Overmatter 03.12.13

It’s easier to start a newspaper than save one,’ say the publishers of Australia’s soon-come The Saturday Paper.

Ex-editor Dylan Jones profiles i-D founder Terry Jones as he withdraws from the magazine after selling it to Vice.

New York magazine confirms it will end weekly publication in favour of every two weeks from March…

…despite ‘revenue of around $3 million a week.’ Can that be right?

Wired, Cosmo main winners in AdWeek’s survey of US mags. Interesting comparing the choices with the reader’s choices.

‘e-commerce, digital discoverability and multi-platform reach’ important to PPA says CEO Barry McIlheney.


Comment on December 4, 2013 by LondonLee says:

He added a correction to those NY mag numbers. He was multiplying the number of ad pages by their rate card price which, of course, probably isn’t what most of them sold for.

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