February 17, 2015

New magazines

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Out now: Nouă #1

Making and printing a cohesive 148 page magazine from scratch in just 14 days seems like an impossible task, but its just been done by the makers of Froh!, and despite the crazy time limitations, Nouă is actually quite an interesting publication.

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February 16, 2015

At Work With

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At work with: Benjamin Moe, Table Talk

Benjamin Moe Portrait
The first issue of Table Talk appeared last summer, a Kickstarter-funded experiment by New York student Benjamin Moe. The ambition behind it was compelling, just the type of thing an upstart new literary mag should be attempting. Stories are based around a theme linking otherwise unconnected material, and contributors come from beyond the literary world. Moe imagines them sharing conversation over dinner – hence the name. We look ahead at his week as issue II goes to print.

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Interview with Laura Callaghan

We kicked off the week At Work With with Magazine Brighton, learning more about running an independent magazine shop, and to end the week we look at magazine illustration. We spoke with one of our favourite illustrators of the moment, Laura Callaghan, whose work has recently appeared in a wide range of magazines.

Illustration above from The Lifted Brow

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Overmatter: 12.02.15

Founders sell The Newspaper Club to newspaper printer Sharman & Co, promising, ‘no major changes to our day to day running or products.’

Here comes issue two of digital–arts magazine Holo, see work in progress.

Condé Nast US launches content marketing division 23 Stories. Based in main editorial dept, punning name comes from the number of floors at their new downtown HQ…

…a move criticised by the Columbia Journalism Review, ‘I predict that editors and writers will find their loyalties divided and the ad-think will inevitably creep into the editorial content.’

Intern in 2009, editor in 2015; Ellis Jones takes over at Vice.

The controversy over Newsweek cover confuses the representation of the story for the story.

Good News is No News’ – BBC Radio 4 report on news coverage, featuring Rob Orchard of Delayed Gratification.

Last week’s Monocle24 The Stack 128 featured music magazines.

Six Degrees of Inspiration’ is an elegant, simple idea from Medium (and Kati Krause).

Another Escape have relaunched their website.


Magazine of the week: Varoom!

IMG_9234 copy
Illustration is a much misunderstood discipline, so the Association of Illustrators (along with editor John O’Reilly) deserves congratulations for sticking with Varoom!, its quarterly magazine on the subject. They’ve just published their 28th issue, but the publication has been through several different formats before settling on the current one, a newsprint tabloid that perfectly suits the content.

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Out now: mono.kultur #38

IMG_9256 copy
The arrival of a new mono.kultur is always a treat here at magCulture, as each issue is like a miniature art object, where content and design co-exist in perfect harmony. For issue 38, the editors of the single-focus publication have decided to centre on Gus van Sant, a filmmaker who notoriously fluctuates between art house and Hollywood. Sant confidently straddles the line between the two, and so designer Linda Riedl has opted for an imagery laden with allusions to lines, horizons and moments of transitioning. The resulting design is very easy on the eye.

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February 10, 2015

Out now

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Out now: OOMK #3

It’s great to see OOMK (One Of My Kind) is going strong. The third issue of the small-press publication, a zine that especially emphasises the inclusion of Muslim contributors and a range of women from diverse ethnic backgrounds, is themed ‘Drawing’. The cover has changed its tone, the previous two were lighter and more airy, but the new design works – it’s iconic and cool and certainly one of a kind. They’ve dealt with their theme smartly and showcase a lot of interesting projects, and their varied range of contributions make for an intriguing read. Some of the imagery reminds me a little of the handmade and earthy illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine, and the content is a blend of the lifestyle articles found in magazines like Oh Comely and the spirit of the 90s riot grrrl zines.

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Overmatter: 10.02.14

Works That Work asks buyers to choose their price (til midnight, UK).

Court is a new online Basketball magazine promising, ‘an alternative to trade rumour reports and power ranking speculation.

The Vanity Fair website has been redesigned.

It’s Nice That find out what Mr Turley did next

…and they’re also responsible for this neat site for recruiters Represent.

Flavorpill select their favourite ten independent magazines, and kitchen company (?) deVol offer their favourite five.

A year after its launch, her magazine is distributed in 60 countries and has a circulation of 152,000.’ Interview with Porter editor Lucy Yeomans.

India’s Paper Planes online magazine shop goes live.

See some gorgeous 1960’s film mag covers from Japan.

AOI Illustration Awards deadline is 23 February.


QVED: countdown to Munich, 26–28 February

The final line up for this month’s QVED conference in Munich has been confirmed; of particular interest to magCulture readers will be Alex Breuer, design director of The Guardian; Walter Green, art director of Lucky Peach; Kati Krause discussing digital magazines; Jaap Biemmans, AKA CoverJunkie; Ricarda Messner and Michelle Phillips, founders of Flaneur; Cathy Olmedillas, Anorak; Rich Stapleton, creative director of Cereal; and Steve Watson of Stack Magazines.

Add in US heavyweights Steven Heller and Roger Black, a host of typography and illustration specialists, an overview of City magazines, and local designers such as Haika Hinze and Jelka Lerche (Die Zeit newspaper), Johannes Erler (Stern) and Sven Ehmann (Gestalten books) and you have three days of top-quality presentations. There are also a series of workshops available, including a print v digital competition to create a magazine in two days (hosted by Kati Krause and Melanie Castillo).

I’m co-hosting and will be closing the event with an overview of current editorial design themes.

Final tickets for the conference and workshops are still available; check the QVED tumblr for a visual feast based on the event.



February 9, 2015


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Hole & Corner fundraising campaign

The question of how print magazines will fund themselves is a topic that has been on everyone’s lips for the past few years: how can we put time into making something that we love whilst simultaneously generating some form of income? Mark Hooper and Sam Walton of Hole & Corner are braving a new world for independent magazine funding: to finance the next step of their venture, they’re setting up their magazine as a business investment. It’s a confident move into uncharted territory.

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