Out now: Desillusion #4

is the magnum opus of skateboarding and surf culture. The hefty 260 pages are dedicated to a generation raised on beaches and in skate parks, and it’s a magazine that tackles its subject with serious, almost biblical, zeal. For the last three issues, the quarterly publication has gone hardback, dubbing its new resurrected self as the ‘Tome’ series. The name implies that Desillusion is self-fashioning itself as a kind of scholarly book, and throughout its thick pages, sun and surf are glamorised and mythologised with edgy content and stark design.

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Overmatter: 09.04.15

Buzzfeed have appointed Saeed Jones as editor of their new online literary magazine,My goal is to figure out what a literary magazine could be in the 21st century’.

For their third issue, Print Isn’t Dead are offering the chance to customise you own front cover.

Condé Nast Traveler is to get bigger and better. “It’s going to feel like the luxury product that it is,” says the magazine’s publisher.

Kickstarted graduate project Fond took a look at their colleagues for their most recent project, Fond of Alumni.

Mr Magazine keeps banging the drum, ‘In 2020, I believe, we’re going to have more specialized magazines than ever before, more titles than ever before’.

Graphique Fantastique posted a quick review of our recent Printout print special; audio still to be edited and posted here…

…talking of which, one of the speakers that night, Belleville Pages, have made a video of their mag being produced.

Huck are launching their first clothing range, in collaboration with Roots.


Magazine of the Week: uncube #32

If like us you’re tired of digital magazines desperately trying to mimic print – all those flickable pages and paper-turning sounds effects – you’ll enjoy architecture journal and digital magazine uncube. Instead of of trying to recreate the print experience print they start from scratch with a clear editorial approach, re-imagining what a magazine could look like in the 21st century, and crafting their content on a limitless, digital canvas, using multi-disciplinary media as their paint. We don’t choose an online project as Magazine of the Week lightly – uncube is special.

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Out now: Table Talk #2

This literary magazine from Columbia University undergraduate Benjamin Moe has a simple but special concept. Each issue has a philosophical theme that relates in some way to human existence – Table Talk then rolls with this theme for a while, seeing to what strange and curious lengths the idea can go. The stories diverge and bounce off each other like a conversation after a long evening of dinner and wine with friends, and they brim with anecdotes and ideas. The format reminds me of the American literary establishment and podcast, The Moth, which takes its inspiration from conversations around a fire pit late at night. Last month, we got an insight into the workings of Table Talk in our At Work With with Benjamin, and issue two proves that the young editor’s mind is still aglow with philosophical intrigue and curatorial delights.

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magCulture x Pick Me Up

We’re super-excited to announce a series of magCulture events as part of this year’s Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at London’s Somerset House. At 4pm on each of the 12 days of the festival, Jeremy Leslie will be welcoming a different magazine-maker to present their publication and then chat about it live, with a Q&A session at the end. We’ve brought together people behind some of the best independent magazines, including Riposte, Delayed Gratification, The Gourmand and Anorak.

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April 8, 2015


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Cat People and other niche magazines

In today's Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/media/shortcuts/2015/apr/06/cat-people-riposte-and-works-that-work-the-niche-world-of-indie-magazines #tw
From yesterday’s Guardian, a brief piece noting how indie mags are ‘going from strength to strength’.


April 8, 2015


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A look at WorkWerk #21

In my recent round-up of the debut U Symposium in Singapore I mentioned WorkWerk magazine, an ongoing personal project by local creative director Theseus Chan. He kindly gave me a set of recent issues, and I said I’d share them here. So here’s a look at the last-but-one edition, published in 2014.

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Out now: Die Kindertseitung #10

With the rise of independent alternatives to the mainstream, it’s only right that there should be alternatives to kids mags as well. In the UK, Anorak is the first that comes to mind for parents who want to get their children something that sparks creativity, but German kids also have an alternative, a publication called Die Kindertseitung (The Children’s Newspaper). It’s edited and designed by graphic designer Daria Holme, and each issue has a playful and visually-orientated theme, like ‘Red’ or ‘City’ or ‘Alphabet’ or ‘Night’. Issue ten is themed ‘Round’, and it’s definitely a magazine for little designers in the making.

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At work with: Alex Bagner, Guestbook

Following Easter weekend – the perfect time for mini-breaks to favourite cities – we start the week off by speaking with Alex Bagner, editor of onefinestay’s journal Guestbook. The holiday rental website publishes the free lifestyle magazine for their hosts and guests, and the stories inside are dedicated to making readers feel at home in a new city. We speak with Alex as the magazine’s new, stripped-back redesign for issue eight is published.

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The Ride Journal = Art + Bikes

Shan Jiang
There’s time for one lush story before the long holiday weekend. Next week The Ride Journal hosts an exhibition of the beautiful illustration that graces its pages; as well as Shan Jiang’s amazing covers (one above), expect work from a group of artists that reads like a who’s who of contemporary illustration.

‘Art + Bikes’ takes place at Dreambagsjaguarshoes, 32-36 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA. There’s a private view next Thursday, 9 April at 7pm, to which all magCulture readers are invited. See you there!

After the jump… some of the work that’ll be on show.

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