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Aeon is a UK-based digital magazine that launched in September 2012. The team commission long-form writing about ideas and culture, with an original essay appearing every weekday. The site is rapidly building up an archive of strong writing.

Working closely with the editorial team, our first task was to devise an identity that reflected the thoughtful nature of the content. We designed a logo using mutliple fonts to represent the many different voices of the site; five colours were than selected to represent the five editorial categories of content. These were conceived to be applied to the logo in a random fashion, again emphasising the variety of voices and content to be found on the site.

We then moved on to design the website itself. We developed a clean, organised structure that highlights the latest content while providing easy access to archived essays. A lot of work went into the presentation of the writing, with editorial devices such as pullquotes and drop capitals used in the same way as in print to provide clear navigation as well as hint at the magazine-orientated nature of the project.

The result is a deceptively simple site that focuses on the content –  images and words – and allows easy access to material whether using the assigned categories or just dipping in and out.

Our relationship with Aeon continues – in late 2013 we designed Aeon’s new Film site and rebranded the main site as Aeon Magazine.



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