New Yorker cover

Artist Ana Juan has created over 20 covers for The New Yorker. I doubt many will be recalled as strongly as this one.


Charlie Hebdo

It’s rare that magazines make the news for such a horrific reason as today’s gun attack on the offices of Paris’s Charlie Hebdo magazine. Not sure I have anything to add to the many comments already out there, but this front cover from a few years back shows the editors had many different targets for their satire.


Overmatter: 25.07.14

Must-read: Brilliant piece about the growing importance of The New Yorker website as it relaunches this week, ‘Every post… should apply the magazine’s superlative sensibilities at Internet publishing speeds.

Mid Century Magazine editor Tabitha Teuma interviewed, ‘the content is for keeps – something to refer back to – and this still works best in print.

V Magazine founders and all-round NY fashion gurus Cecilia Dean and Stephen Gan end their business relationship.

At last, a zip-up denim magazine cover, courtesy of US Marie Claire.

Danny Miller’s new magazine Weapons of Reason reveals its partnership with D&AD. More at our Modern Magazine conference in September.


June 23, 2014


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RIP Felix Dennis

We’re short of magazine mavericks, and few publishing figures were more maverick than Felix Dennis. News of his death leaves a huge gap in the industry.

Overmatter: 18.02.14

List alert! Oitzarisme notes a very tasteful ‘Fifty magazines to buy before you die’

…and Coverjunkie selects the covers he hopes to see at the upcoming D&AD judging.

The British edition of Reader’s Digest is bought for less than a single issue of the mag by 71 year-old TV entrepeneur.

Bob Newman’s latest column for Folio takes a critical look at US launch Dr Oz Good Life, The logo is baffling to me, and is definitely the biggest problem on the cover.

Aussie design magazine Open Manifesto looks interesting in this piece by Kyoorius.

Issue one of Intern is now available for the iPad.

As British ABC starts to include digital sales in circulation figures, print still dominates digital. The exception? Tech mags.

New launch Alphabet promises a new take on family life. Support them on Kickstarter. Meanwhile Quarterly have bettered their Kickstarter target but are still taking pledges.

And don’t forget next week sees QVED2014 take place in Munich, featuring Alex Breuer (The Guardian), David Moretti (Italian Wired), Mike Meiré (032c et al) and many more. I’ll be speaking too. See you there?


Overmatter 03 01 14

A quick catch up on news before we kick off the new year on Monday.

Among the many Best Of lists at the end of 2013, this one stood out for its generosity: Bloomberg Businessweeks’s jealousy list.

What Best Of lists, you say? Check Styleite’s mags of the year; Folio’s look at the US mainstream; It’s Nice That’s best publications; Stack’s indie mag of the year vote (disrupted by one mag’s campaign); Creative Bloq’s leftfield selection; Coverjunkie’s poll-winner. And in case you missed it, Andrew’s list for us.

Interview with Hello Mr founder, Ryan Fitzgibbon, ‘My confidence in the publishing industry lies with the newer titles that have accomplished a lot with very little.

Condé Nast chairman Si Newhouse apparently quietly retired Christmas 2012.

Time Out axes gay section, symbol of the magazine’s alternative origins.

Mzin appears to be a rather fine German online magazine shop (thanks Michael).


Friends of Bob Newman

Regular readers will know of New York-based editorial designer Bob Newman, the man behind the Newmanology site and source of daily Facebook archive finds. Not only is he a talented designer, fellow magaholic and all-round enthusiast for editorial design, he’s also one of the nicest and must supportive people in the industry. I first met him in the nineties when I visited New York, when I met many people, all of whom were very kind in giving their time to meet me. But the only person who subsequently kept in regular contact was Bob.

So I was sorry to hear he recently suffered a serious accident. He’s been in hospital for several weeks and I’m happy to say is now recovering well. But he and his family need support to cope with the cost of his care, so a group of his friends have set up a Friends of Bob Newman donations page.

If you’re a regular here at magCulture you’ve almost certainly enjoyed Bob’s musing on magazines. If you don’t know his writing, start with this conversation between us both for Gym Class Magazine in 2011. As Bob said in our last email exchange before his accident, it’s amazing how fast things have moved on since we recorded that conversation.

Enjoy our early thoughts about the iPad. And please donate.

(Photograph by Glenn Glasser)


Dadich returns to Wired

Scott Dadich, who made his name as creative director on Wired between 2006 and 2010, is to return to the magazine as Editor-in-chief.

Following his collaboration with Adobe on the development of the Wired iPad app, one of the first magazine apps, Dadich continued to work with Adobe to develop the production process into a commercial add-on to inDesign (later to become DPS), and since 2010 he has been leading the development of Condé Nast’s iPad and iPhone publishing programme as Vice President, Editorial Platforms and Design.

The move makes sense for Wired. Since his departure the magazine has felt rudderless. That’s not a comment on his design successor Brandon Kavulla, more on the situation as a whole. The magazine seemed to find its true self during his time there – issues of this period were must-reads and arguably, even while creative director, Dadich was de facto editor. Particularly on later issues such as the special Mystery edition (May 2009), where Dadich collaborated with guest editor TV/movie writer J.J Abrams, it felt like he had complete control. On arrival at the magazine he filled a vacuum; on leaving he left that vacuum behind him. Now he will fill it again.

We can look forward, then, to a revived Wired. But where does this leave Condé Nast’s tablet/mobilepublishing programme?

Full news story here.


November 1, 2012

Front covers

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The Week x Sandy

Following the flooding of their Manhattan offices during this weeks storm, the latest US edition of The Week has been produced from a local hotel conference room (that’s the team in situ above). Editor-in-chief William Falk explains the circumstances in his editor’s letter: ‘I’m reasonably eager to come to work every Monday morning, but this is the first time I’ve walked up five flights of stairs in the dark and kicked in a door to get to my desk…’ he begins. You can read the whole note here.

Any other stories from Manhattan magazine offices out there?


Happy 20th birthday G2

Running neatly on from the previous post about the Newspaper Club’s new mini format, today is also the 20th anniversary of the first edition of The Guardian’s G2 section. Although originally tabloid-sized, since the 2005 redesign of the newspaper G2 has run as an A4 daily magazine, and has had plenty of fun with its front covers – first under launch art director Richard Turley and now Jo Cochrane. See more of her cover designs here, read the newspaper’s selection of the best of G2 here.

Th Guardian have just posted a slideshow of covers here.