Future launches range of iPad magazine apps to test the market: different subjects, various price points.

Software company Woodwing list the 100+ magazines using their iPad app creation tool.

Apple annoints Flipboard as best iPad app of the year.

More on the letter to Jane app: The Magaziner reviews it, Rex Hammock interviews its creator Tim Moore.


More from Italy: Focus magazine redesigned by LeftLoft.

A complete set of Eye front covers.

Adobe go public with their Digital Publishing Suite, the tool developed by/for the Wired and New Yorker iPad apps. Looks like they want to charge per issue.

Two great covers neatly juxtaposed on SPD blog.

Cute zine about Morrissey fans – Carniovores and Destructors.


Always good to see a new blog about magaiznes: welcome Mags and Stuff.

After years designing social network projects, John Poisson wanted to share photos from a lenghty European break. So he made a magazine.

The iPad, where ‘masturbatory novelty is not a business strategy.’

The next issue of mono.kultur is the Dave Eggars issue.

Zeit Magazin celebrates Cludis Schiffer’s 40th birthday with 40 covers featuring her.


Andrew has a guest report from Offset2010 by local designer James Kelleher. Sounds like we should all have been in Dublin last weekend.

‘I don’t feel in my water that people will inevitably use their iPads to read complete magazines on. At the moment they’re using magazines to try out their iPads with, which is not the same thing at all.’ David Hepworth is correct about the the stage we’re at: wondering what we can do beyond just mimicking print.

Here come the single-orientation apps! Jean gives a hesitant thumbs up to the new Lexus-sponosred US Esquire iPad app.

I have another magazine to sell here, news soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been meaning to mention Brighton’s Magazero again, who stock many of the magazines reviewed here.


Scott Dadich is among those interviewed for a LeCool Dublin podcast during Offset2010.

Meanwhile, Jean identifies mistakes in the page make-up of the US Wired iPad app.

AdAge’s ten US Magazines of the Year, with the winner People Stylewatch.

OK Periodical reveal the cover of their fifth issue, the Body issue.

Interview with the creator of iPad app FlipBoard: ‘We wanted to create something much more visually beautiful than what we’ve seen with web pages.’

The future of media: content provided by services and brands?

Mr Magazine continues his rallying call, ‘the print problem is not in the medium but rather in the message that it carries.’

And finally, we’re proud to be included in i-D’s top ten list of blogs to bookmark. Blush!

The big iPhone

‘Adobe to blame for size of their apps’. True; but as well as being a function of the file format used, their app tool starts off with larger InDesign files than competitors like WoodWing. Makes for higher resolution onscreen reproduction but also the  huge app downloads.

I saw Mario Garcia speak at the WoodWing London event recently. A very good presentation in support of the iPad. Read a few of his thoughts about the device here (scroll down).

Meanwhile in NY Joe Zeff shares a note about how to get involved.


Local blogger launches local magazine: ‘It’s funny how differently people react when they see themselves in print rather than online. Everybody is enthusiastic and wants a copy.’

Zines, zines, zines: a reminder that tonight at LCC, London, there’s a pop-up zine reading room to mark Teal Triggs’ latest book on the subject; Teal turns up again tomorrow at the D&AD Zines event in Soho; meanwhile, CR Blog shows some recent zine finds.

UK Wired answer some questions about their upcoming iPad app: ‘an opportunity to convert the magazine qualities of deep immersion, long-form journalism, storytelling and beautiful images into a digital format.’


David Hepworth describes the first months with an iPad, suggests it’s not good for pictures. Read comments too.

The Spectator has been redesigned by Kuchar Swara.

More on the end of browsing in magazine stores – Jean reports from Japan.

New York: SPD have a great line up for their Paper to Pixels iPad discussion on September 22. Creatives from Time, Glamour and Popular Mechanics join consultant Joe Zeff and chair Josh Klenart.

Rumours persist that Rupert Murdoch’s News International will soon launch standalone newspaper apps.

Condé Nast affirms it place alongside News International as the main cheerleaders for editorial iPad apps, announcing November launches for UK Wired and UK Vogue. Wired is being developed by the print team while Vogue has been outsourced to SIXcreative. CN managing director Nicholas Coleridge believes app sales could account for 40% of the company’s sales by 2025.

Apple are rumoured to be planning a subscription service for online newspaper apps.


London’s Evening Standard discovers independent magazines, namechecks Stack, Magzero and, shucks, magCulture.

Tyler Brulé declares people ‘Wallpaper isn’t my magazine anymore, but a lot of people still think it is.’ in this typically forthright interview for the Daily Front Row.

The easiest way to stop digital magazines sucking is to avoid publishing replicas

An online archive of music magazine Q covers.

magCulture now has a Pinterest board. See loads of front covers. Check Michael’s too,


Last-minute news of an event tonight: the Ride Journal team are giving a talk at the Howies store in Carnaby Street, London.

Just Breathe has a report and pictures from the recent Unter dem Motto fair in Berlin.

A couple of years ago, then NYTimes digital design director Khoi Vinh interviewed then Guardian design director Mark Porter for Print magazine. Read it here.

Jean on iPad apps: ‘Don’t put your web aesthetic in my iPad’. Agreed.

The return of Japan’s Magazine Library.

A clever piece of branded content creation from Freitag, the bag people.

Newmanology’s collection of swimsuit covers.