Out now: AM #19

AM (Akademische Mitteilungen) magazine is published annually by students of communication design at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. I featured the infographic-heavy seventh issue in the original magCulture book; now here’s a video of the making of this 19th issue.

Its large-format 130 pages question what is perfection, and have been conceived and executed by students Sunnyi Löhmann and Anna Kiosse.



Out now: Flaneur #3

The third issue of Flaneur is on its way, looking great with this bright, bright cover as it focuses on Rue Bernard in Montreal. The Athenaeum have an interview with editor-in-chief Ricarda Messner, who reveals the location for the next issue.



Out now: Port #14

The new issue of Port is here, starring a B&W Ralph Lauren on the cover (and exclusive interview) and some splashes of paint.



Overmatter: 10.06.14

The latest cleverness from The Newspaper Club is Paper Later – find out more and sign up for Beta here.

Steve interviews Rosa from Cereal as issue six lands, ‘Every single feature is commissioned by us and exclusive to us and we hold the license to that for up to a year.

And the Athenaeum interview Jens from Tissue as the centrepiece of a focus on the new erotica mags.

I like the look of this history of the Royal College of Art’s student mag Ark.

The final, eighth, issue of typography mag 8 Faces is just out now, featuring interviews with founder Elliot Jay Stocks, Steven Heller and, ahem, me. Buy it here.

The online auction for Bob Newman ends tomorrow, June 11. Buy an original illustration/photograph and help him fund his medical bills.

Stock is arriving here for the relaunch of our online shop and this weekend’s Monocle Summer Fayre. Details to follow.


Out now: Kenzine

Kenzine is a limited edition magazine created by the same creative team – Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari – as Toilet Paper, a recent Magazine of the Week here. Published to promote Kenzo’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collections, the images have also been used in advertising and online.

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Out now: Article #3

Colourfully bound. Article. #tw
The third issue of Article arrived in the post yesterday. Always a treat of high quality content, design and production, this issue stands out for the way the beautiful open binding (above) takes full advantage of the process with some artfully chosen colours, and for the use of a greatest hits collection of Vaughan Oliver’s  4AD record sleeves as section dividers. Timeless.



Out now: Wrap #10

Issue 10 cover
It’s great to see one of my favourite illustrators, Jean Julien, bringing humour to the front cover of the new issue of Wrap. The cover is a shift away from more abstract designs toward the more engaging use of a stronger image of a face. Using the human face is an established rule of magazine covers of course, but it’s fascinating seeing a small magazine find its feet and accept such rules on its own terms.

The image wraps (!) round to the back cover (after the jump) to highlight the issues theme, plants.

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Out now: Little White Lies #53

Out now: Little White Lies 53 Boyhood, art by Kristian Hammerstad #tw
Little White Lies
featured in our Pick Me Up radio hour earlier this week, via Radiohead’s song Motion Picture Soundtrack, source of the magazine’s name. And today the new issue arrived at magCulture, with this strong comic-style cover by Kristian Hammerstad.


Out now: Neon

Out now: Neon #tw
Despite being German language, I always pick up a copy of Neon when I find one. Originally a spin-off from German news weekly Stern (check the little white flash on red background next to the logo), and launched to attract a younger unisex audience to that grand old brand, it’s completely outgrown that role and developed an audience of its own. It always looks great – far more clean and contemporary than any such magazine would dare in the UK – and I’m told it provides intelligent coverage of politics, society and culture and is constantly surprising in its approach to these subjects. Well worth looking out for in Germany and local countries.

Check more covers here.


Out now: The Northern Correspondent

Out now: The Northern Correspondent, long-form journalism from north East England. #tw
The Northern Correspondent is a new magazine covering north-east England with the ambition to be ‘the New Yorker of Newcastle.’ Fighting talk!

The 88-page launch edition isn’t short of content, collecting together images from Syria, reminisces about joyriders, meets local Iranians, talks to Kerry Kitchin about his magazine Novel, and investigates the cruel world of pigeon racing. Plus much more. All presented in a small, well-designed format – the cover is typical of the Bluenote sleeve style throughout the issue (art director Danielle Gilbert).

More via The Guardian and the project’s Kickstarter page.