Overmatter 19.11.13

The power of editorial design: ‘Magazine covers help people understand the world better.’

The power of editorial photography: see last weeks edition of French newspaper Libération, published with all images deleted.

Adbusters publishes a box-set of its last five ‘Epic Human’ issues.

‘The disconnect between how the glossy mags choose to fill their pages and how British women actually spend their money suggests that traditional publishers are out of touch with their readership.’

Magasin is a new Hamburg-based online magazine shop. Welcome to the fray!

i–D starts to benefit from new owner Vice Media, launching a satisfying new website that feels right on brand.

Talking of Vice, ‘

New York magazine spots young people making magazines instead of websites. Great selection of indies, but surely they mean as well as?

In Amsterdam? I’ll be at Atheneaum this Thursday evening talking to Xandra Schutte about The Modern Magazine.


At Work With: Erin Spens, Boat Magazine

American writer/editor Erin Spens co-founded Boat Magazine with her husband Davey in 2011, since when their nomadic magazine has visited Sarajevo, Detroit, London, Athens and Kyoto. They’ve just completed their sixth issue in Reykajvik, and here she looks at the week ahead as that issue goes to print.

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Magazine of the week: Zeit Magazin

The art direction and design of Germany’s Zeit Magazin, the weekly supplement to the daily Die Zeit newspaper, has long been a visual treat for visitors to Germany. Yet as editor Christoph Amend says in his letter introducing this new international edition, people have long told him they love they design but ‘I wish I could read it’. With the arrival of this quarterly english-language edition their wish has come true.

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Magazine of the week: Alquimie

Australia has earned a reputation for good food and wine, so it’s no surprise to find the country produces a good few magaiznes covering these subjects. The latest addition is Alquimie, promising ‘Perioidic research & analysis of wine & beverage culture’.

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Out now: Port #11

If you’re going to publish your own magazine break some rules along the way, and this new Port cover is a great example of doing just that.

Leading with actor Michael Shannon shot in London by Nadav Kander (and styled by David St.John James), it is the magazine’s first word-free cover. A brave move based on the power of the image (click image to see larger version). Many magazines publish subscriber covers with a similar simplicity, but their newsstand versions always succumb to the word.


August 2, 2013


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New Statesman photo-reportage

Good to see some solid photo-reportage in a weekly news magazine. This week’s summer double issue of the New Statesman features this impressive photo set selected from an exhibition at Les Rencontres d’Arles called ‘Transition’. The eight-page story has been edited by the magazines photography editor Rebecca McClelland and includes work by eight photographers. The edit was made from a broader set of work commissioned by David Goldblatt and the Market Photoworkshop examining the political landscape of South Africa.

You can read the accompanying essay and captions here, and see the rest of the photographs after the jump (click on the images for enlarged versions).

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Magazine of the Week: Flaneur

‘Place’ has been a healthy starting point for a good few magCulture favourites. From Karen’s close-up stories built on her local friends and community to Boat’s wandering production studio, location is a strong source of character and identity. Emphasising the relationship with their surroundings can be the catalyst to explore and develop that editorial character. Berlins’s Der Wedding does so in an even more formal manner; named after one of the poorer, immigrant-populated districts of the city, it started life recording life in that specific area before latterly looking more broadly at everyday life in the city of Berlin. But if Boat deals with an entire city each issue, and Der Wedding takes on an area or theme of Berlin, new launch Flaneur zeroes in even more tightly. It is strictly one street per issue.

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Magazine of the week: Law #3

This is the third issue of London-based LAW, but the first I’ve seen and I’m already excited to see the first two issues. The limited edition (x500) magazine is edited by John Holt, who describes it as being ‘for those who can appreciate and relate to the stylistic value of real everyday Britain.’

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Out now: Another Escape

At recent Printout evenings it’s been interesting to note the number of magazines appearing from Bristol recently: Cereal and Offlife are two examples. Another Escape is another, an occasional zine that has just morphed into biannual magazine. The result is a smart, focused new magazine about following your inspiration to do what you want to do. Something we can all relate to.

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Overmatter 21.05.13

The New York Times has strict photo-manipulation policies, dropped only for fashion.

Mark Vessey makes art from magazine spines (thanks Warren).

A look back at the hugely influential The Whole Earth Catalog.

In London next week? Hear the Eye magazine team discuss their collaboration as part of It’s Nice That’s ‘Nicer Tuesday’, 28 May.

You have until the end of this week to vote for the PPA Cover of the Year. Andy Cowles has a great, informed, run-through of the odds.

Vince Frost recalls Big magazine, ‘It was raw, bold and simple. And very masculine. That’s probably why it still looks strong.’