New Yorker cover

Artist Ana Juan has created over 20 covers for The New Yorker. I doubt many will be recalled as strongly as this one.


Bang magazine in Eye

In the latest issue of Eye magazine, critic Rick Poynor reviews Swedish women’s magazine Bang, noting how it runs ‘Against the flow, as editorial design becomes more predictable’. This is an easy complaint to make, and one I’ve made on occasion recently, particularly about the growing clichés of the independent sector, but there’s still enough interesting work out there for me to resist his critique as a generalisation. There are plenty of interesting directions being taken, not all are the same.

That said, Bang has a particularly different-looking layout for a women’s title and it’s great to see it highlighted. If I had to link it back to anything it would be nineties creative mag Marmalade and Martin Venezky’s nineties designs for Speak magazine; all three projects share an interest in the subtle distortion of classic editorial layout, knowingly awkward rather than ‘classic with a twist’. Design by Bastion.

Pictures show pages of Eye, more after the jump.

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Charlie Hebdo

It’s rare that magazines make the news for such a horrific reason as today’s gun attack on the offices of Paris’s Charlie Hebdo magazine. Not sure I have anything to add to the many comments already out there, but this front cover from a few years back shows the editors had many different targets for their satire.


Overmatter: 06.01.15

NY editorial designer Josh Lieberman on Holiday magazine, for The Paris Review.…

…and we completely overlooked the same magazines’ relaunch last year. Welcome back!

And welcome too to Brighton’s new magazine shop, Magazine Brighton.

Quantity still beats quality online; a look at the shallow web empire of ‘Viral Guy’ Emerson Spartz

Inside Vice magazine – from punk magazine to media giant.

A look ahead at 2015 and the need for attention-grabbing ideas, ‘Woe betide the little piggy who has none ’.

The social media reach of US magazine brands (thanks David).

I’m helping judge this years MagPile Magazine Awards. Join in!


Our best of 2014 reviews

In case you missed them over the holidays, here are our six audio posts looking back at the magazine highlights of 2014 with a quick nod to 2015.

Thanks to contributors Robert Newman, Steve Watson, Steven Gregor, Kati Krause, Jean Snow and Andrew Losowsky.

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At Work With: Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine

Gail Bichler
The bad news? Yes, you’re back in the office, starting a new year of work. The good news? You can share the pain with us. Over the holidays we posted a series of audio reviews of 2014 magazines by various friends of magCulture and as the most frequently mentioned magazine was the New York Times Magazine, we start 2015 looking ahead at the week with its design director Gail Bichler.

Gail moved to New York from Chicago in 2004, freelancing for various studios and magazine before joining the New York Times Magazine as art director. She was appointed design director in late 2014 just as the New York Times company committed to invest in a major relaunch of the weekly magazine, and she has just added British designer Matt Willey to her design team. Read more

2014 by Andrew Losowsky

Our sixth and final audio round-up of last year is by New York based writer, editor and magaholic Andrew Losowsky. He highlights Colors, Wired Italia and a selection of other titles before proposing deeper integration between print and digital via embedded NFC chips.

Phototograph by Pascal Ferro

2014 by Jean Snow, The Magaziner

jean snow
Our fifth look back at last year comes from Jean Snow, who feeds his pop culture and gaming addictions via magazines and Tokyo’s cafés. Jean recalls his website The Magaziner, meeting magazine-makers Kati Krause (A Mag for All Seasons)and Liz Haycroft (Weapons of Reason), and shares his favourite iPad magazines.

In 2015 he hopes more indie magazines will offer good iPad versions, and highlights discovery as an issue for all tablet apps.


Best of the best-ofs, 2014

This was the most disturbingly powerful magazine image I saw all year. Spotted in a US suburban grocery store by NY designer Able Parris, it’s a reminder that magazines will pop up to feed any market.

Meanwhile, in the magical world of lists…

Robert Newmans’s best front cover brand was The New York Times Magazine.

Stack followers’ favourite twelve indie covers (one per month) included The Gentlewoman, Noble Rot and Colors.

Mediabistro’s front cover of the year was Time Out New York’s end-of-summer September issue.

Designer Max Randall selected his top 10 indie covers…

…and It’s Nice That’s Rob Alderson selected seven indies in his round-up.

Creative Bloq identified 13 best covers

… and This Isn’t Happiness chose their favourites of the year…

…while Coverjunkie readers voted for one cover.

A reminder of ASME’s US 2014 National Magazine Awards results…

…and The BSME’s UK awards winners…

…not forgetting our Printout audience vote.

Bloomberg Businessweek always share a Jealousy List – the best stories they overlooked.

And finally, listen to this weekend’s Monocle24 The Stack to hear me and It’s Nice That’s ed-in-chief Rob Alderson discuss our thoughts for 2015.


2014 by Kati Krause, A Mag for All Seasons

Happy new year! Here’s our fourth look back at last year, from Berlin-based writer and editor Kati Krause. She recalls the ‘chemical inbalance’ of launching her own title A Magazine for All Seasons, the pragmatic downs of the first Indiecon conference, her positive experiences of digital publishing this year, and her excitement about digital projects in 2015.

Read a written transcript of Kati’s review.

Portrait by Nicola-Holtkamp

Hear all our audio reviews of 2014.