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Fiera magazine was launched in December 2014 by confessions of a design geek’s Katie Treggiden and magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie. Following a successfull Kickstarter campaign, the 168-page debut features young design talent from the world’s design fairs (London, Prague, Lodz and Kortrijk). Conceived as a collectible biannual, the magazine provides an overview of themes defined by Treggiden, providing a concrete record of the autumn fairs.

The magazine opens with a visual taxonomy of work from the four shows covered; presented by colour, the Kaleidoscope pages present an easily assimilated guide to the work of the young designers. It also acts as arefence point for all designers mentioned in the issue, each page directing readers back to the work examples relevant to that page.

While Kaleidoscope presents an easy, direct visual overview of design themes, One Hundred Words takes a more abstract approach to the content. 26 writers were each given a piece of recent design and invited to write about it; not in the usual descriptive manner but by using poetry or prose to respond creatively to what they saw. These written pieces were then illustrated by Assa Ariyoshi – a kind of artistic Chinese whispers game.

Inbetween these two extremes lie interviews, Q&As, process guides and features including a celebration of the maker movement, a look at the LDF Wish List project and a photo report from Kortrijk’s SQM installation.

The magazine has been carefully designed to provide a clean, functional framework using as few graphic elements as possible to create pace and variation from page to page. A classic combination of serif and sans serif typefaces runs throughout, and the small format allows the use of space on the page without seeming wasteful.


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