QVED15 highlight: Kati Krause keynote

This piece is based on a keynote Kati Krause gave at the QVED International Editorial Design Conference in Munich on 27 February 2015. If you’re too lazy to read or are into mad colour combinations, you can watch the video here.

The rise of listicles and the fall in display advertising rates has caused a lot of soul-searching in in digital media in the past years. Lines between journalism and entertainment have been blurred, no one knows how to pay for any of it anyway, except maybe by selling their children or their beliefs. The pressure to increase traffic and the low cost of online publishing have led to an increase in fluff and a fall in quality, at least relatively and at least according to gut feeling (because who knows, really?).

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Out now: Neptún #2

There seems to be great talent for magazine making in Iceland at the moment: last week we were impressed by Maena, a publication designed by students at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, and this week art and design magazine Neptún has caught our attention. Whilst it covers the broad categories of ‘art, design and architecture’, a subtle emphasis on materials creates a unique identity.

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Overmatter: 10.03.15

Steven from Gym Class interviews the team behind The Guardian’s The Fashion magazine.

In London? This year’s PPA Festival takes place on May 21.

Vice takes a look inside the pages of Flaneur.

In NY? Design Director Elizabeth Hummer is talking about her work for Harper’s Bazaar this Wednesday, 11 March, for SPD…

…and the SPD blog also has a new guest editor for the week. Illustrator Ward Sutton is interviewing various cartoonists, highlighting their editorial work.

Private Eye finally launch a podcast via the Eyeplayer, of course.

Read a little piece I wrote for Guestbook, about travel mags.


Out now: Double Dot #6

There are a lot of magazines at the moment that centre on cities, and it’s becoming difficult for publications of this genre to stand out and do something distinct. But  pocket-sized Double Dot manages a fresh approach to the topic. For each issue, the Toronto-based magazine selects sister cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver, or Amsterdam and Montreal, and collates content that invites us to connect the dots and consider what makes up the special relationship between the two geographical points.

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At work with: Bryony Lloyd, Antenne Books

When on the hunt for intriguing, new magazines, one of our go-to sites is distributor Antenne Book’s website – a constant source of new titles. Although we regularly check their site to see whether the next issue of Wax, Noon or Kaleidoscope is out, we wondered what being an independent magazine distributor is like day-to-day. As they share the same building as us, we decided to pop over and start the week off by chatting with sales manager Bryony Lloyd, who filled us in on all the distributor details.

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U Symposium, Singapore

I’m really looking forward to heading to Singapore at the end of next week for U Symposium, the first independent publishing event in that part of the world. Organised by our friends at Underscore magazine, the two days feature figures from some of the best independent magazines out there. It’d be a great line-up anywhere, but is particularly exciting given its location.

I’ll be opening proceedings with my thoughts on current editorial developments, and introducing the speakers across the days. I’ll also be live-interviewing Jop van Bennekom (Fantatstic Man) and Nathan Williams (Kinfolk); and then the following Monday I’ll be holding a half-day cover workshop.

There are still a few tickets left, so if you can join us get in quick.

And perhaps most importantly, if you’re publishing a magazine in Singapore or elsewhere in that part of Asia I’d be really interested to hear from you. This site is inevitably London-New York focused, something we’re always keen to break out of. So if you have your own magazine and are coming to the symposium, email me this week and we can meet.



March 6, 2015

Front covers

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Gym Class to the point

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 15.57.11
When Steven Gregor unveiled this design as the front cover of the new issue of his magazine-about-magazines Gym Class at the last Printout, I remember wondering whether he’d go through with it. I needn’t have worried; it’s now available for pre-order now and the message remains the same.


Makeshift On Air

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 14.43.45
A month ago The New Yorker made a TV programme for Amazon, which had us here at magCulture imagining a future world where magazines had their own shows as well as printed publications. That future seems a little bit closer now that Makeshift have launched their Makeshift On Air YouTube channel, a series of online documentaries about hidden creativity around the world. We caught up with Matt Peters, the Creative Director of the project, who has spent a busy past few months coordinating the worldwide Makeshift team and commissioning the concise, focused shorts.

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Out now: Matter #3

When so many words about current and crucial topics are constantly being delivered to our screens every second of the day, it can be hard to sift through the glut in order find good, intelligent and genuinely provocative journalism. That’s why what Matter does is so important – the editors choose a different region for each issue and commission intelligent writing on the subject so that a collection of perspectives exists all in one place – and for this issue they’ve picked the delicate and knotty matter of the Middle East.

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Magazine of the Week: Flaneur #4

One of the luxuries of publishing in the independent sphere is the time to make your magazine. While the mainstream business, by necessity, relies on structure and process –  hitting a weekly or monthly deadline demands this in terms of both editorial workflow and page planning – the smaller and more agile independent publisher can adapt issue by issue. My favourite indies take advantage of this, and our latest Magazine of the Week is a great example of a magazine doing just that.

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