Interview with Rosa and Rich, Cereal

A lonely mountain peak juts out of a snowy wilderness. The hard line of its ancient ridge provides the only point of perspective in an otherwise white plain. This view of the Kluane National Park in Yukon sits on the cover of Cereal magazine’s latest issue, and for me encapsulates the visual language and central tenets of the editorial. At a time when the field of minimal photography and design is arguably saturated, Cereal presents a unique aesthetic. Simple, understated; yet deeply engaging, a Cereal image, whether it is seen on the magazine’s staggeringly popular Instagram feed or as part of a thirty page photo essay is instantly recognisable.

Interview & photography by Robbie Lawrence, jointly published with Freunden von Freunden.

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Magazine of the week: Hot and Cool #8

Hot and Cool has been a favourite of mine for the past few years, ever since it started out as more of a zine in 2011. Since then it has developed into a perfect-bound publication, but issue eight is a return to its less chunky roots. The new edition is staple-bound and consists of three shoots, a collection of stills from a short film, a photo series, and an interview, and its concise nature is actually really wonderful as it allows you to dwell on the images and soak up the atmosphere of each spread. The simplicity of the pictures and the sparse layout of each page reflect co-editors Alice Goddard and Theo Sian’s philosophy: their interest in fashion as something that doesn’t necessarily have to be self-conscious, and their dedication to casual styling and understated humour.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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Out now: Victory Journal #8

IMG_9107 copy
Due to Printout commitments – more of which later – I missed last night’s Chelsea-Liverpool semi-final match. But what better way to mark the win than the new edition of Victory Journal with its cover shot of a grounded Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli?

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Magazine of the week: Fuet #2

IMG_9055 copy
The new issue of Fuet boldly tackles the theme of ‘Icons’, and design team cordova-canillas have concocted an appropriately iconic cover for the Spanish food magazine’s second issue. Combining everyone’s favourite vegetable with the children’s toy that taught us it’s OK to play with our food, Mr. Aubergine Head features as Fuet’s cover star. The deep, oily purple juxtaposed with the brilliantly contrasting yellow of the background packs a powerful punch, and the confident Fuet logo is pleasingly eye-catching.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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Out now: Victory Journal #8

The eighth issue of Victory Journal, the large-format New York sports mag, uses footballs’ Mario Balotelli to introduce the Heroes and Villains theme. The issue also features Lance Armstrong, Derek Jeter, the late Soviet hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov, and Ann Casey (aka Panther Girl). You can read the Casey piece here.


Out now: The Gourmand #5

The Gourmand Issue 5 Cover
Issue five of The Gourmand hits shops this week, coinciding with the launch of their new website. The cover is a new direction for the magazine, leaving behind the inset image on colour field and going for a full-bleed image. The picture is from a film by Lisa Rovner.

Creative director David Lane has been working with Monotype to resurrect early versions of their Monotype Grotesque typeface; you can see elements of this on the website – that ampersand in ‘On Paper & Screen’ for instance.

We’ll have copies of the new issue at our shop at this weekend’s Monocle Christmas Fayre.


Jean Paul Goode on repeat

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.35.44
Here’s the original 1976 image (left) that Jean Paul Goode recreated with Kim Kardashian for Paper magazine (right). More here. (thanks Warren).


At Work With: Kai von Rabenau, mono.kultur

We start the new week with art director and photographer Kai von Rabenau. After studying graphics in London at Central St. Martins, Kai moved back to Berlin and founded
independent interview magazine mono.kultur. Every issue is given over to a single interview with one artist. Ten years later, we join him as the 37th edition of mono.kultur is about to be published, the long-planned James Nachtwey issue.

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Printout– photography mags, tonight

The next printout has rather snuck up on us; it takes place tonight (Tuesday 23rd) at the usual venue, The Book Club, Shoreditch. We have four photo-led magazines represented: We Are Here, Brewster, Pylot and Huck.

Tickets are available online until 5pm this evening, but you can also buy them at the door, £6.00.

The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street EC2A 4RH


September 3, 2014

Out now

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Out now: Boat #8, Los Angeles

Having recently moved to LA, Boat founders Erin and Davey Spens have set the latest issue of their nomadic magazine in that city. From the beautiful cover – shot by G L Askew II – onwards, the issue builds on the title’s successful reinvention last time round. Great stories well art directed, the magazine gets better and better.

We hear from Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa that there isn’t really an LA ‘sound’; visit people living in car lots and out in the desert; discover local food, fashion and skating. The centrepiece is a conversation about the city between editor Erin Spens and historian Kevin Starr.