Overmatter: Overmatter 19.04.13

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Magazine Designing is an ambitious new website about the raw detail of how to do what we do, from Croatian art director Nikola Mileta.

Tyler Brulé speaks out against the use of the word ‘content’.

The Guardian launches GuardianWitness, a new platform for readers to contribute content (sorry Tyler).

The shortlist for the Dutch magazine covers of the year has been announced.

New magazines: Woof! Four & Sons is a new Melbourne-based magazine about dogs, as featured on The Stack last week; UC Quarterly is a Newspaper Club produced title from Austin, Texas based on the output from Brand New and associated blogs (review to follow); and more on Modern Farmer.

Huge congratulations to Ben and team at the Government Digital Service for winning the Design Museums’s Designs of the Year with theire reinvention of the Gov.UK website. Great to see graphics at the top of the pile for once, and particularly a content-based website that will change peoples lives.

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