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Now available on the world wide web – a tumblr of visuals ahead of next week’s Modern Magazine 2014 day. Better than a free U2 album. Enjoy!


September 10, 2014


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Indiecon conference review

Indiecon 2014 Festival für unabhängige Magazine
The first Indiecon event took place last week in Hamburg. Kati Krause was there and shares her thoughts on a successful debut.

“We must not leave the power to the graphic designers,” Oliver Gehrs, publisher of Dummy magazine (above), concluded his opening keynote. “With print magazines, relevance and depth are in good hands.”

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Overmatter: 10.09.14

British GQ editor Dylan Jones reminds us ‘content is only as good as the people producing it.

The Long + Short is a new digital magazine designed by Mark Porter and published by innovation group Nesta. Glitchy to use but boldly designed and a forward-looking move into web-based rather than app publishing. Best on iPad.

Unampped is another digital magazine, promising hidden stories from around the world on the basis ‘why you should live here.

The name IPC disappears from the British newsstand after 60 years.

Coming soon: Lagom, from the makers of 8Faces and Digest.

The New Yorker marks Saul Steinberg’s centenary with an archive piece by the artist.

See the new issue of Offscreen being printed.


The Vitsoe/magCulture 620 Reading Room

The 620 Reading Room opens at the Vitsoe shop, London, this Saturday. Conceived as an oasis of rest for visitors to London Design Festival, the room offers a chance to try out Vitsoe’s Dieter Rams designed 620 chair programme while sipping tea from Postcard Teas and reading a selection of independent magazines. I’ve selected 20 magazines that together offer a unique overview of today’s independents, with an emphasis on reading to suit the purpose of the project. The selection includes titles from Germany, France, Finland, Canada, Australia, Beirut, the US and UK.

Visitors can also pick up a copy of MagMagMag, a magazine about the 20 selected magazines, edited and designed here at magCulture. Printed in black and white on glossy stock, MagMagMag is deliberately contrary to the prevailing matt aesthetic of indie magazines. Inside you’ll find exclusive interviews with the people behind the magazines alongside excerpts from this blog and further magazine recommendations.

The 620 Reading Room is open every day from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 September, and we’ve also scheduled some meet-the-editors session over the week. After the jump, details of the 20 magazines and these editor sessions.

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September 8, 2014

New magazines

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Free NY launch

Hearst launch a new magazine in New York today. 50,000 copies of Trending NY will be distributed around the city Monday–Wednesday for four trial weeks. More here.


At Work With: Danny Miller, Weapons of Reason

HAA_Desk View
Danny Miller is CEO of London creative agency Human After All, whose publishing clients have included Google, Facebook and Honda. Ten years ago he launched Little White Lies, one of the groundbreakers for today’s independent publishing scene. We look ahead at his week as he completes the first issue of a new magazine, Weapons of  Reason, that will launch later this month.

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Overmatter: 05.09.14

The Gentlewoman
’s Penny Martin interviewed for SHOWstudio and for SPD Blog (that SPD link is a part of Gym Class ed Steven Gregor’s excellent guest edit of the site).

A top ten of art and design bookstores from around the world. Assume indie mags available too.

Coming soon: Poppy, a new type of business mag from the makers of Hot Rum Cow. Look out for a copy at our Modern Magazine day.

In New York on 30 September? Make sure you get along to SPD’s get-together of Entertainment Weekly alumni.

IKEA advertises its new catalogue in unique bookbook format.

A gorgeous archive of 20th century modernist/surrealist magazines.

A map showing the homes of German independent magazines. Berlin leads, Hamburg second (thanks Kati).

Here’s me on the YCN blog talking about The Modern Magazine 2014; and on FormFiftyFive. Got your ticket yet?


Out now: Off Life #10

Three things to love about this cover: first, it signals the arrival of a new issue of free comic Off Life; second it features the work of man-of-the-moment Jean Julien – his work may be everywhere but his muse is as strong as ever; which leads to thing three: his drawing. What a perfectly melancholic, human representation of the depressing side of the internet.


Magazine of the week: Stand & Deliver #1

New mag Stand & Deliver stands out for several reasons. It’s bright, lively and exciting looking, which helps of course. But the people behind it, editor Ian Wylie and creative director Danielle Gilbert have found a new subject for indie publishing – stand up comedy.

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September 3, 2014

Out now

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Out now: Boat #8, Los Angeles

Having recently moved to LA, Boat founders Erin and Davey Spens have set the latest issue of their nomadic magazine in that city. From the beautiful cover – shot by G L Askew II – onwards, the issue builds on the title’s successful reinvention last time round. Great stories well art directed, the magazine gets better and better.

We hear from Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa that there isn’t really an LA ‘sound’; visit people living in car lots and out in the desert; discover local food, fashion and skating. The centrepiece is a conversation about the city between editor Erin Spens and historian Kevin Starr.