Out now: If You Leave #1

In the past, If You Leave has taken the format of mini-booklets published by Arthur-Frank Editions. These small art books contained contemporary photography, still images set simply against a blank white page with name and author written underneath. The new If You Leave biannual photography magazine has embraced a different format and design whilst still disguising itself as a book: opening up the cotton bound hardback cover reveals a saddle stitched magazine. Surprises like this make volume one of IYL an intriguingly ambivalent publication; glossy art catalogue and magazine and blog all wrapped into one. This format coupled with a redesigned logo and name abbreviation marks a new dawn for the photography collective, and it therefore seems fitting that IYL have loosely themed their first issue ‘AM’.

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Out now: Accent #8

is the 21st Century equivalent of seventies cult zines, an online magazine showcasing extraordinary lives and obscure, lively subcultures from around the world. It’s a publication that has a particularly strong eye for iconic images, so that it’s become one of the leading sources for underground documentary photography. We love Accent because it’s one of the few online spaces that completely succeeds in drawing you into each digital issue: it’s easy to read all of the long-form stories in one go, something that’s rare even in the best printed publications. Issue eight was released this week, marking it the second year that the quarterly magazine has appeared. We spoke to editors Lucy Nurnberg and Lydia Garnett, curious about the process of putting together an online magazine that’s actually achieved the kind of status usually associated with print.

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Out now: Mood #7

I’ve always been a fan of the Mood logo. The mash of the words ‘food’ and ‘music’ that is visually represented by the two O’s, the first being a record and the other a burger, is a perfect representation of the publication’s content. And their covers are also always so striking, especially when placed on a shelf surrounded by other independent magazines. Issue seven has a cover as eye-catchingly colourful as ever, and it’s themed ‘World Music’, a term Editors Emma Hovel and Mario Villar Sangurjo rightly questions in their letter, as it’s a genre that music aside from conventional Anglo rock/pop is often unfairly categorised into.

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Out now: Herself #8

Herself returns with a fine eighth issue, resolving the one flaw in its otherwise extraordinary creative concept. Sometimes let down by its front covers, with this issue the covers – their are four different ones – perfectly set up the reader for the absurd world to be found inside the magazine.

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Out now: Neptún #2

There seems to be great talent for magazine making in Iceland at the moment: last week we were impressed by Maena, a publication designed by students at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, and this week art and design magazine Neptún has caught our attention. Whilst it covers the broad categories of ‘art, design and architecture’, a subtle emphasis on materials creates a unique identity.

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Out now: Double Dot #6

There are a lot of magazines at the moment that centre on cities, and it’s becoming difficult for publications of this genre to stand out and do something distinct. But  pocket-sized Double Dot manages a fresh approach to the topic. For each issue, the Toronto-based magazine selects sister cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver, or Amsterdam and Montreal, and collates content that invites us to connect the dots and consider what makes up the special relationship between the two geographical points.

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Out now: Matter #3

When so many words about current and crucial topics are constantly being delivered to our screens every second of the day, it can be hard to sift through the glut in order find good, intelligent and genuinely provocative journalism. That’s why what Matter does is so important – the editors choose a different region for each issue and commission intelligent writing on the subject so that a collection of perspectives exists all in one place – and for this issue they’ve picked the delicate and knotty matter of the Middle East.

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Out now: Mæna #5

The annual magazine produced by students and academics from the design department of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts suggests that Iceland has a very promising graphic design future ahead of them. This year’s theme is technology – an exploration of design’s dependence on new tools and technological advancements. As an experiment, the team removed glue and traditional binding techniques from the magazine making mix, relying on methods like lazer cutting and hand-folding instead. The product is a strange and delightful mixture of the hand-made and the digital: it looks like what would happen if a computer could write a diary and then self-bind the pages with elasticated string.

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QVED2015 quote

Indie mags as 'Beautifully crafted freaks' @stackmagazines #tw #qved15
Indie mags as ‘Beautifully crafted freaks’ – Steve Watson, Stack, QVED2015


February 26, 2015

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