EDO returns with Mike Meire

Next Monday night presents a tough choice for London’s magaholics; in one part of Shoreditch, Printout presents The Power of Print, featuring a selection of magazines using their presence to change the world; meanwhile just down the road the Editorial Design Organisation springs to action under new co-chairs Sarah Douglas And Lee Belcher. Their first event of the year presents German art director Mike Meiré, in town to judge the D&AD Awards, in a rare talk about the work of his Cologne-based studio Meiré und Meiré.

A tricky choice; Mike was brilliant when I saw him speak recently at QVED2014. But I’ll be hosting Printout – so see you there!


Printout – The Power of Print, March 24

After the success of the recent fashion special, the next Printout evening takes a turn in a different direction with a look at magazines seeking to change our view of the world. Featuring London’s slow journalism pioneers Delayed Gratification, Beirut’s The Outpost (video) and Belgium’s agitprop pamphleteers Postr (live). 6.30, March 24 at The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RH

Tickets available via Eventbrite.


Printout Tuesday 28 January

A reminder that it’s Printout time again – the Fashion Special features Vestoj, Article, LAW and Address.

Last few tickets here.


Printout Fashion Special – January 28

Printout kicks off the year with a look at independent fashion magazines on January 28. We’ve picked four titles that offer very particular angles on fashion. All are beautiful examples of contemporary independent publishing, with great attention to detail in design and production, and their approach to fashion ranges from the very different visions of British-ness presented by Article and LAW to the articulate discussions of the subject (unseen in the mainstream) presented by Vestoj and Address.

For this event we’ll be returning to the panel discussion format, and I’m really looking forward to a healthy discussion about this very popular genre of magazine.

Tickets available here.


Overmatter 19.11.13

The power of editorial design: ‘Magazine covers help people understand the world better.’

The power of editorial photography: see last weeks edition of French newspaper Libération, published with all images deleted.

Adbusters publishes a box-set of its last five ‘Epic Human’ issues.

‘The disconnect between how the glossy mags choose to fill their pages and how British women actually spend their money suggests that traditional publishers are out of touch with their readership.’

Magasin is a new Hamburg-based online magazine shop. Welcome to the fray!

i–D starts to benefit from new owner Vice Media, launching a satisfying new website that feels right on brand.

Talking of Vice, ‘

New York magazine spots young people making magazines instead of websites. Great selection of indies, but surely they mean as well as?

In Amsterdam? I’ll be at Atheneaum this Thursday evening talking to Xandra Schutte about The Modern Magazine.


Printout – November 26

There’s just time to squeeze one more Printout in before the end of 2013, and we’ve lined up five of the best independent launches to mark what’s been a great year for new arrivals.

Louis-Jacques Darveau (Alpine Review) and Peter Bilak (Works That Work) will be joining us on video, while Pekka Toivenen (FAT), Rob Alderson (Printed Pages) and Sam Walton (Hole & Corner) will be presenting their magazines in person. That’s five very different magazines that together demonstrate the international interest in making magazines.

To make everything a little more efficient we’re using Eventbrite for ticket sales.

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Overmatter 22.10.13

‘Three years after Apple unveiled the iPad… tablets still account for… just 3.3 percent of total circulation.’ AdAge disects the iPad problem.

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter talks canoes and magazines on the Charlie Rose site; ‘Magazines are the perfect invention… the perfect medium for telling stories.’ Well worth the 20+ mins video (thanks Chris).

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of John Carpenter’s movie ‘They Live’, a Swiss publisher has recreated the featured Obey magazine. More on CRBlog.

New York magazine said to to be considering going fortnightly.

I’ll be talking about my book ‘The Modern Magazine’ at two of my favourite European magazine stores –  Do You Read Me? (Berlin) on 7 November, and Atheneaum Newscentrium (Amsterdam) on 21 November. Details to follow.

Plus – next Printout coming up at the end of November, with a great line-up of speakers. News very soon.


Printout (11.09.13) cancelled

Next week’s Printout won’t be taking place due to a number of reasons best summed up as ‘Jeremy and Steve’s work commitments’. Neither of us have had the time to focus on the evening, and we’ve both got deadlines that conflict with the date. Rather than let it go ahead half-hearted we’re cancelling this one and will regroup for November’s Printout.

Apologies to the speakers and everyone that bought tickets. Refunds will be sorted over the weekend.

Thanks as ever for your support.


Printout – reinventing genres, Weds 11 Sept


‘Eeeek that crept up suddenly’ I hear you think. And indeed it did, although we’ve had to pull it forward due to other commitments too. But next Wednesday, 11 September, we’re back at the Book Club with three live speakers and one appearing via video from NY, all sharing their thoughts on reshaping traditional publishing genres – the theme of one of the chapters in my soon-come book ‘The Modern Magazine’.

Whether art, typography, cricket or gardening is your thing, come along and hear from a new generation of specialist.

Tim Hampson from Brighton’s Boon
Elana Schlenker from‘pamphlet of typographic smut’ Gratuitous Type
Matt Thacker from cricket journal The Nightwatchman
Carol Montpart from the self-explanatory Plant Journal

Tickets £5.


Overmatter 04 09 13

The next Printout takes a place next week – Wednesday 11 September. Details here.

Andy Cowles shares his contribution to My Favo(u)rite Magazine; UK designer Ben Serbutt offers his favo(u)rite in response to receiving his copy.

Wired experiments with a Snowfall-style online version of current print feature Station to Station.

Wallpaper* have a smart new website: smoother, faster, better.

David Hieatt shares his ten magazine theories; ‘If you subscribe to a magazine, you have to find one article each time that you want to scrapbook. If you go 3 editions without finding an article worth Scrapbooking, you should un-subscribe.’

Daft magazine storage concept – the chairack.

UK Esquire launches a weekly app to fill the spaces between the monthly print edition.

The Internet Archive has a great online resource for old magazines.

New magazine Digest deserves a closer look. More soon.