Out now: Mæna #5

The annual magazine produced by students and academics from the design department of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts suggests that Iceland has a very promising graphic design future ahead of them. This year’s theme is technology – an exploration of design’s dependence on new tools and technological advancements. As an experiment, the team removed glue and traditional binding techniques from the magazine making mix, relying on methods like lazer cutting and hand-folding instead. The product is a strange and delightful mixture of the hand-made and the digital: it looks like what would happen if a computer could write a diary and then self-bind the pages with elasticated string.

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QVED2015 quote

Indie mags as 'Beautifully crafted freaks' @stackmagazines #tw #qved15
Indie mags as ‘Beautifully crafted freaks’ – Steve Watson, Stack, QVED2015


February 26, 2015

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@QVED 20mins #tw
QVED2015 is starting now in Munich. We’ll be sharing images over the next few days, inviting speakers and audience to share their favourite magazines. You can also follow this on Instagram.



Out now: Pollen #1

IMG_9352 copy
The first issue of Pollen is somewhere between being a book, a magazine, a collage, an art catalogue and a science museum brochure. The publication has been put together by a group of philosophy graduate students from the University of Sydney; inspired by their studies they decided to entitle the first issue ‘The Idea of Natural History’, a theme which stems from the theories of Theodore Adorno.

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February 10, 2015

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Out now: OOMK #3

It’s great to see OOMK (One Of My Kind) is going strong. The third issue of the small-press publication, a zine that especially emphasises the inclusion of Muslim contributors and a range of women from diverse ethnic backgrounds, is themed ‘Drawing’. The cover has changed its tone, the previous two were lighter and more airy, but the new design works – it’s iconic and cool and certainly one of a kind. They’ve dealt with their theme smartly and showcase a lot of interesting projects, and their varied range of contributions make for an intriguing read. Some of the imagery reminds me a little of the handmade and earthy illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine, and the content is a blend of the lifestyle articles found in magazines like Oh Comely and the spirit of the 90s riot grrrl zines.

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Out now: Mould #1

Mould’s concept is fascinating. Instead of organising their magazine thematically, they’re planning different guest editors for each issue, a ‘curator’ who will bring their own personal outlook to the magazine and who will ‘mould’ the pages. So as the magazine grows into subsequent issues, it will morph and change its tone every time. Issue one, launched at the recent Istanbul Design Biennale, has been curated by Markus Miessen of Studio Miessen, and he’s decided to title his version of the project the ambiguous sounding ‘Cultures of Assembly’. Essentially, he seems interested in notions of ‘space’, both online space and public space, and how we experience these spaces in the modern world.

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Out now: The Holborn #1

The first print issue of The Holborn is dedicated to the finer-things-in-life. It’s another independent magazine to have moved from digital to print form courtesy of Kickstarter. Firmly rooted in British culture and craft, the content has a quaint, Victorian air about it, featuring a guide to the great pubs of Holborn and interviews with a premium leather manufacturer and a contemporary furniture designer.

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Out now: Victory Journal #8

IMG_9107 copy
Due to Printout commitments – more of which later – I missed last night’s Chelsea-Liverpool semi-final match. But what better way to mark the win than the new edition of Victory Journal with its cover shot of a grounded Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli?

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Out now: Makeshift #11

IMG_9084 copy
Makeshift magazine recognise the need for structure – both in terms of design and in terms of the importance of a daily routine. Their new issue is dedicated to this notion: entitled ‘Ritual’ the pages focus on creatives and the rituals and routines that inspire them, guide them or which they seek to challenge and disrupt.

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Out today: Stylist Christmas issue

Free weekly magazine Stylist continues its working relationship with illustrator Rob Ryan with today’s Christmas special, the annual illustration issue. This year Ryan has illustrated the entire magazine; work in progress above, more images after the jump. Great to see a popular mainstream mag work so creatively.

Creative director Matt Phare, Photo and specials director Tom Gormer.

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