Overmatter 07.03.13

Time Warner – Meredith talks come to an end; TW magazines to be spun off as new company. UPDATE: SPD Blog has text of internal memo announcing the news.

In London, Time Warner’s IPC Media oust their editorial/design head Andy Cowles.

Another website, this time NSFWCorp, plans a print magazine.

A brief interview with Milton Glazer (thanks Pete).

Forbes points out, ‘Iconic is not a business Model.’

Head of the Dennis Media Factory, Alex Watson, highlights the grey areas.

After Monocle editor’s interest in buns, a Dubai caterer can supply magazine-styled cakes.


Comment on March 7, 2013 by Cathy Olmedillas says:

“Iconic is not a business model” is what I was going to rant about on the next Print out. I don’t need to rant anymore. I can just say that instead!

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