. The examples of calligraphy and print effects were stunning, a really powerful and individual addition to the Wired series. German designer Dominik Schatz followed with a more downbeat talk without slides, an overview of his freelance career to date. The translation service did an impressive job but couldn’t make up for the lack of images – there were many references to projects I didn’t know but would have liked to have seen.

Canadian Michelle Champagne speeded things up again with some astute analysis of contemporary communications, and the editorial process behind her That New Design Smell magazine. Check out the project’s website for a forceful example of how to encourage reader (user) input.

Panel discussions sometimes work, sometimes don’t, and I awaited the illustration panel slightly anxiously. Luckily the panel moderator Raban Ruddigkeit knows his stuff and the five speakers presented a good range of work and spoke intelligently about it. The discussion afterwards was complicated listening via translation – the six people speakers blurred together when presented by a single voice.

The day ended with a rare talk from Mike Meiré. Focusing on the relationship between art and magazines, and his recent work with Garage magazine, this was a real treat that started with the Mona Lisa, moved via Duchamp’s LHOOQ parody to Warhol’s factory and then Mike’s work with Garage. I’ve been a bit ambivalent about Garage til now, but this was a good example of how hearing from a project’s maker can bring it to life. I’ll be picking up the back issues from the QVED shop.

Meiré ended the day echoing David Moretti’s start: we shouldn’t be afraid of complexity and difficulty. Sometimes magazines shouldn’t be easy.

After the jump, a picture report from the opening day.

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At Work With: Kenny Ho, Article magazine

We start the new week at work with Kenny Ho, a London-based fashion stylist with a broad range of experience stretching from work with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett to international editorial and advertising work via stage work with David Bowie. In 2012, he and art director Rosy Tsai launched Article, a mens magazine celebrating Britain and Britishness and which is notable for its use of specialist print and finishing techniques. He shares his week ahead as the team completes issue three of the magazine and begin to plan number four.

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