Magazine of the Week: uncube #32

If like us you’re tired of digital magazines desperately trying to mimic print – all those flickable pages and paper-turning sounds effects – you’ll enjoy architecture journal and digital magazine uncube. Instead of of trying to recreate the print experience print they start from scratch with a clear editorial approach, re-imagining what a magazine could look like in the 21st century, and crafting their content on a limitless, digital canvas, using multi-disciplinary media as their paint. We don’t choose an online project as Magazine of the Week lightly – uncube is special.

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Overmatter: 01.04.15

Makeshifts’s Steve Daniels offers a fine overview of the reality of starting your own magazine.

An exhibition about Studio International’s sixties heyday as a voice for change looks interesting; London, til 3 May.

Check out this year’s D&AD editorial design jury, a strong line-up to which Wired’s Billy Sorrentino has been added. Play nicely, people! Select some great magazines!

Artist Ana Strumpf has fun with magazine covers.

Steve Watson and Cathy from Anorak share their magazine advice c/o Good Fruit, Monday 16 April.

To be tested: Adobe’s collaboration with Khoi Vinh, Layup, a new design app for app creation.


Overmatter: 26.03. 15

The Editoral Design Organisation returns, look out for plans.

Stack has a quick round-up of this week’s Printout featuring People of Print, Belleville Pages, The Long Good Read and Pitchfork Review.

It’s Nice That have made all the content from first four issues of their Printed Pages magazine available free online.

The Sueddeutsche Magazine website has a smart new design, completed in-house under Astrid Müller (thanks Kati).

Last weekend the Sunday Telegraph published an overview of indie mags.

Here comes the new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, aka Adobe Publish.

They call it the interface, we call it design’ says Erik Spiekermann about this article.

The Times is to start publishing multiple ‘editions’ of its website.

Help Spanish snowboard magazine The Eight Project fund their next issue, designed by Rifle Studio.


Listening to print – our favourite mag podcasts

Last week we wrote about how the New Yorker have just made their own TV show for Amazon, and this got me thinking about how magazines are currently integrating new forms of media into their online content. One of the most radical changes in the past few years to how we experience magazines is the rise in popularity of podcasts. I now plug into a magazine for my daily journeys, carrying the voices of my favourite editors in my ears and aurally experiencing essays, interviews, news and investigative journalism.

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Overmatter: 15.01.15

After eight years at the NYTimes, Amy O’Leary is leaving ‘it became clear to me that the future of journalism was not, in fact, audio slideshows.’ Great read…

…and Mario Garcia compares the Sunday NYTimes in print and on iPad. Guess which wins?

Pulp magazines from around the world (thanks Bob).

Hearst let a drone loose in their NY HQ; meanwhile Scott Dadich prepares staff to move into the new super-office he’s designed for Wired in SF, ‘I love your custom-made/vintage/neon sign/one-of-a-kind lighting appliance. But it’s not right for the design of this new space.

It’s Nice That on the redesign of Kinfolk.

Check the new Lucky Peach site.

Apparently recent VAT changes mean app store auto-renewals are failing.

Foyles in London are quietly organising some great events; next week there’s Laydeez do Comics.

QVED2015 have launched a Tumblr featuring work by speakers scheduled for the 26-28 February event. Earlybird tickets on sale until 20 Jan.

And don’t forget the next Printout takes place Tuesday 27 January.



Overmatter: 12.01.15

What if Charlie Hebdo had been published from the UK? ‘A roving Guardian reporter devotes himself to exposing the private foul views held by Charlie Hebdo journalists…’ (thanks Warren).

Eye archive: a piece about tattoo mag Sang Bleu, ‘‘We use tattooing and other underground cultures to talk about other things.’

One last look back at 2014, from Mr Magazine, ‘I still manage to spend close to $28,000 a year buying magazines.’

Why aren’t newspapers cutting the numbers of days they print each week?

Our fave kids mag Anorak has launched a fine iPad app.

BBC Radio4’s ‘Women’s Hour’ hosted a brief discussion about women’s magazines last week, feat. Elle, You, Libertine.

CSM exhibition of editorial design work marks the arrival of Cath Caldwell’s book, ‘Editorial Design.’

Take a look through Apartamento founder Omar Sosa’s bookshelves, courtesy of It’s Nice That.

The next Printout evening takes place on Tuesday 27 January; we’ll be hearing about relaunches. Guests: Boat magazine, Makeshift and Gym Class Magazine. Tickets here.

And Steve takes Stack Live on tour to Amsterdam on 29 January, where he’ll be interviewing Peter Bi’lak of Works That Work.

This week I’m guest blogging for the SPD blog, posting daily on the subject ‘Where do magazines come from today?


Overmatter: 06.01.15

NY editorial designer Josh Lieberman on Holiday magazine, for The Paris Review.…

…and we completely overlooked the same magazines’ relaunch last year. Welcome back!

And welcome too to Brighton’s new magazine shop, Magazine Brighton.

Quantity still beats quality online; a look at the shallow web empire of ‘Viral Guy’ Emerson Spartz

Inside Vice magazine – from punk magazine to media giant.

A look ahead at 2015 and the need for attention-grabbing ideas, ‘Woe betide the little piggy who has none ’.

The social media reach of US magazine brands (thanks David).

I’m helping judge this years MagPile Magazine Awards. Join in!


2014 by Jean Snow, The Magaziner

jean snow
Our fifth look back at last year comes from Jean Snow, who feeds his pop culture and gaming addictions via magazines and Tokyo’s cafés. Jean recalls his website The Magaziner, meeting magazine-makers Kati Krause (A Mag for All Seasons)and Liz Haycroft (Weapons of Reason), and shares his favourite iPad magazines.

In 2015 he hopes more indie magazines will offer good iPad versions, and highlights discovery as an issue for all tablet apps.


Overmatter: 02.12.14

Condé Nast Traveller gets a new serif logo.

Next Monday, 8 December, London, sees the second Stack night featuring Andrea Kurland, editor of Huck

…and Steve from Stack has a nice video review of new favourite mag The Happy Reader.

The second ‘season’ from digital magazine The Long+Short has just launched, feeling tighter.

Could editor-in-chief Scott Dadich be planning to buy Wired?

Ex-Little White Lies team launch new movie newsletter Delve: ‘It’s not only our return to the world of cinema, but the rejuvenation of our mission to inspire more people to fall more deeply in love with film’.

Good to see a strong customer magazine highlighted on the SPD blog – Andy Cowles looks at N, the magazine for Norwegian Airlines.

Looks like Adobe might finally be working out what its customers need from DPS.


Overmatter: 28.11.14

Offscreen has a rather fine Christmas competition. Nothing to do with Black Friday.

Congratulations to all the winners at this weeks Digital Magazine Awards, especially Ernest, winner of best launch…

…and to the winners at the CMA Awards. Peel away the content content content guff and you’ll find some interesting mags in there, like this.

Buy your ticket to QVED2015 this weekend and take advantage of super earlybird rates.

Next weekend the magCulture shop sets up at this years Monocle Christmas Fayre. Come say hello! 6–7 December.